World Of Warships Funny # 60

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World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment has finally arrived!

Dive into this insane madness head first and enjoy!

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  1. Perfect movie with great neko torpedos 🙂

  2. Wow, that was amazing. This was something I needed after having not such a great month and a half in general. Not once, but twice torpedoes went under your hull. Is that normal, or is that just Wargaming logic? Also, I can understand why players hate subs. Great video as always, Daniel.

  3. @christophersmith9074

    that ending, how could you teese us so 🙂

  4. @Andersonsilva-de7cb

    mano voce e foda kkk slk

  5. What kind of non-stick coating do you use ? Those torps just slide along you as on butter !!! Dani Chan FTW !

  6. I hope you liked that video! More are coming SOON! Please help the channel grow by liking and subscribing if you enjoyed the content!
    Also big salutes to all of you that recognized the many hentai songs used here hehehe

  7. 8:44 Unfortunately, this is how the game looks like… all battleships swim at the corners of the map, swimming with their backs to the opponent and attacking from the end of the map

    • Not all battleships, me and my trusty Georgia always charge in the middle of enemy lines, wreaking havoc just to get to the other side, make a 180° turn, and do it again XD. Most Cruisers and Destroyers melts under the DPS of the Secondary Battery, Cruisers and their Large cousins, with a little help from the Main Battery. When it gets to BBs mostly I get normal penetration shots, but when a British or Japanese BB shows broadside, Citadel Hits starts coming out of nowhere like mushrooms ^^.

  8. need to do a meme of someone running real fast and caption it “Danni on the way to play the new German ship”

  9. @kmsgrafzeppelin904

    i need a dani chan mod for wows lol

  10. @josephhungerford8348

    Beautiful editing of the video keep up the great content Daniel, always a great laugh 🤣.

  11. awesome content man pls continue

  12. Nothing worse than team mates who don’t know how to support a good push.

  13. A many more tonne battleship with reinforced structures and a many lesser tonne cruiser collide into each other.

    The cruiser wins

  14. Bismarck with 19 HP: “German science is the best in the world!!!”

  15. Miss those “It’s not my time to die” segments.

  16. Entertaining and with good music, as always. There has been some damn great clips! 👌

  17. 16:30 if i was the Preussen, i’d just be like, “okay. i guess i’m done for the night if that’s my luck.” Love the videos!! keep them coming!!

  18. I have complicated feelings about the smolensk dev strike. On one hand it’s cancer removal but you’re still killing cancer with cancer.

  19. 2:16
    Dani: “Impressive. You made me use 5% of my torpedo avoiding powers.”

  20. Dani be like dodging torps: If there is a hole, there is a way

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