United Strength | New Update Overview – World of Warships: Legends

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Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays, captains! The festive update brings seasonal ships, including Ohio and Anhalt, Commander guises, new skins, Advent calendar, Holiday collection, and much more: there’s a lot of content to enjoy. Watch the video to learn everything!

⚓⚓⚓ Read the patchnotes⚓⚓⚓

EN https://wowsl.co/47H0scJ
DE https://wowsl.co/47KdLt3
FR https://wowsl.co/47o91cI
日本語 https://wowsl.co/47lE60K
RU https://wowsl.co/3QMxGk3
ES-MX https://wowsl.co/47ihZbm
PT-BR https://wowsl.co/3ustM8I
한국어 https://wowsl.co/40NQWSL
简体中文 https://wowsl.co/3QMyNQL
繁體中文 https://wowsl.co/40M1MbY





  2. This is one of the biggest updates I’ve ever seen in wowsl

  3. No ones gonna talk about the Lenin in the super Santa crate that’s how you know it’s a banger update

  4. Awesome update❤🎉

  5. @yoriichitsugikuni3743

    So Ohio ain’t gonna be in the Bureau 😞

  6. @WorldofWarshipsLegends

    Captains, let’s spread cheer together! We want to share gifts with our dedicated captains, and you get to decide how many 👀

    Like this video, and the number of likes will determine the number of activations for our special holiday code, which will be revealed as soon as the update arrives.
    Help us make the holidays merrier for everyone! ⚓💝

  7. The Brisbane! Can’t wait to get it

  8. I’m so excited for Ohio

  9. Brisbane is going to be an absolute nightmare. Battleship captains should prepare to suffer for the next two months.

  10. Noice!!! Can’t wait to get started on the grind

  11. Really excited for Brisbane. Looks a lot of fun.

  12. @ciroc_lobster4052

    Hopefully we get another 50m silver alongside Brisbane ❤️ that should be a milestone for the likes of this video.

  13. Ohio would have been a better ship for this campaign… and i think that it will be like last year… like the Yoshino, you’ll have to pay to have it…

  14. Looks good to me ! I’d like to see a premium version of Tier 4 T-22 and Konig as well as Tier 5 Dallas and Aoba . Merry Christmas everyone !

  15. WG has clutched up today, ladies and gentlemen. Good job WG. You’ve done well!!!!!

  16. @dustinchristopher5944

    Love the game play it every day just wish they would had new maps/load out’s for your ships and add a hard and soft cap for the stats on your ships. Plz wargaming looks into those ideas and thank you for the new content.

  17. I really REALLY hate how the best stuff like ohio come out at a time where i cant buy it. I missed out on JB,lion,lenin,yoshino,and now it looks like ill miss out on both ohio and anhalt. Shame too. Ive patiently waited for ohio ever since legendary tier was first announced

  18. Boa sorte a todos com os próximos contêiners 🎉👍😄

  19. This update is so exciting, my IBS just flared up again!!

  20. What happens when the time ends on the campaign? Is there a week of cool off period like on world of tanks or does the next campaign start as soon as the last one finishes

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