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Checking out Shimakaze versus multiple carrier opponents, sharing the game discussing my play. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Japanese Shimakaze Replay

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  1. CV Rework has made DD game play worse than ever. Add Rocket Planes, never ending waves of attack, never ending being spotted. Wargaming failed completely with this rework.

    • +CloneD Anon Its your opinion, if you like the game with CVs more than before good for you i guess. About ” most people” thinking like me i actually meant most of the friends i know from the game, and people on discord servers im on, so maye i used the wrong term here.

    • +Ralathar Renares Fair enough ;D im happy you are happy… “Lone Wolf DD assasin” LUL BTW do you have at least a single T10 dd in your port, or your experience with CV games is based on your Podvoisky?

    • +Tomasz W you speak as if previous cvs NEVER had perma spotting. That’s strange. I remember putting my fighter squad over enemy dd entire match quite few times. Also, box to opt out cv game? pfff. guess you never played WoT? They had arty problem since CBT which was back in 2010. Players frequently requested arty to be removed, or like you, apply box to opt out, but so far that never happened.

      Can’t satisfy every customer (you’d know this if you actually worked to live). there are always few ppl who won’t like the change. Watch your step on your way out, and please don’t come back.

    • I’m play this game long time and I don’t see a problem with CV rework. What disappointed me is in old play style of CV, only few player can play well enough to dominate the match, if not you only sitting in your ship with zero plane and hearing your teammates talking about how useless you are in that match. The new system allow you can contribute something to the match, while you being hunt by CV, can manage to survive by somehow.

    • +Tomasz W That’s an odd question on a video with a Unicrum DD player taking out an IJN ship and saying they were satisfied with their ability to counterplay CVs now as he extended far out from his team and assassinated multiple ships. Most players are not good enough to do that and just explode :P.

  2. Easier not to use DDs anymore. This is a joke.

    • Keep dreaming.

    • Galactic Research Initiative

      +Ralathar Renares Thank you for being a rational person.

    • +Ralathar Renares Yes, if you play all day long, in a division that’s playing to support YOU, not your team, you can easily get a few vids of great results. Anyone watching this vid that’s played more than 10 matches can see just how badly the enemy team played, let alone the moronic cv players he was playing against. Complete potatoes here, never base balance suggestions off vids of potatoes losing. That’s kinda what potatoes do, ya know?

    • +kaz That’s one big gripe I have with posters like Notser. I love his work, however they all cherry pick the best games and say how great things are, while conveniently ignoring the other bad matches.

    • +The Gaming Python IKR? It’s not like we DON’T play the game, of course we’re going to take note of the inconsistancies. I still say if you wanna have a serious talk about balance, and want to prove a point like this, you have to do it in custom match with players you KNOW are not bad players, players who are actively trying to stop you from what you are doing, kinda like what always happens when a certain boat or strat becomes “meta”.

  3. From everything that I have seen, DD play is no different after the rework than it was before people stopped playing CV’s. Its just that we had become used to not having them around which to my understanding is why Radar was introduced to begin with.

  4. DD players get it from both sides.. your own team sits back demanding Intelligence… yet you push in and the CV spots you forever. They spam the rockets into you, resetting your torpedo reload. Burning a smoke will only draw attention to yourself…so dont bother. Trying to repair a broken engine or steering gear is useless, even with last stand. Then the radar lights you up and well, that’s basically how DD games go these days.

  5. Galactic Research Initiative

    I’m pretty much done with my CVs. After the nerf i lose half of my planes after the first pass. I cant help my team most of the time. Just on spotting duty. But hey as long as the DD captains are happy.

    • +nimay13 and who is happy with spam torps? 10 torps every 2 min that take half the health of a crusier?

    • After you launch send to planes back to the cv. Just drop your bomb or torp onto and island. That will save you 2 planes and 4 min.
      You have to pick your target, look for the wounded and alone target.
      Its taken a long time but I am getting pretty good. Some games are 10k others arenover 100 but most are around 50 to 60

    • +Jerry Glaze You have problems with DDs in a cruiser? Seriously? Cruisers are the counter to DDs. I love seeing them in mine.

    • Galactic Research Initiative buu buu the entitled cv player needs to make a little effort to play

    • +Prometheus read that sentence again…….now who is entitled?????

  6. Playing in a division of 3, including a friendly CV of his own. With the celebrity effect where people actually listen and helps him. He can use a 1 point captain and probably achieve similar results. What’s the point of this video? The only meaningful info is one sentence “use smoke and islands to manipulate CV plane’s LoS” that’s it.

