World of Warships – USS McDonalds

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WG in their infinite wisdom has decided create yet another ship that can’t , even if it wanted to, go far away from its spawn so they ofc gave it all the reason and means to stay there. I present to you Vermont, aka USS McDonalds.

The only thing you can do is stay in spawn and snipe.

If they keep this up we’re only gonna need 1 hand to play this game in the future and soon afterwards you ain’t gonna need to be present to even play it…shit…I like that idea actually…

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  1. Ah yes, the good ol wows flambass

  2. Now you understand why IRL these kind of Dreadnought were never build (nor even invented on paper)

  3. “WG, Battleships never push, the meta is just camping at long range to avoid torps and HE spam”
    So, what if we added a giant HE pinata, that’s physically incapable of pushing due to its speed and concealment, and the guns perform best when fired at extreme range? And maybe some more HE spam CLs, if we can?

    • As a new player this is a lesson you learn pretty soon unfortunately. Even secondary specced ships, whatever you do don’t try to push a flank unless these rare occasions where you actually get some kind of coordinated action from your team mates.

    • @Sir TogII really though. I got a friend of mine back into WoWS, ironically through me always bitching to him about the state of the game, and he revisited the German BBs with his Bayern. He finally realized, the Bayern was really good and fun when you could get into a brawl with it, but most of the time, nobody on the enemy team would let you get close enough before you’d already been burnt down to the waterline.

    • @Nate Siress Yeah it’s a bit sad. I love my Massa and the German BB’s with secondaries but I totally get why so many don’t even spec them that way anymore as it’s so rare for them to have any impact. Still I’m new to the game, enjoy it but if brawling is made redundant they will take a fun part of the game out.

    • WG: You know the role that’s missing in WoWs that we should import from WoTs? …


    • No, that is just the latest in the new American anti-overextension technology

  4. When will they bring out a proper red cammo for these to make their speed viable 😉

  5. I love how I knew what ship it was before I clicked on the vid lol

  6. I feel myself playing less and less of world of warships, although I want to play because I have spent time, effort and money on the game obviously, I want some return investment in fun gameplay. Unfortiently I just don’t see myself playing this game as much as I did a year ago. I keep going away, taking more and more breaks. I want to get steel ships, regrind lines, and get those sweet *** ships, but my will just vanishes with every update they introduce. They make some good adjustments, but the bad outweighs the good. WG Ego is so high, they neglect often disregard any feedback the community submits regarding anything wrong with the game. If there is a competitor to world of warships with the same arcade-style I would switch sides faster than Italy in ww2, and I think the lack of any real competitor is why WG is cocky with their products. Warthunder is a different game style, and Armored warfare is based on modern armored vehicles. Great video Flambino, and keep up the great content regardless of the game.

    • It’s not ego, they are looking at the spreadsheet to determine what makes them the most amount of money. They are ignoring the fact that the game needs to be fun for people to play it and give them money in the first place.

    • I have invested lots of money in Armored Warfare simply because they have been able to make it FUN. Sure there is SOME Russian Bias, but they do TRY to make things better rather than WORSE. What Mail.RU NEEDS to do is advertise to bet the player base back up. When they did Obsidian dirty, even though there were SERIOUS creative differences, that drove away a lot of players that are missing out on a relatively good game that isn’t ANYWHERE as toxic or as Predatory was a WG title. They even still give credit to Obsidian where as WG would have just flushed ANY mention of the developing house down the toilet in a heartbeat right after the breakup.

    • @ovk8102 The game went to total shit after fucked over Obsidian. They took an amazing tank game that had a really strong story driven PvE groundwork that would let them tell many different stories and make many special maps driving it forward only to INSTEAD shit all over it right after they booted Obsidian so they could turn it into a bastard clone of WOT with modern tanks. Talk about taking something amazing and wiping your ass with it. Also loved how the russian tanks got stronger while the western tanks were nerfed in the name of “balance”. Fucking vodka swillers…..

    • @onebigfatguy yep. I never liked WoT, but i played Armoured Warfare because it had a coop pve. I really enjoyed playing that tons! worked my way up to a few nice high teirs like challenger II. But then Obsidian was bought out/taken over. I then noticed the quality of the pve games starting taking hits. I quickly stopped playing it. Very similar to WoWs. Used to love the game. LOVED a lot of the ships. Spent tons for free xp or a couple of the prems, (Tirpitz being my fav.) But, as more and more Russian ships entered and even though WG kept saying they wanted to promote teamplay and less back of the map HE spam….they kept making more and more HE spamming or sniping ships. Now, CVs are back with a vengence and AA means nothing to them. Especially that bloody beast the FDR. I have lost almost all interest in playing it.


    I want a USS McFeast without pickles right now…!

  8. WG balance… US Warships from 1907, vs Russian Warships that they could never actually make but someone drew on a napkin in 1960…

  9. Remove engines, replace with more guns.

  10. Its funny because even smolensk in theory with HE shells the range she would have to be to pentrate let’s say the IJN Fuso’s 152mm deck, would be absurdly close. In short the range needed to hurt a battleship would be the range that the battleship could put you away with one salvo. HE shells just were not that effective against against battleships especially small ones.

  11. This is actually enjoyable to watch, with the video speed x2

  12. The USS Vermont really lives up to its name the entire state of Vermont is living in that ship.

  13. how to farm potential damage.
    step 1: be a chunky boi on a collapsed flank
    step 2: profit

  14. “See that Mino? Watch out, he might angle.”

  15. Fun fact, Vermont is the only state that doesn’t have a McDonalds in it’s capitol city.

  16. Uninstalled WoWs to make space for Cyberpunk, no regrets.

  17. Devolution.
    The thinking man’s action game.
    “Should I get a snack or go to the bathroom while i reload”
    Test braking the guns in training room. See if you need the primary health equipment

  18. Lol flambass getting hit the entire game, looks at trenlass with 90% hp. 2 minutes later trenlass is dead and flambass is still crawling along

  19. See, the true purpose of this ship is what we have been asking for- a counter to carriers! They can smack CVs in their own spawn, truly wargaming has shown their infinite wisdom and care in listening to their community

  20. best part of this video is Flambass singing to The Battle Hymn of the Republic. But FB is correct, what a terrible ship.

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