If You Play Like This In World of Warships….

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If You Play Like This In World of Warships….

Today we’re going to be looking at some of the players in world of warships, that make it an absolute pleasure to play, from good mechanically players, to players that are just nice to be around to even helpful players this list will 100% list all the good players in world of warships so I hope you enjoy!

World of Warships is a naval action MMO, dipping into the world of large-scale sea battles of the first half of the twentieth century. Epic battles rage across the oceans of the world in order to claim victory among teams comprised of the greatest representatives from the era of multi-ton marine giants.
In order to achieve victory in battle, players must employ a wide range of strategies in a variety of tactical decisions. Sudden ambushes, cunning flanking attacks, open confrontation and “head-on” assaults — captains must strive to find an ideal way to deliver a decisive blow at the enemy.

Tactical diversity in World of Warships comes from the inclusion of many different classes of warships, including: aircraft carriers, capable of providing remote air support and striking targets at extreme range; colossal battleships that project power across vast swaths of ocean; light and heavy cruisers with the capability to quickly respond to changing battlefield conditions; and stealthy, agile destroyers which can be highly effective in group attacks.

Amalfi represents the largest shift in game play for the Italian line. While the earlier ships in the line are certainly representative of the higher-tier game play for the line, it’s only with Amalfi that a captain will be able to say with certainty that they enjoy the uniqueness of the line or not.

While the previous Zara encapsulates the design ideas of the interwar and treaty period, Amalfi is more in-line with contemporary designs of the late 1930s, with various quality-of-life improvements, such as triple-barrel turrets in an A-B-X format, that captains moving up from Zara will be certain to appreciate. Other improvements include an extended belt of 50 mm that can restrict the ability of enemy battleships to citadel Amalfi through the bow at close range, and a vastly improved top speed. While gaining an extra gun and a more useful turret layout, Amalfi does end up with a slightly slower reload than her predecessor.

Overall game play is similar to that of Zara, but captains should make note of a few important changes. Firstly, Amalfi’s increased top speed and improved armor can allow captains to play in a more aggressive fashion. Reaching strategic positions and being able to retreat from a fallen flank are two aspects of her game play that captains should be able to appreciate, and are continued through to the remaining two ships in the line. Secondly, the change in match-making spread to include Tier X vessels can be both good and bad for Amalfi captains. The increase in number of “all-or-nothing” armor schemes among higher tier ships is extremely helpful when using the SAP shell type, but the inclusion of Tier X vessels introduce the potential of encountering vessels that have an almost guaranteed immunity to damage from your ship (such as Kremlin and Großer Kurfürst). Greater emphasis needs to be placed on the choice of shell type to properly deal damage to targets.

Target selection in higher tier games for Amalfi and her successors requires a thorough understanding of game mechanics. The impact of an Italian cruiser is greatest at the start of a battle, and diminishes throughout the course of a battle due to the Damage Saturation mechanic. In later stages of a match they become highly opportunistic; a saturated target will be taking significantly reduced damage, so captains must be able to recognize the signs of saturation and adjust their aim to unsaturated sections, or a different target entirely. Captains should take the opportunity in the early game to do as many large (8k+) damage salvos to as many targets as possible before saturation becomes an issue. Captains should especially take any and all chances at dealing damage to enemy destroyers; however, due to the lack of radar and hydro-acoustic consumables, actively hunting destroyers can be quite risky. A well-played Italian cruiser can make a massive difference on the early game development of a match by removing large chunks of health from enemy destroyers, if not outright sinking them.

result in frustration at the limitations of SAP and lack of HE. Amalfi and her successors can absolutely make an impact on the outcome of a battle, and when well-played can be a far more rewarding experience than the “HE spam” of other cruisers.

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  1. Im play on venezia, try giving love too dd , Nice vídeo

  2. Heh i play almost since release of game, with plenty of breaks, i didint speak, i never were saying bad things, or good things, but recent comeback to game made me angryand sad. Its not game that makes me angry AF, but ppl, seeing half of the team under 5-6 min time after time yes that makes me angry, but i wont speak, i dont want, cuz i know how really bad words can affect ppl mind and will to play, but when i see someone whining and calling others “put here really bad words” i cant stand that anymore, so i break my silence. Being toxic to others is not fun, but toxic ppl dont understand that words can hurt. I dont know where you find funny or friendly ppl. Do you play EU server?

  3. Dark calling: praise super unicums
    Also Dark Calling: says that people that offer good advice distract people.

  4. I keep trying to find the ‘easy mode’ that you speak of but i can’t find it in settings.

  5. Keep up the great videos. Love your commentary and humorous take on the game

  6. I can be any and all of these players, its all about what stage my PTSD is in at any given moment. I can do a 180 in a flash!! SUCKS!!!!

  7. I realize that every time my whole team starts typing on All and the enemy doesn’t type back always ends up on in a definitely lose. is annoying when they talk and don’t concentrate on the game

  8. Been chatbanned so many times that comms completely turned off,just play my own game and try to help the team win,but the window lickers playing this game…so many of them,most can’t even steer and shoot. And that’s tier 10…..you get better game play in tier 3 co-op from the bots.

  9. I have been taking a break from WoWs well sort of anyways. I play at most 7 days a week for 2 to 8 matches. I’m 50 years old and color blind. That need a little explaining, see I can see solid colors but when they get mixed together it’s like almost impossible to see anything. I have to look for movement to see something most of the time. I know I will never be 1 of the best players in game, but I will always try to. Once winter comes back I will most likely be back and I will try to sink as many ships as I can before going down.

    Good luck and Happy Hunting.. 🙂

  10. im the kind of person that says sorry even when someone rams into my completely stationary ship

  11. i usually dont type in chat but lately been forced to, recently ive seen more and more potato plays, had a game in a GK and a Cruiser desides he want to push only to turn 180 degree to the right and tries to run, and launch his torps and gets blap by half the red team, then dies half a meter in front of me and i crash into him and get torped from the leftside because my ship came to a full stop as soon as it hit his sunken ship, then he blames me for causing him to sink

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