Improbable Comeback in Des Moines – World of Warships

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A really one-sided game at the beginning leads to us barely hanging on for a chance to win the game. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Cruiser Des Moines Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. First! Wahoowhat great comeback! Awesome vid

  2. Team Wabeenology

    Hon hon hon

  3. I was the CV on your team. Thanks for helping pull us through for the win.

  4. General Apocalypse

    So how did you get the space version of Des Moines in a random battle?!?

  5. 100 views! fifth comment!

  6. i bit my nails on that one, good job.

  7. 6:44 Where is that torpedo comming from??

  8. I was the enemy Montana. I had an absolutely potato game and did like 40k dmg.

  9. Love the space skins.

  10. I was so excited to compliment the heck out of the way you played the opening half! Just doing everything right and with awesome positioning. Even when you took a citadel at one point, you were sailing with a purpose kill get that Yugumo, which you accomplished, so none of that received damage was flagrant. Also, 4 ships killed. The B capture process was kinda bizarre. I know when that happens to me, I can’t crawl into a small enough hole, never mind running out from under fantasitc concealment from those mountains and cliffs. Seemed like a great time to pull a tactical Notser but… seriously entertaining!

  11. Notser’s commentary… I feel like I am watching soccer match)))

  12. Very nice game it’s good when rounds are close like that, to often they feel very one sided great job notser

  13. That was like a final four game where both teams are playing for their lives, and no one’s wants to go down.. Man that was “Awesome”

  14. Yay another Des Moines video i love this ship

  15. Thank you Notser I just have 20000 base xp left for legendary and the skill reset is free right now. I’ll see how it works soon.

  16. Tony Weisenburger

    yes, prop mod and legendary are so fantastic. i freaking love playing this build.

  17. im sad he never does user replays anymore. it was cool seeing other players and having his commentary.

  18. Beautiful USN cruiser work, a true tour de force.

  19. I was div’d with the CV, I’m your conq 😀 GG, man.. Cable and I were talking about this one for a while.

  20. Hey Notser, do you feel like the legendary slows you down as quickly as it accelerates? Just that it feels not to be the case here.
    GG by the way.

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