World of Warships- Top 5 Ships Of 2023

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Hey guys! Today we go over another Top 5 ships of 2023! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 intro
1:39 5. Illinois
5:01 4. Colossus
8:50 3. Louisiana
11:43 2. U-4501
14:38 1. Kitakami


  1. @captainpotatoaim9381

    List idea, top 5 ship lines you’d like to see

    For me i’d love to see a German panzerschiffe line or a US Battlecruiser line. We already have the Graf Spee and constellation as a base for both those potential lines and war gaming could build upon them from there

    • Agreed need a american battlecruiser line

    • I would like to see a Soviet BB’s and Japanese subs that are carriers at the same time, or at least WG thinks thats what I want 😒

    • @@user-yj2qo5yh7t I would like to see Soviet battlecruisers, soviet hybrid battleships, soviet submarines, soviet submarine battleship hybrids, soviet support carriers, soviet hybrid dd line, soviet smolensk cl line, soviet bb line with rockets instead of guns, soviet hybrid CAs. But what I’d kill for are imperial ru pre-dreadnoughts retrofitted with soviet era technology. Basically all soviet designs and some fantasy as a cherry on top.

      (I am trying reverse psychology)

    • @Temporaryname-ej5it

      I would like to see WG make an Americans battlecruiser line not starting on constellation, but on a Congress with a radar and then Alaska and Puerto. I have never thought of a panzerschiff line, but now it has been mentioned I kinda get it

  2. This game is getting more and more bonkers but wonder how many ships are in the game now are real ships and will WG bring that game mod back?

    • Maybe add a game mode of ‘realistic/historical’ battle with only ships that actually fought in WW2. And in the same vein a specific battle mode with only ships that were in that battle. (sure the Russians would get left out mostly)

  3. it takes the Kitikama consecutive time to load the Torps. Not concurrent time as is normal for other Torps in the game.

  4. Kitikama is made up to be a FOMO ship by WoW. Get a Kuma and imagine.

  5. Really wish if there was a way to get colossus again 😢

  6. Illinois is great ship in PvE. One of the most unique ships in the game IMO.

  7. We need missions at ocean to kill enemy and loot them then craft own parts in port for ships, mote immersion from game.

  8. @corwinatreides9568

    The 4501 is great for counter cv and sub play

  9. The original closed beta kitakami was a tier 8 cruiser, and now that the current iteration of it is back to being a cruiser I suspect it will have the same problem the original did – you get deleted more often than not trying to turn around and dump the other sides torps. Also, +1 for finally having an Illinois vid where you correctly pronounced it every time.

  10. The best ships of the year, as an ops/PvE player, go:
    5. S Thunder (A G-3 with a 32 bow at the cost of her torps, still fun)
    4. Daisen
    3: Scharnhorst 43 (Scharny, but faster)
    2: Schroder (built for co-op)
    1: WV 44 (not too often does she not perform well in ops)

  11. @williamneitzel2249

    Am wondering if you will have a Top 5 Worst Ships; or as in the Monty Python skit on Australian Table Wines (paraphrasing)
    These are for laying down and avoiding. And Still imo, WG needs to at least finish out Battleship Row and the other 2 New Jersey class ships.

  12. i bet the sub that has planes will be one of the top ships next year.

  13. I was expecting Karl Johan to be on the list

  14. No boat released in 2023 scares me more than Ruggiero Di Lauria. She’s the second BB with the highest average damage per battle…. after the mighty Bourgogne.

    And she’s not in your top 5…..

  15. I’d like another Iowa class prem. Ya know one we can reasonably get

  16. I LOVE when you are on the podcast, sea lord! I got so excited when I heard you mention salt ships and scuttlebutt, so I’ll definitely be listening to that one on my next drive!

  17. failed to mention that the Illinois was a real steel battleship, BB-65 the 5th sister of the Iowa class, even though she was not completed and scraped after the war

  18. We will probably see a return of the Colossus hull, if not its gimmick. HMS Colossus saw service with France. HMS Venerable served in the Netherlands navy, before going on to Argentina. HMS Warrior served in the Royal Canadian Navy, before also ending up in Argentina. The Colossus hull can show up in the French, Dutch, Commonwealth, and Pan-American tech trees. Royal Navy CVLs got around.

    U4501 is based on partially completed subs that were completed enough to get evaluated by the Royal Navy and inspired a class of two Royal navy submarines, one of which was HMS Explorer. They had a turbine driven by steam from decomposing high test hydrogen peroxide to supply oxygen for burning diesel fuel. The Walther turbine was the first internal combustion steam engine (and most likely the last, as well).

  19. think the Smolensk is (one of?) the only ship(s) removed from the game, i wish i had one. the kitakameme is no longer in that list and doesn’t do much for me… certainly not at that price lol. i recently Saw PQ’s runs with it and it doesn’t strike me as more fun than a shima.

  20. @humphrey09applebee61

    The 4501 is not a problem the Gato is, Gato has everything going and feared what the 4501 was supposed to have., torp speed torp damage, ship speed. but hey it is a steel ship, no problem right….

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