Huang He Kraken 18 citadels || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Will we see the ship on your stream next Wednesday? 😉

  2. Given how bad the red team was this is not really that special.

  3. Чем тут гордиться то?? То что враги долбаебы бортоходные попались?

  4. last week i did 194,9k dmg in this thing (Ps in tier VIII match and we lost. I feel sad that i didn’t recorded the match -_-)

    • Was in a T8 too.. not that much dmg. Only 100K, but it ended very fast. We were 2 HH on same cap together With a Richelieu. Got 8 citadels and 6 torp hits during the game.the fight for my part ended in just 4 minutes or so? But the 3 of us took Down 7 of their ships. Got no kills but had same xp as them 🙂

  5. what is this broadside madness?!

  6. Huang He OP

  7. more broadside pls pls…

  8. 7:16 the Ranger never bothered to check who was causing so much damage until it was to late and the captain of the carrier smacked himself in the face

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