Is your World of Warships and Tanks Account Safe – Wargaming Hacked

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This potentially effects everyone that has a Wargaming account, from World of Warships to World of Tanks and beyond. Nordlocker recently discovered Malware has stolen millions and millions of files from apps and gaming apps. Of the top five gaming apps in which cookies were stolen, Wargaming was number three. It is unknown how this might effect player accounts, or if it even did, but the safest route would be to change your password and possibly de-link your bank accounts. It is not known how badly Wargaming was hacked. Article goes in further here:


  1. Thank you @Zoup for the information.

  2. I use Knox, so they have to break in to Knox before they van get to the passwords and that’s high level security plus knox makes and change passwords. So you want good security use knox

    • And? The complex encryption that most banks use was apparently cracked about 6 months or so after it was introduced. What the hell makes you think that Knox is any safer?

  3. Oh, well then,flamu is gonna love this

  4. Thanks for the heads up,Zoup!!!

  5. Thanks, Zoup. That might explain some suspicious activity I’ve had with my PayPal account that I’ve had to resolve last month.

  6. Thanks allot zoup appreciate it!

  7. Wraithsong Gaming

    makes me glad i use the authenticator and 2 factor protection. but this was after someone over in the former eastern block tried to used my bank card. so yeah im pretty sure WG was badly compromised

  8. Thanks for the heads up Zoup

  9. Thanks for the advice – we all get lazy over time for easy access. Unlinked my payment card and paypal and changed my password for the first time…… ever lol.

  10. I have all but given up on WG and all their games. Personally, I feel better about life.

  11. A Google User anonymous

    Wow thanks Zoup. I owe you one. Definitely I would have missed this if it would not have been for you.

  12. I never saved any financial info with Wargaming. I use 2-Factor on everything. Also the Article clearly states that the Cookies were stolen from the End users not the Server end. Don’t pirate software or watch porn on a computer you use for any financial transaction.

  13. ToughAncientSpark

    Opera is an alternative browser for android operating systems particularly Kindle Fire tablets.

  14. ToughAncientSpark

    Only download pirated software on a honey pot pc or a virtual pc.
    That way if it goes belly up, you can delete the virtual account and reinstall the operating system on the honey pot to start over.

  15. Time to spend an afternoon changing passwords

  16. The numbers are full of occult symbolism. Therefore, not sure if total fake news or not. Better safe than sorry, tho.

  17. What if its a fresh warm oatmeal raisin?

  18. WOW , I had not heard a word of this in the UK , thank you for the heads up

  19. @drink15 Damn you!

  20. As others have pointed out, this is not wargaming that was “hacked” it was individual’s computers.

  21. WhskyTangoFxtrot

    Why do you drop the torps so far out from their arming distance? NotLikeThis

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