How Wargaming Destroyed the World of Warships Community Contributor Program

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It’s probably been a long time coming, but with Little White Mouse’s resignation from the CC program, citing being treated with utter contempt, and avalanche started. Close to 20, if not more other community contributors have left the program, standing in solidarity with her. But why was she treated like this? Why does it matter? And why will nothing change with wargaming and WoWS? Well, the answer is simple. In the end, they destroyed their own CC program. Will more leave? Maybe. Sadly, I doubt it will change a thing.


  1. Imagine still playing a game run by devs who hate you.

    • This has nothing to do with hate, there is no reason for WG to hate anyone, they just have some weird plan where they dont include CCs that they self invited to be part of the game.

    • Its funny, all these CCs are “leaving” yet they still post videos of playing the game.

    • @BravoActual they never Said they leaving the game, they only left CC program, or in other words they wont promote the game in a way as WG wants them to.

    • @Luximus Æternamus nothing to do with money. Free to play players are needed by MMOs. Whales need someone to shoot at afterall.

    • Haven’t played since around the CV rework.

  2. Funny this happened to Gaijin a few weeks ago in their “Enlisted” discord they ignored their moderators and players and the moderators literally banned all the Gaijin staff from their own server and brought it all down and left they burned that shit to the ground and made Gaijin start again to teach them a lesson

  3. Imagine if everyone didn’t log in for a full two weeks and left the servers empty. The solution starts with you as an individual.

    • as always.

    • It would cost them more if we all played though. Keep the servers running at full load but no money coming in to pay for it.

    • Even better, don’t buy premiums, period. Don’t buy loot boxes. Just play for free, if you play at all. One person in the Forums said he reset; because of the current free reset, all his captains and put them on his lower tier ships, tier four and below, to avoid the stress of the all the gimmick ships and high credit price of tier X. I don’t know if I’d follow that route, but it’s one idea some like to emulate.

    • Try a month and Wargaming would see the light.

  4. The great and wise Belkans one said:

  5. even if you have no problem with how WG does business.
    I think it’s better not to buy anything for now, and see how the implementation of submarines goes.
    i mean if you buy a premium ships today. is possible that this ship gets no or bad
    anti sub weapons. and becomes another port queen

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if WG starts attacking former CC’s, ie copy right strikes and others. Not like they haven’t tried in the past.

    • @Admiral Elo J Fudpucker Spot on Admiral. I finally sold all my ships, dismissed all my Captains and sold my flags and such a few days ago. Bridges burned, game uninstalled forever last Friday. Had enough of WG’s arrogant bull crap. They really ruined 2 great games FFS.

    • At least 2 of the remaining NA CC’s were already badmouthing the “leavers” back on Saturday night.
      One had his mods outright banning anyone who even mentioned LWM’s name in chat – including another streamer who raided him. He outright told his viewers they would get banned for even mentioning her name, that he didn’t want to hear a single word about it.
      Another NA CC said the whole thing was none of his concern, that LWM should have kept her mouth shut about what happened between her and WG, and just left, that all she was doing was creating “needless drama”.

    • Cough cough SirFoch

    • CC’s were to busy attacking others, making drama. It is what happens when you have a few mature adults, and kids who think that 500 to 700 people watch them on Twitch makes them Hollywood A listers. It went there their heads and egos. You have former CC’s who still attack the player base because they are insecure little man child’s. WG will move on, make money because some people just play the game, and they don’t care for the drama.

    • I hate realizing you’re probably right

  7. Interesting that this happened…has it been TWO weeks since WG announced their new “Affiliate” Program??

    • Exactly

    • It makes sense why worry about a piss ants like ichase or washed up has been like Jingles when they can have a new program reaching out to gamers on tiktok , and Instagram that get 100,000 daily views are more? Even if they get 10% of that it will be 10,000 players they could bring in. It makes business sense.

  8. Flambass chose to remain a CC for so long because he never gave up hope he could contribute, have a positive influence on the devs. He finally realized it was always an illusion. I don’t think he stayed just out of convenience.

    • @Rammstein0963 This is only my personal opinion, but I don’t believe the PC WoWs CC Program should influence the content creator’s decision in staying in the WoT/WoT Console/WoWs Legends CC Programs.

    • @Galaxy Soldier That’s Flamuu whom is toxic.

