How To Play HMS Minotaur In World Of Warships

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Well we have reached the T10 Minotaur! What isn’t to love? It has stupid fast ROF, stupid good torpedoes, stupid good concealment, stupid good turret traverse! I mean honestly, 6″ shells coming out every 2.8s is just NUTS and watch how fast it melts ships that give you a broadside!

It is countered by her complete lack of any real armor. She takes damage from EVERY source possible and sometimes it is critical levels of it. She relies heavily on island cover and smoke to ambush and assassinate enemy ships with extreme prejudice. Personally, I love it and when specced into double rudder + ROF she gets just absolutely NASTY!


  1. As a Brit I approve of this video hehe thanks again dude

  2. Yes, thankyou for your informative videos.

  3. I love when these broadside my old kreuzers instant deletion

  4. Also, Missouri has radar

  5. it was most likely the Missouri that used radar on you at C in the
    beginning of the match.

  6. I was not impressed by the gameplay until you got to Yamato… I had my jaw
    drop when you hit those numbers.

  7. Can’t wait to get Minotaur after I finish with grinding Neptune

  8. Good review. The DPM on this is insane. As far as what can wreck a Yamato
    that fast? Not sure, usually my Hindenburg does good wrecking things up
    close but not that fast!
    I know it was a paper ship but what was the actual design’s planned rate of
    fire? I don’t think anything ever build has a rate of fire that fast on a
    shell that big.

  9. So now that you finished the Royal Navy Cruiser line, presumably finishing
    the US battleship line with a Montana review coming soon too. What’s next?

  10. WORCESTER class.

  11. Would it be possible for you to do a How to play on the Atlanta? I would
    really like some help knowing more about the ship and what a good setup for
    it is. Keep up the good work and I continue looking forward to your

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