    • He uses American DD’s “so your using DD’s with good AA, try using the IJN DD’s with piss poor AA”. He post a video of an IJN destroyer ” so your in a platoon with a high skilled captain and YouTube famous, try doing this with no platoon, a no skill captain, and a throwaway account”. Yea, that figures.

    • +elchito3 Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what just happened here. This sort of ludicrous behavior is why the anti-CV crowd is just not going to be listened to anymore. They’ve lost all grip on reason.

    • There is really no satisfying people of your kind. First you complain that Notser shows games with DD’s with good AA and now you complain when Notser shows a game with a DD with average AA. You CV rework haters are getting more desperate and meanwhile DD population is rising back to its previous player amounts in random battles! Not even to mention that ALL CV’s have been neutered since the introduction of the murderous AA that cannot be dodged in 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 did nothing to reduce the AA!

    • Tbh honest i really do luv notser but yeah have noticed alot of div play with the streamers lately more then usual. DD play is dead if you want to have any fun full AA or not dont take them. Blob meta one team wins by a landslide other loses by a landslide. This game is messed up its so unbalanced and the essence of the game is gone for good. Im actually inclined to assume that WG has added bots into random because alot of the players on the servers have some pretty bad stats as an example i have been in many battles in tier 10 lately with majority of players having a 20% win rate and about 10k average damage. Something weird going on im probably wrong but its weird seeing so many players with stats like this and charging in and not even having turrets looking the right way. Dont even get me started about how many premiums people have paid for that are now absolutely useless. It was bad enough with power creep making then less and less usefull but now having to deal with a game that has changed to the point that many dont have any strengths anymore that once existed and its a waste of money. Also i am someone who agrees with the rework and enjoy the new cv play however i am someone who is upset at the meta ruining many ships performances and the current way the game is played. Its just a blob slugfest of rng now

    • ​+Chris Nettos Yeah they are called faildivisions, i have seen them lately too. Usually its 3 Grosse Kurfursts or something stupid like that and they throw the game away like fools since they play their own little game by just basecamping or something stupid like that. Blob teams usually lose since they almost never go for objectives and in the end they just get flanked, surrounded and killed. Yes they will prevent the CV from attacking, but they will also get themselves in the worst possible tactical position by blobbing up or going lemming train usually costs the game.

  7. Shows how far down the standards have fallen for IJN torp boats. This was considered a very good game and worthy of posting…Post a performance like this in a cruiser or BB and everyone yawns.

    • If this were real war where surviving is winning or a competitive format where winners are rewarded evenly I would agree. In a game that rewards raw numbers the IJN DDs are being royally hosed over right now. A game like this is the exception, and it wasn’t really a super duper game.

    • Notser posted this video because he did fine in a USN DD so people said “but you wouldn’t do fine in an IJN ship”. So now he posts an IJN video and people are making other excuses like “this game is an exception”.

      Moving the goal posts much?

    • You imply I am attacking Notser. My entire point is IJN is a dumped on DD line and the expectations for the line have dropped. This is pointed at Wargaming, not Notser. I was just saying that CCs usually show videos with 6 kills and 250k damage to make the point. It is exceptionally hard to make that point in a Shimakaze these days with CVs in the match.

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      +Ralathar Renares It’s the fact that he only “did fine” in a full div with CV support that this was apparently video-worthy that is straight up disgusting. Turning Shima into a boat that camps in smoke afraid to get out of it is terrible gameplay. Also your point of spotting is completely invalid now that DD spotting damage has plummeted due to even worse permaspotting from CVs

    • BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

      Furthermore, I hope you realize it wasn’t Notser playing extraordinarily good, it was more on the enemy CV played extraordinarily bad

  8. Since Day 1 of CV rework I’ve suggested to give DDs an extra Smoke charge which would bandage the constant being spotted early complaints they have to waste 1 smoke early on every game if CV is there so giving an extra smoke solves that problem a bit, but CV want that DD dead in which case nothing will save the DD unless good AA or friendlies is there. :3

    • Notser got top score in this game in an IJN DD with 2 CVs in it and basically made CVs a non-factor vs him through his play. Not sure what the problem is you think you need buffs against lol.

    • +Ralathar Renares Because this is the one good game he chose to share. All Youtubers do they same, they only post their good games, not their normal games.

    • +The Gaming Python That’s certainly not the case for Notser’s video where he showed how easy it was to dodge AA flak where he kept dying to flak and finally started picking on stock Montana’s and DDs only while still losing planes.

      But keep trying to move that goal line :P. You don’t have a good argument so this is basically the only recourse you have to avoid admitting you are wrong.

  9. Tier 2 DD’s are fun and really populated right now join the fun leave the rework behind

    • Recently had a friend start playing. Playing with him I am finding people using RPF in tier 1 matches. Sad to see people sealclubbing at tier 1. It’s a joke to see people push all the way down to tier one to have non CV matches. Shows how well the rework has gone over.

    • +BigFatRillos Liar. The DD population at tiers 8-10 has pretty much returned to the old in the EU servers after the hotfixes and people readjusting to their tactics.

    • Works for cruisers as well.

    • +CloneD Anon It’s pretty much dead in Asia. Lots of games with no DDs in them.

  10. Watch out everyone, high levels of cancer and salt after this point

  11. When I look at that build I lose a piece of my soul….all the AA stuff you need to use on a TORP boat ……

    • You do not actually need any AA stuff on a torp boat, just run with your damn AA turned off. It will make you way harder to spot from air.

    • +CloneD Anon And then when you do get spotted?? You can’t hit shit cuz you have no AA upgrades…

    • ​+The Gaming Python You missed my point? I said that TURN OFF YOUR AA COMPLETELY if you do not have decent AA. Meaning you will be TWICE as hard to spot and even harder to hit with rocket planes form the air. I have had much harder times spotting and hitting DD’s running with their AA off than those with running with their AA on. Since you cannot “aim in” rockets properly if you come into attack only from 3km, thus the rockets either will miss or do very little damage (like 200-1000hp).

    • the great book of grudges

      Should I turn off Hatsuharu’s AA?

    • +the great book of grudges Yes, unless you are already spotted.

  12. He must get bored making videos about the same 8 tier 10 ships all the time. How about playing some tier 5-8 DD and tell us how the carrier rework is going. Playing a DD without basically any AA and getting focused by 2 CV right at the onset is the norm right now. Can’t really experience that at t10.

    • Pathetic attempt of moving the goalpost again. Lower tier CV’s have such low payloads that you cannot even hit a evasive maneuvering DD with them. Good luck hitting DD’s with a tier 4 or tier 6 CV! It is clear that you have never played them after this rework or else you would not be posting such utter BS! Turning your AA completely off is an ADVANTAGE for a DD especially at lower tiers since you can be spotted form air only at 2-3km then!

    • Daisy é a melhor princesa

      DD mafia is real. Basically, everything that can hurt DDs is OP. You DDs now can launch torpedos that can’t be detected by aircrafts. Are you really complaining about be spoted even having smoke? Why don’t you try to play with your teammates? Ah, DDs just remember the meaning of “teamplay” when they are detected by radar and need a CA to support then.

    • CloneD Anon pff a shit head shilling, learn to play real ships you entitled retard

    • Daisy é a melhor princesa dont bring shit head arguments like that, cruisers decimate DDs and no one is complaining. You know that this nee cv breaks the fame, stop shilling and accept your mistake

    • +Prometheus Maybe you should learn play something other than just DD’s you whining snowflake? I play ALL ship classes, moron.

  13. Well, my Akizuki enjoys the cv, she can actually shoot down planes now and be an AA dd as she should have been >_>

  14. I really do not undrestand why most DD’s do not simply play with AA off if your AA is poor or you have not built anything into AA. Especially at the start of the game. It is so MUCH harder for a CV to spot a DD around 3km with its AA off that it is at around 6km and seeing exactly where his AA is coming from. Not even to mention that rocket planes cannot even get aimed properly if they start their attack run from around 3km instead of from around 6km!

    • If you spot an enemy DD from 2km, you know roughly where he is. Your team will see him and shoot him briefly, possibly radaring him. Then you can simply circle around and start the attack run before you spot him. You will still know roughly where he is. Shutting your AA off does not solve the problem

    • In a DD the biggest thing that changed for me since the CV rework is that I try to make sure I stay fairly close to an AA cruiser. I personally don’t have a problem with that since there has been such an increase in radar ships (which if they fix the radar through the islands, I wish they’d do that for AA too) that it’s just not smart to rush a cap.

      Basically, I’ve found that in a DD if I’m enough of a pain to a CV player, they’ll leave me alone. It’s the Monty Python sketch, How Not to be Seen for DDs and it’s been that way for minimum months and arguably since the game went live.

    • ​+Max Saviano Yea but even if you cricle around him you cannot still get rockets aimed in properly at 2-3km. Also the DD has usually moved after it takes your planes to fly to his location so it will take you more time to find him. You will have to fire most of the time with the aiming circle at near max hoping to RNG that even one rocket will land. Trust me on this one, i have played lot of CV’s lately and its much harder to find and hit with rockets a DD running “silent” than those running with AA on.

  15. ur so biased against cv. They are weak as hell now

    • Luojia Wang you dont play dds right?

