Jack of all trades – World of Warships

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This ships could simply be called Jack of all trades because that’s what it essentially is. It has a decent amount of everything but not too much of anything so you need to utilize everything to get a good result.

That doesn’t make it a bad ship, tho’, quite the opposite.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Whitson Has A Legal Entity

    flambo video minutes after jingles…. best start to my morning.

  2. “You just have to be good at everything” – -that’ll be less than 1% of playerbase then 😛

  3. While flambass was lecturing about dodging in a DD, I was fascinated by the Algerie contesting the A cap in front of a Benham and half the enemy team. Sure enough, before flambass stopped talking he was dead.

  4. Mateusz Szychowski

    Right after You talked about how You outsmarted them with stopping on cap, you got surprised by that Drake’s unexpected maneuver 😀
    Good vid, keep up Your good work 🙂

  5. FatFluffy Penguin

    Imagine so many enemy ships pushing, not happening for hell on Asia. I wish so many people were rushing me…

  6. Wouldn’t have been able to pull those shenanigans off in any other DD. Neustra let’s you get away with so much crap it’s unreal and quite possibly the biggest reason I like her so much… But yes, in order to get really good results in her you need to do both DD skills well.

  7. Wait a minute, a balanced Russian ship?!?

  8. Flambass explaining his plan in the beginning be like von Manstein’s famous reasoning for the winning attack against Sevastopol: “If the enemy considers such an action to be impossible, they will not expect us to even try it. For that reason alone, we must try it.”

  9. Con, sonar! Crazy Ivan!
    All stop. Quick quiet.

  10. Flambass: You gotta do what the enemy doesn’t expect.
    Drake: _Pushes._
    Flambass: *WTF why did he do that?!?*

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      Someone: blah, blah
      Someone else: blah,blah

    • @Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας
      Me: Blah, Blah

    • Lethargic Moonshifter

      He is just a good disciple.

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      TBH it wasn’t a stupid decision on Drake’s part:
      – A cap was already theirs, so no point in pushing
      – Flambino was RPF’d (probably by Benham), so with good comms they were able to pinpoint his position
      – there were no BBs to create a crossfire on Drake
      – Drake was already permaspotted by a DD

    • @Wojciech Dubrownik I was thinking the same thing. I expected them to push since with Algerie sunk the complete flank fell. There’s no reason for them not to push. But it’s the “simply don’t admit the fault then maybe nobody will notice it.”

  11. I hate how effortless flambass makes this look soo easy. However I also love his content so keep making it my dude.

  12. You know the enemy team is terrible; when your team hides at 1 cap and still manages to kill all enemy ships with minimal loses.

  13. Lazo was close enough on Musashi’s port bow to spot the torps.

  14. I’m still surprised you survive being pelted by 6 ships like nothing for more than 10 seconds.
    Those cruisers might have saved the Musashi, but their aim were atrocious XD

  15. LOL “They predict I’ll cap, I predict they’ll radar, they predict I’ll run away”….then gets blasted.

  16. That juke against incoming fire from half the enemy team was a work of art.

  17. Cat With Bag on Head

    “Dude just decided to pull a Crazy Ivan on me.”

  18. Drake. . . “Crazy Ivan” = “Crazy John”

  19. Back when i used to play, i would call people who did that maneuver “stoppers”. People who stop and go tend to repeat that maneuver, so it really only works once. Also, the reason he knows the torps are coming might not be hydro. You switch between torps and guns when you fire torps. He will see that his someone is targeting me number go up and down and up again. You are telegraphing to the enemy you are torping them.

  20. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Imagine being a friesland that gets no heals lol

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