Lepanto / “Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my oar”

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The newest tier 9 tech tree battleship in the game, the Lepanto actually not bad to play, but it sure is a rocky path getting to it.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through: https://warships.net/PointyHairedJedi


  1. Good game. Well tried.

  2. Love the title of the video. Had me rolling in laughter. 🙂

  3. 11:09 Where did the front turret shells go? Video glich or?

  4. Supernice game! I just closed WOWS and will not return after 30k plus matches in Alpha and Beta and maybe ~5k more afterward. The toxicity in that game is unbearable by now. Usually, I have enough after 3 matches, but today I only was able to get 1 (in words: one) game done. We won, I ended second and did 121k damage in a tier 6-8 battle. All fine, but my teammate, who died on the other side of the map and therefore had not seen my match, thought it was time to belittle me. He has 20.5k battles, is in the CU clan, and felt he needed to scold the “noob” a bit. Playing the psychiatrist in chat etc.! I’m a tiny bit older (even than Jingles) and maybe do not react to such behaviour nicely anymore. But I am surely not playing to be the target of people with zero upbringing, who try to smartass their own problems onto me. I want to thank you for getting me into the test all those years ago, Jedi, and I will keep on watching all of your videos ^^ Promise!

  5. Looked like you had good blappage there? Thanks, Jedi.

  6. Farkel Rysunhope

    I am stuck with the T8 and still think the Italianis battleships line in the worst in game (dam shame). I can hit more with the gneisenau than that the T8 ship.

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