INSANE FINALS – VOR vs FPM – World of Warships

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INTERNATIONAL FINALS between top 2 SEA teams, VOR as number 1 and FPM as number 2.

These teams have kicked out everyone else out of the tournament and ensured SEA has the international KING.

One of the craziest games in KotS.

ENjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. What a match

  2. jonathan hinchliffe

    Dont think ive ever seen a match where team alpha wins on flambasses channel, weird

  3. Is that the so called “Defeat from the jaws of victory”?

  4. LMFAO. Who don’t run Det flags in a massive pro game? THAT MARCEAU!!! That’s who.

    • @Shawn Christensen You are right, it’s totally ”no wonder the average player base is going downhill if its full of morons” like you. I rly trust and respect a person who counters solid points and arguments whit pure trash talk and insults… I can tell you that people here that say the anti-detonation flag doesn’t make you immune to detonation are right. It’s a slim chance but it still happens. Not only that but the so called ”safe threshold” for detonation that we were supposed to have (?) doesn’t work too! You can keep repeating the BS that the ”devs” feed you and trash talk others but that won’t change the facts. Have a nice day.

    • @dominges It was independently confirmed that the equation for detonation is all multiplied with the different modifiers, and THEN the det flag reduces it to 0 after everything else has been calculated. No matter what you have equipped, det flags reduce it to 0.

      There WAS a bug so it could still happen, but not anymore. Its been fixed for a good while now.

      Who told you that you can detonate above the safe threshold ? (was it 70%HP?) You cant. And anyone who tells you that you can is a liar.

    • @dominges post proof

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 Sorry to disappoint you there buddy but I did suffer from this ”bug” then and even now. Got detonated twice in this ranked whit anti-deto flag in my Galant in ranked. About the threshold, that is a, how I should put it, a bug maybe (?) as it’s not working too. Yeah I remember it to be 70% but still got detonated in my BBs from time to time when I have 75% or more HP too! My point is that you NEVER believe what the so called ”devs” from WG tell you, NEVER!

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 wouldnt be the first time they reintroduced a bug into the game though would it? that said – surely somebody just asked the (KOTS) guy if he was running a flag or not? surely?

  5. Well, you don’t get the 15k, but have 10 detonation flags as second prize.

    • @Shadea cause the player messed up🤷‍♂️ probably just ran out of flags the game before it without noticing

    • @Stefano Crosazzo you still get signals from that achivment tho, but only once a day as its allways been

    • @Yuri Nakamura you won’t get detonation flags on Co-Op and Scenario Battles even when you detonate, not sure about in KOTS

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      @Symen Brug Training room battles don’t consume any signals/camos, though. And since these accounts are created specifically for the international finals because of regions, I’d be surprised that they wouldn’t have sufficient det signals available. Most likely the resupply box got unchecked, so they just didn’t get mounted after the previous battle that was played. Or since there’s a limit of 8 combat signals, if the det signal was the first one mounted and the player in question went to mount a different one (even if it was removed right after), the det signal would have still been removed and it just wasn’t noticed.

    • @Shadea He probably maximized all flags and set aside the det flag

  6. That Detonation bruh

  7. So it seems like picking the Kurfurst was, predictably, a bad move. I don’t think it served any purpose that a different ship couldn’t have served much better.

  8. What in the fuck did they think at around 12:54?!?!?! That Marceau had the chance to be THE Hero of this game. He could literally yolo rush the Moskva from the front coming from behind the island unpunished and send him to kingdom come. Instead they sent a Daring from behind… what a beginner mistake… That was literally THE MOMENT when they threw the match.

  9. Ah, Asia server
    On one hand, absolute potatoes and bots
    On the other, KoTS domination

    • One game you’d see 4 bbs on K2, the other you’d see teams pinching and instinctively making crossfires everywhere and taking it.

    • Asia Server is a land of extremes.

      The skilled players are a lot more skilled compared to other servers, but the shitters are shittier exponentially.

    • Asia random match is where 10 ships in 3 squares are born.

  10. College Student

    FPM made the same mistake people make in randoms, get too cocky, try to win harder, and end up losing.

  11. Matthew Baraclough

    Omg… to think I feel bad if I run out of det flags in a bronze league ranked game lol!

  12. Stefano Crosazzo

    So… no CVs, no Petros, no Thunderers, no bullshit. Just a close, tense and fun game where tactical competence is rewarded and bad decisions are punished. As WoWS should always be, if only WG cared a bit

    • surprisignly this is the first edition after WG bought KOTS, but that’s probably only due to WG being forced to listen to the teams, without them no one would care about the tournament

  13. That was amazing and exactly what I was hoping for. Excitement from the start, all the way through and an upset. That failure to have a det signal. Wow, school boy error right there.

  14. How old is Flamu???
    It’s hard to say, he was mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  15. Ah yes – the detonating Marceau in the finals of KoTS .. 😀 infamous for ever

  16. WG: let’s get rid of FF and keep detonations….

  17. That first Marceau lived for 25 seconds after being spotted. That is brutal efficiency.

  18. David Chrysostom

    This requires multiple viewings just to get everything that happened, like the GK getting pelted down by two DMs on the 1 line.

    Amazing game

  19. Is there a place to watch the other games in this final?

  20. Kali Starchaser

    Imagine being in the finals and not having a detonation flag on your DD.

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