    • +Prometheus I do play DD’s and CV’s. CV’s are much weaker than any DD’s. At least you can delete ships with your torps as a DD, something that you cannot do on a CV. The only thing CV’s provide is spotting because the AA is so murderous that you are not good for much anything else!

    • +CloneD Anon So much for WG’s desire to introduce CVs to the masses lul

  16. funny you drop your first torpedo after 7 minute, into a shima, rly nice job WG

    • Yea because you have to play more careful now in order to get results with a DD, you cannot just yolo rush in a DD anymore. That is how you end up with fools complaining about DD’s why their old tactic of rushing as far as they can does not work anymore! Notser still top scored in his team. You people just keep moving the goalpost.

    • Gearing vs Midway, first drop of the game into gearing with bombers (AA active) 4k dmg second drop 7k, 2 minute into the game 11k life gearing done

    • +EndToEnd6 HE bombers do most damage to DD’s, but you need to make a hard turn just before the CV drops the bombs so they will miss you. Practice the timing and you should be able to doge most of USN dive bombers, since IJN dive (AP) bombs do not do almost any damage to DD’s and their payload is 2x less. Hell even cruisers can do that maneuver sometimes, it is really annoying. Also when you see rocket planes i suggest turning off AA unless you are already spotted. Since it is much harder to line up a shot with rockets from a 2-3km spotting distance than it is from a 6km spotting distance.

  17. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    Radar is more of an issue for DDs than the CVs. It’s actually easier to play DDs as far as the CVs are concerned after the rework. The CV player can only control one squad at a time now. Before they’d just leave fighters circling over the top of you while controlling two or three other bomber squadrons. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and crying, learn to adapt your play. The CVs are here to stay, so change your strategy or if it’s causing you so much grief, play a different class of ship or leave the game altogether.

  18. I completely disagree with you Notser. This system is not better, stop trying to add a good spin on this pile of crap. The CV’s are worse than they ever were under the old system. I just got done with a match where I was bombed and attacked 6 times by a carriers rocket planes. I had him drop fighters on me to spot me. DD’s are no longer viable in this game, the stupid disgusting design decisions that punish DD mains with the current CV system and the impending radar changes (extending radar ranges and durations) and nerfing flooding is one of the reasons I am done with this game after 14k battles. You will see no dd’s in competative battles now. Makes me feel really stupid for spending any money on this crappy game.

    • Aww you had ONE bad game? *Yes this system is WAY BETTER, the only thing is now you actually MEET CV’s now,* since before you met CV’s maybe in 1 in 20 games and thus you could play your own solo game as a DD. You people who do not want to change your yolo tactics or adjust to the meta are worst of all. All you do is whine instead of offering constructive criticism. *I have found no problems playing as DD’s, i just play more careful now and not simply rush into cap anymore at the start of the game and i always turn my damn AA off unless i play AA build DD.*

      Radar changes will be a BUFF for DD since you will get a 6 second window now in order to escape and the range increase is minimal! Flooding is mainly a nerf to CV’s and NOT to DD’s because DD’s torpedoes deal actually damage unlike CV torps that do 5-9k at very best at t10! Flooding has always been just a bonus on a DD, not something you could rely on! While DD’s rely on torpedo alpha strike the CV’s rely on trying to get a flood, but you do not see CV players complaining about flood rework do you? Do you think its all roses for CV’s, i wish you luck trying to get trough the AA of a Mino or a Wooster! Ffs, you people are the worst.

      Notser still finished top score on a torp boat DD in a game with 2 DD’s, so please do not tell me its impossible i have done it myself and i have seen others do it. It is you people who do not want any change are holding this game back! IF or when WG will release submarines you will be crying here again how “DD’s are now useless” which is farthest from the truth!

    • +CloneD Anon I agree balance was needed. But this was the equiv of chopping your nose off so your helmet fits better.

    • remember this logic:

      CV Players want to earn credits and stuff.

      One of the factors is damaging and destroying enemy ships

      But they can’t do any damage yet due to the heavy nature of the AA Flaks that the Cruisers and Battleship have

      Consequently, Most of the Destroyers have small to medium amount AA onboard.

      Therefore, Most CV Players would usually attack first the DD at the start of the match

    • The idea of rework is fine, but once people already knew about the system, which could be beneficial to their gameplay, then that system could be easily abused by normal players

    • +Toaster Master …and you get least damage “farmed” on CV’s by going after destroyers and if the destroyers are smart and stay with the cruisers at the start of the game you wont be able to farm even them!

  19. So your telling me CV planes don’t spot my torps? I didn’t know that.

  20. I think superintendent is more important for DDs now. As often as you need smoke to avoid air strikes getting caught out in the open is a death sentience.

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