I opened 100 Mega Santa Gifts in World of Warships, So You Don’t Have To (2023)

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It’s that time of the year again in World of Warships – when we pretend to be surprised by what’s inside the Mega Santa Containers. Join us as we open over 100 of these, hoping for some holiday magic (or at least something that somewhat justifies the price)

Oh, please don’t buy these with real money – buy your mum some flowers or something, idk

Although this is probably my last World of Warships video for a while, please stick around – and feel free to let me know what you wanna see on this channel! Like an old ex, we’ll probably come back to World of Warships eventually, but sometimes a little distance is good.

Come witness the spectacle of a grown man crying over loot boxes in World of Warships – it’s like Christmas morning, but the presents are pixels and you’ve been a bad boy.

World of Warships referral link: https://warships.net/Razorwave
War Thunder referral link: http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_4726455

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  1. The fact that the russian client keeps getting many of the changes we’ve asked for, well, for years is also kinda frustrating.
    But on the other hand, damn you got quite a lot of good ships! And not only that, you got A LOT of ships in general 😮 Smolensk was always something I have dreamt about, and Småland. I was like a few fxp away from getting Småland before it was sent out, and it kinda sucked. And even then it would’ve cost me A LOT of real cash, but oh well..

  2. How do you know if the crate contains a ship before it opens?

  3. a friend of mine did a giga whale and… purchased 340 boxes then paypal thought his spending was suspicious and stoped procecing payments.
    he got 49 ships: getting malta, jager, nelson, halford, belfast, graf spee…
    he wanted to get 500 boxes… i am both ashamed and surpriced

  4. I started playing warships eight years ago in beta… lootboxes of any sort have gone to trash. Super containers use to be super and christmas containers use to bring a smile to my face… its all garbage now.. when I do play its usually one of two ships….

  5. Thanks for video and sharing 🙂
    also seems i m lucky who wish pay just only for 25 box for 1400 € $ in my country 😀
    free rewards its good as well no need more of them

  6. You need the stuff from these boxes if you play nothing but Co-op games. There are a hell of a LOT of players that play Co-op exclusively. They don’t play anything else. These boxes contain the gear they need to grind in Co-op.

  7. I apologise for being ‘that guy’, but hearing your reasons for stepping away from the CC programme and pretty much quitting WoWs entirely, they sound exactly like why I stopped playing world of warships two years ago. Carriers, submarines and pay-to-win practices are driving away players and the damage they’re doing could be irreparable.

  8. Looks like you got al the ships that are being given away. I was hoping for a ship maybe two. Congrats. I will take a Smolensk please.

  9. I thought of you when I saw the kid on the side of the stage was back again for the Christmas container openings. Another year of him watching over your painful search for the Smaland. 🙂 Appreciated your videos’ and the sense of humor. Sad you couldn’t make a go of it as a CC for WOWs. Good luck on the new stuff.

  10. Bought 20 and got very lucky. I‘ve got the Thunderer, West Virgina 44, Z-44, Alliance and 180 Days of Premium out of them, and I only had a handful of premiums before. It’s 100% random what you get.

  11. @mussolinipizza6697

    If the game keeps going in the direction it’s going people will eventually stop playing and new players won’t be able to replace the numbers of old players leaving. It’s sad to say this but I’m afraid this might be the only way that wargaming actually starts listening

  12. With those premium ships I got out of the containers I now have over 502 ships. Omg 😢😢😮

  13. I spent £100GBP on 40 Mega Containers and got Yudachi, Tokachi, California, Florida, Leipzig, Collingwood, Nottingham, Siroco, FR25 and Mysore plus the usual signals, premium time, etc. I play co-op exclusively so even if a ship is mediocre it still gets used if its fun to play.

  14. I got 20 Mega containers last year, which dropped me few ships (T5-8), but I had also 15 another Mega gifts from both BP and my T10 ships. That time I got 7 prem ships out of 35 those biggest containers plus 180 day prem. Highest tier ship was T9 Giuseppe Verdi.

    As I keep having enough prem time for another year since my 360d prem purchase in Christmas 2021, I decided get those 20 Mega containers.
    I know its kind of gambling, but the reward is not money.
    And devs need some income I guess. I would not work for free, so my 40Euro per year is ok.
    I play this game every day for last 4y, total 7y.

    But I agree some practices are not cool.
    The last thing I faced was those santa containers offer for real cash, but doublons price being hidden under “switch currency” button on border of screen. I missed that button completely, call me blind?!
    The point is I got doubs in advance few weeks ago.

    I understand WG doesn’t like selling their virtual stuff for doublons they sold me with 100perc cash back, LOL.

    That Christmas in Santa City/BP prem part comes out for 3500doubs, is it compromise between 2500 and 6250 prem BP levels?

  15. I’ve been playing for 8 years now and it’s all been fun. it’s only a game and if you make it a Career it’s when things will go bad with something that’s should be fun. It’s still a good game for me anyway..😊

  16. last year i had 20 t10 , so i got 4 Big mega santa containers for free and i score Smaland + Fr25! This year i have 30 t10 , so i got 6 free big mega santa containers, and i score Boise t7, Monaghan t6 ,and a garbage t5 cruiser Krasny Krym. As a dd player 99% of games i love my smaland and Monaghan, and in the future i want ships like Benham or Haida…

  17. looks like a good haul for Christmas 🙂 ho ho ho

  18. Bought 20, got Missouri! Not the credit printing machine of years past but I’m not complaining.

  19. I bought shiploads of them… I had some spare cash from a biggish win on poker machines… So, having a gambling problem naturally I went a bit nuts and bought about 10 mega santa containers.. Also, I’ve had almost 10 more from collecting those tokens. Out of an estimate 20 containers I got 23 premium ships. (@16% should have been over 30!) I also want a Smaland!!! but got almost all T5/6. Some decent ships I got were Massachussets, Collingwood, Nelson, Mutsu, and I haven’t yet tried the ones I’ve never heard of.

    I was getting pissed off every time I got credits or 100% valueless camo etc.

    Apart from that I got several lots of 180 days premium time, so I now have 629 days premium… So no reason to ever give WG money ever again.

  20. If i were you, i would open 100 mega santa gift in one time ☠

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