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Corvette HMAS Castlemaine, a representative of the Royal Australian Navy. She was the first in a series of multipurpose ships, ensuring the proper protection of shipping near the Australian coastline for an extended period of time.

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  2. This ship intrigued me

  3. *G O D S A V E T H E Q U E E N*

  4. Buen vídeo, buena explicación.

  5. such a great music score

  6. MY GOD HONESTLY IT’S NOT BATHERST ITS BATH-URST it’s annoying how Americans say it.

  7. Hope this will start the Australian tech tree line for World of Warships

  8. Her being a training ship makes sense why the engine equipment can still spin as a museum. I bet Texas cannot turn her equipment over

  9. Naval Legends FTW you have me as a paying customer as long as these are being made!

  10. More naval legends vid plz

  11. I always love naval legends

  12. World of Warships should do the USS Olyimpa and the Battle of Manila Bay

  13. Ryan Franklin Brown

    Finally! I love these videos! Yall do such an amazing job on every aspect of covering the history an the crew of the ship.

  14. I’m honestly impressed by the quality of these videos. Haven’t seen a bad ‘Naval Legends’ and probably never will. Thanks for for the high quality content!

  15. Didn’t even know it was her in Melbourne, will go see he

  16. Im an Aussie. Love episodes about my country

  17. Been onboard her a few times. If I remember correctly, the engines are electrically powered now to turn over so they can demonstrate to the visiting public what it was like for the engines to be working. The volunteers are a good bunch of people who take great care of her. Well done, a nice video. Hopefully the first ship in a Commonwealth tech tree or at least a premium ship to join HMAS Vampire (not HMS as is on the Vampire’s life rings).

  18. Corvettes can be a new class in wows

  19. Well done, it is amazing how important these little ships were!

  20. I actually live in melbourne and ive been on that ship

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