KOMRAD KREMLIN – World of Warships

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There can only be one, and it is Kremlin. I didn’t play this ship in forever but its not like you need practice with it or anything like that. You just pick it and own everything because it is a very balansed ship.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Remember when they released nerfs for Vladimir and forgot to actually apply them? The champs wr actually dropped to like 48% from 53 lol.

  2. Harassed the whole game by CV
    Planes shot down : 2

  3. imagine playing Kremlin today and your guns actually hit anything, post made by those hated by WG and have worsed rigged RNG EU

    • Forge 16 Hanada Maintenance Drone

      Jokes aside, I think Kremlin does have the best bb dispersion sub 12km. And the worst by a big leap beyond that.

    • My Musashi, Des Moines and Napoli agree with that sentiment. It’s like every single one of my captains and gunners became cross eyed somehow and shells always land on either side of a bow in target.

  4. 10:45 Paytorico at itsbest.

  5. looks like the marseille was trying to do a drive by and screwed it up

  6. Admiral Prince Eric 323 TLM - Warships and Blogs

    I really want to get Kremlin for myself

  7. Happy New Year Flambass and hope 2023 is a good one for you and all your family.

  8. +1 Krem. No compliments here, so have a like

  9. How many strikes did the Midway launch against you, and how many aircraft did you shoot down for your efforts….two? I hate the CV mechanics so much.

  10. “This Really Not Flambass guy plays better than Flambass himself”

  11. Flambino brings up a good point. