World of Warships: Kitakaze – One of the Strongest Ships

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Kitakaze is one of the strongest tier 9 destroyers. It is an amazing ship.

0:00 Kitakaze Match
10:27 End Screen
11:35 Captain Skills & Upgrades
12:36 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Japanese destroyer Kitakaze.


  1. Ah, the Kaze ships! I love these annoying little things in Azur Lane! 🥰

  2. One of the best T9 DDs.

  3. Why its kitakaze and not harugumo ?

    • Because Kita can be downtiered to T7. The gap between T7 and T9 is way bigger than T8 to T10

    • Even though they’re fairly similar ships and in the same line, they actually play very differently. Harugumo is too clumsy and can’t fulfill destroyer duties nearly as well as Kitakaze can. Harugumo plays more like a pocket Des Moines imo. Kita plays more like a destroyer everyone has to fear.

  4. Артём Шепелев

    Why do I see an angry smokescreen coming to me at 50kt speed?

  5. The fact that you are having to tell people about stealth fire in the pre-0.6.2 days is making me feel really old lol. I used to play regularly from open beta upto the CV rework. Now all that’s left is watching you guys play.

    • Yeah, it does make me think back. I’m not sure how it feels for other players, but my engagement ranges have definitely increased compared to the past. I have no trouble fighting ships from much further than in the past.

    • boristhebarbarian

      @Aerroon same for me with the longer engagement range then before and some other things as well: some ships have fallen by the wayside for me. For example Blyska pre0.6.2. was very powerfull, massive stealthfire zone. after that patch not so much.

    • I remember having Murmansk with ~20km range
      152mm bft skill was glorious

  6. just an average sniper

    Dont make me regret buying the harugumo, its tempting to rebuy kita tho since of course she’s incredibly fun to play

  7. Is that a teaser for a Paolo Emilio video? :O

    Also, these regular uploads have been great, but don’t wear yourself out. :]

    • Possibly!
      And no, the regular upload nature is the only way there won’t suddenly be 2 month long gaps again.

  8. Wooow, that shira handed you your kraken on a plate, told you about it and he didn’t even get a compliment ;-).

  9. Looking at that range I wish that they’d bring back the Khab’s range. 13.5km hurts the ole girl. Also the YY’s DPM. Still salty about that nerf.
    I guess a lot of TIX ships have better range than their TX counterparts. At least with destroyers. The gearing is something like 11km while the fletcher is 12.9 and the trashcan is 14.2 while the khab is 13.5km.

  10. Interesting. I’m on the same path to get enough research points for Paulo Emilio. I’m on Kitakaze too.

  11. I really want this game, but I only play the mobile version, but other than that, good game!

  12. Tiền Nguyễn

    I would swap the more range skill for the Fearless Brawler bcause i not usually using smk in most of the time

  13. can someone explain what I get upgrading from the Aki? is it just the better torps?

  14. Ahhh the Kita!…she is a pure Predator!!
    One of the few T9 DDs that can easily hold its own against, well…everything!!
    …How EVERY! T7-T10 DD capt feels when they stumble into a Kita’s kill zone 😨

    Kia Kaha Aerroon ❤ from Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Southern Pirate Fleet o7

  15. Are you using IFHE on here? I’m still on the fence about whether or not to use it.

    • I’m not using it. I was also on the fence about it. The reason I decided not to use it is that I don’t want to spend 3 skill points for it.

    • Depends on what you see often. I face a bunch of 32mm bbs regularly so ifhe helps eating them alive

    • Don’t be. IFHE helps a ton and don’t worry about your fire %, the volume of shells alone will guarantee you fires. Not only that but by specking in to IFHE you won’t be faced whit the dilemma if you should load AP versus some targets at certain points of your games as HE will melt anything at any angle at any time and distance.

  16. Fun game.

  17. Nicholas Diddle

    Putting Yamamoto on this ship and getting a kraken just feels nasty, pure fire raining from the sky

  18. Wow, you sunk 50% of the enemy team. I once came within one kill of destroying 100% of the enemy in a rare 6 v 6 random battle. I did record the battle but how much better if I had sunk the entire team.

  19. Not watched all the video yet.
    But you can see there is a unspotted DD near you when you are in and existing A, before you chase and kill the Aki. You can see the BBs manoeuvring around, heading west (as if to avoid torps).
    I know you are a good player, but that was not great map awaireness, why would the BBs retreat instead of B-Line towards B if there was no ship there. One quick glance back towards them and you would have see Izumos HP down.

  20. Looks like Kagero snuck past you near the start of the match, in the far south, she’s what was RPF spotting you untill she moved too close to NC. Pretty cool that their plan worked to lurk behind and cap A. Not that it won them the game or anything lol

    • Yup! It certainly worked out for the Kagero. Her only mistake was expecting her team to not lose miserably though.

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