Insane guns with barely any RNG – Stalingrad in World of Warships – Trenlass

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Hello boys and girls. Sometimes you need a game with a Stalingrad. It always helps after a rough day with bad . The guns are so consistent that it always puts a smile on my face. Thank you for the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. Day 3 of protesting for Trenlass to remove the :weebsout: emoji in discord


  2. Is the Stalingrad worth grinding to when the Riga and Petro are available and easier to grind to?

  3. Russian Cvs will either have ifhe bombs that citadel and set fires. Or sap bombs
    The balenz is strong is with this one. Great in competitive but have to be a bit patient with it in pubs

  4. Nice game.

  5. RNG is russian number generator, we all know this

  6. oh the kremlin son RETURNS AGAIN AGAIN

  7. trenlass playing russia in a nutshell


    Fresh from Moscow
    Over Volga came to comrades aid
    City in despair
    Almost crushed by the Führer’s army
    Oh, it’s colder than Hell
    Hitler’s forces advancing
    The sound of the mortars
    The music of death
    A grand symphony
    See your friends fall hear them
    Pray to the god your country denies
    Every man dies alone and when your
    Time comes you will know that it’s time
    Stalins fortress on fire
    Is this madness or Hell
    The sound of the mortars
    The music of death
    We’re playing the devil’s symphony
    Our…time will always come
    oh our time will always come

  8. dunno if someone said it or not but petro has about 150-200mm more pen than riga, bit more punishing for BBs

  9. It does make me laugh how people rage at CVs for being overpowered but are happy for these Russian uber-CAs to exist in the game.

  10. Those guns…. Don’t think I’ve seen shell dispersion like that.

  11. i love hearing you say ‘barti’

  12. EEEEEyyyy .. that platoon …. Venezia and Moines was me and my screaming friend 😀 😀

  13. The title should have been, “Stalingrad, the better Kremlin”

  14. Did those 2 out of 4 Torps from the CV on 10:42 just run out??

  15. There will not be a Russian CV line. It will just be Kirov at t1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. They will all have identical stats. They will all be the nuclear powered guided missile cruiser and will bring balans to the game.


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