    • @Galaxy Soldier – perhaps you have Flambass confuse with Flamu. And yes, Flamu is toxic. I think it’s because his feet don’t touch the floor in a full sized chair.

    • @Karl Smink 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Rammstein0963 QB has pretty much built his channel on WoT. If he left, his channel would probably die. Not to mention that he seems to enjoy the game despite WG’s BS, so Id imagine he doesnt want to kill his hobby over stuff like this. Honestly, I cant blame him if that’s the case.

      I’d argue that he CANT leave, at least not until he branches out and ensues anything else he does can sustain his channel and his interest.

  9. Other than the free premium time I win, I will not be giving ANY money/help to WG. They blew it.

    • Yeah same here, thats the right thing to do.
      However, i think WG doenst give a damn. They re commited like mad on this path that only money matters. They re switching out the CCs. New ones will be in line because they will be employees of WG. For the playerbase it will be the same. Sure, they loose some payers who are aware of their disgusting practices. But there are enough out there who just play, pay and dont really notice all this crap. And there will be new players coming in and paying.

  10. I do have to add a bit more respect for LWM and Chibi. According to her account of leaving and why, those 3 little things were just about as easy of a layup as could be had by WG. Remember that skin was already finished. WG needed zero effort, just drag and drop.
    How do you F* that up?
    It was just WG attitude somewhere up the ladder. The rest Zoup, you and the other Former CC’s have different vision of what went on. My suspicion is as you talked about, the upper MGMT didn’t want that reminder anymore.
    What do you want to bet LWM would have been cheaper to hire than Dasha P, and WG could have easily made twice whatever LWM salary would have cost them from the YT videos they could have done, etc. Just as a thought that ran through my mind hearing Jingles and your vids today.
    Be kind to the smaller CC’s and help them get to a point they can also make a choice on their terms. Thanks for all you do.

  11. The problem is (and not just here at WG) is Management Always Knows Best. Those who actually Play the game (or Do The Work) they don’t know anything, otherwise they’d be in management.

  12. I gave up a couple months ago… When punishment was Banning players to Co-Op… I am a Co-Op player. At least in Co-Op you can count on most human players to do some stupid stuff but still play the game. Random is unpredictable with stupids and now they get sent to us…. So many things over the last 5 years have made the game worse, not better. WG took what was a great game and ran it into the ground. I’m going back to “Cold Waters” where the only Stupid is me… Good luck everyone.

  13. Wargaming has turned the game into a mobile cash grab game, these types of games don’t last very long after they reach this point. Once players realize the similarity, they’ll quit, and the game will die.

  14. Not really fair to call the Camo thing a “demand” that is really twisting the story. The camo was her asking for just a small token of good faith after being shit on over and over and in classic WG style they told her to get bent.

    • Zoup has a habit of misconstruing things, not surprising he labeled it a “demand.”

    • @TeaMMatE11 I would like to point out that WG did ask them to make this, effectively what she did was ask them to honour their agreement with her after they were forced to backtrack on the whole ‘we never asked you to do this.’ She did not even ask for it to be free, just added to the game.

  15. “I’m just gonna sit and watch.”
    Yep, that’s an officer for ya!

    Or a really old, jaded, NCO.

  16. Ib Erik Söderblom

    WG smells money with the Affiliate program instead.
    They don’t want the CC’s anymore.

  17. I’ve done some significant reading on this issue. There’s a good bit more to it. Wargaming’s management pretty much shit on her regarding the 16-18 months of work she and another person put into the Yukon after they asked for her to help out. When she called them out on it, with proof, they pretty much shit on her again. I saw long ago that wargaming was heading down this road and I quit playing the game.

    • The USS Puerto Rico dumpster fire was the writing on the bulkhead for me.
      How they crapped on LWM was what made me turn my back on WG and I won’t go back.

  18. CC’s are our community representants. If Wargaming treat them in this way, they treat all the players the same way !

  19. As an Alpha tester I have not spent money on WoWS in years..and dont think I will be any time soon…ever since their over priced Xmas loot boxes got more and more expensive as the years go.

  20. Jingles stopped being a World of TANKS CC over the Sir Foch incident. He didn’t go back. He announced he is no longer a World of WAR SHIPS CC this morning.

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