How to Play Friedrich der Grosse – World of Warships

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  1. Daddy chase love me

  2. Alejandro Ochagavía


  3. Perfect timing! Just bought this last week, thanks again ichase!

  4. well my apology for my lackluster performance, it seems rather difficult to get big numbers in this ship in a winning battle.

  5. Freddy is supposed to be an upgraded Bismarck.
    Why did Wargaming make her such a hog to play?

    • And much bigger ship for enemy to shoot at….She’s even bigger than Yamato

    • +asaman99
      well…its basically a GK but GK got 50% more guns so…thats significant.

    • +cobrazax This “significantly worse reload” is only a thing when you ignore that Friedrich der Große has access to the Main Battery Reload Module, which allows her to drop the base reload down to 24.6s for the 406mm guns.

    • +Sirene Racker
      fine then with the upgrade u get similar reload for a bit better guns and better HP. for its tier its not that amazing. while GK has 50% more firepower, giving it a massive boost in power compared to FDG, the difference between FDG and bismarck is minor. firepower isnt masssively improved. nothing much improves except the usual HP changes…

    • +cobrazax Eh, FdG improves in a few categories over Bismarck, it’s more an issue of how the other T9 BBs are better improvements over the T8s. Iowa getting that ridiculous speed, Alsace being Alsace, Izumo with the recent buffs being actually strong and then this monstrosity called Lion. All of these are arguably better improvements over their T8s, that’s why FdG feels kinda meh.
      That GK is a massive jump is no surprise. This game loves to do ridiculous power jumps from T9 to T10. Iowa to Montana is a 33% firepower increase, same with Lion to Conqueror. Cruiser wise this is similar with Roon -> Hindenburg, Ibuki -> Zao and Saint Louis -> Henri IV. This is an almost universal thing, and the German Battleships are no exception from this.

  6. Wow, thanks. I was just struggling with this an hour ago. 10% of the time I WRECK ships. 90% of the time I feel like I’m watching other people play the game.

  7. Got good results in the Freddie, but boi did I hate this steaming pile of shit. It doesn’t matter that you are the tankiest ship if a cruiser at 7km survives showing broadside. Had this happen often enough to justify spending 200k FXP…

  8. So according to your Video the key to play Mr Friedrich is to have at least 2 highly skilled broadside Musashis per game to farm dmg on and lose half of your life in a matter of 2 Minutes at the end of the game?

    • You sound new. You know the objective is to win right? It’s not to come out unscathed. What’s your solution then?

    • According to the video the key is positioning. And knowing when to leverage your HP pool is in general a good skill in WoWS.

    • Positioning? Are u serious? The first “positioning” was a hurried retreat after almost getting massacred and the second was just a matter of stopping their desperate push, both times dmg boost was only achieved by the incompetence of the musashis and their tendency to play the bow-on-style.
      Now concerning the “new” and “dmg” question… so how to “use” your hp: well your goal as a bb is to soak up dmg for the team to protect your squishier ships, right? How about doing that a little ahead of the last 2 minutes mh?

  9. I just finnised grinding the Bismarck and are about to get the FDG. So thanks for this vid iChase! Your advise on how to play this ship could not have come at a better time! 😀

  10. I had heard load of bad comments about that ship and was mentaly prepared for it and managed to make this ship work somewhat, unlike bismarck, i didn’t bother with any secondary build and instead took all module and skills to make main guns fire as quickly as possible (given the high tier meta) while taking as much survivability skill i could.

  11. I wanted this ship to be normal with good secondaries, but those main guns….
    I think WG should make the dispersion ellipse smaller or give it 1.9 sigma. You can’t reliably do anything in it.

  12. I have problems getting good results in this ship. Thank you ichase for posting this.

  13. DRop the concealment both on upgrade and skill with a sec will get spotted anyway by using yr guns most of the time making concealment useless … use Vigilance and Target acquisition instead will spot the ports in time even with out Hydro ..I use this on GK with 420 guns and IFHE with the legendary upgrade .cruisers melt away dd better not get close ..and BB will be dead in 2 min on sec guns alone ..i avg 160 k now with GK from 67 k before on normal sec build ..the concealment was really a burden as it allows dd to get to close and torps cannot be avoided .beside concealment is getting a nerf ..Buffing DD yet again ….This is on a 19 point cap

    • Or maybe fire prevention instead of concealment?

    • What’s worked best for me in mostly all battleships (save for Bismarck) is a conceal/survivability build. Stealth is a really important thing for all ships. If you’re spotted from across the map (even without firing), you’re fired on from all over the map. I usually take Preventative Maintenance, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, Conceal Expert, Fire Prevention, Basics of Survivability, Expert Marksman. My modules focus on firefighting/rate of fire/concealment. It’s worked very well for me.
      I’m no Unicum, but I range between Above Average and Good:

    • You must be one of those GKs that get caught in the middle of the map and just get obliterated in the first mins. Are you serious? IFHE on the GK??? Lmao.

    • The Budgie Admiral

      +DaManBearPig Overmatches 32mm armor. IChase made a video about it. Notser too I think. Works well on the Massachusetts.

  14. Do one of these on the list

    USS Des Moines / USS Salem
    USS Iowa / USS Missouri
    USS Gearing

  15. James 'JaguarAyala' Chen

    so happy to see this video at this timing when i just played some games on FDG and started to doubt my understanding about this ship. thx chase

  16. Best way to play the FdG: Have 260k free ready…

  17. I feel like iChase understated how much FDG gets wrecked by AP bombers. If you end up in a game with an even semi competent midway on the enemy team and you get out of range of your AA cruisers he’s going to delete you off the map. When I play midway if there’s a German t8 or t9 bb on the other team I always keep one eye on his position on the minimap, and you can bet if I see him wandering off somewhere I’m gonna drop whatever I’m doing and go hit him for 60-70k with AP bombs.

  18. I really really liked the FdB with the 420 mm guns… way better experience than the kuriwurst…

  19. Could mention that the secondaries are not as good as bismark. Number of guns look similar but the rate of fire and fire chance are much lower on 128mm compared to 105mm. The firing angle of the number 4 turret is such a pain also

  20. jeova0sanctus0unus

    I find these guns very consistent. In that i consistently miss my targets.

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