World of Warships- Top 5 REMOVED Premiums Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over five removed premium ships! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
2:14 5. Enterprise
5:58 4. K. Albert
8:37 3. Nikolai I
10:54 2. Giulio Cesare
13:20 1. Old Missouri


  1. König Albert is actually available in the Battle of Jutland-Containers

  2. mountbatten is like the north star a steady information light

  3. Lenin (or also known as comrade Nelson) is also a beast. She is very tanky, and with not that much of super structure HE spamming is less effective on her.
    And while the Soviet BB techline got an nerf for the accuracy of their main guns from a range of 15+ km or so, Lenin still has the old formula so her guns are more accurate.

    Also I do need to mention you can get k.albert, you can get her in the Jutland container

  4. I’m glad I was able to save up the free XP (save for the last 50k or so cause I got tired of waiting) and got the Mighty Mo when she first came out, easily the best premium there was, and the price was right. I guess weegee learned their lesson and stopped putting in new free xp ships. (well other then RB ships, those are free xp ships with a lot of extra steps)

  5. Need to have Cher on the guns of the Missouri!!

  6. when the enterprise was released it would of been nice to have a captain that was a nod to Star Trek that came with it.

  7. Graf Spee also a pretty unique and decent low tier gem. She’s like a mini Kronstald, you have the HP pool of tier 8 cruisers at tier 6 with a HEAL and very tanky when angled. She is a one of the few low tier cruiser that doesn’t explode 5 minutes into the match even when bottom tier. Also she is the only german cruisers that have 8km torps, other only have 6km so you don’t need to get to suicide range to torps battleships, and lastly she has usable plane ASW not ship ASW like the rest of the german cruisers.

  8. I bought the Nikolai as soon as it came out. I have 233 battles with a 69% win rate, my best win rate with any ship that I have a decent amount of games in.

  9. Have all 5 (yup, been playing that long). my Cesare is my go to for Italian BBs during Naval Battles on the weekends. I think Sea Lord needs to do a video on HIS Go-To ships, depending on the occasion.

  10. Andy, a weeb physicist

    I am not sure about the following ship but statwise and the fact that you can get her in Community Containers and not the premium shop lets me suggest the Yuudachi. Looks like a Tier 7 Yugumo with 14km Torps.

  11. How can one forget the Nelsongrad and/or the Belfast?

  12. König Albert isn’t even removed. You can get her through Battle of Jutland containers available for coal in the armoury. While it will take a while to get it, it is by no means impossible. I got my König Albert that way and everyone else can too. So through direct purchase, I guess she is removed? But Throw enough money/coal and you’ll have one guaranteed eventually.

  13. I actually have all of these ships, even the old Missouri, since I have been playing this game a long time now. Almost completely forgot about the König Albert. I used to go seal clubbing back in the day with her every time I ran into a bad streak of losing at higher tiers.

  14. I think they should reintroduce Lucky E to the Premium Shop

  15. I got the Julius Cesare in last year’s Christmas containers and it is one hell of a ship

  16. I wanted the Enterprise, MO and GIUlio, but i will likely be dead before that happens. That Alaska is a sweet ship.

  17. Alaska is the one ship I wish I got. I was only about 200k free xp short of getting it when it was removed.

  18. Of the ones you listed the Nikolai 1 is the only one I drool over. The Missouri and the Enterprise were the ones I got just to have them with old Missouri being the one I picked up before Misauchi popped up. The GC’s combat ability convinced me to start working up the Italian BB line. Boy was I disappointed.

  19. Technically the K Albert has not been removed from the game, its inside the Battle of Jutland containers along with Agincourt, you can get them for coal in the armory for 1000 coal per container. the non premium containers has a 1% chance of dropping the ship, or the Agincourt or their respective battle of Jutland perm cameos.

  20. I wad able to get the old Missouri when it was still available.
    After the exonomy rework she is no longer what she used to be, haven’t used her for quite a while.

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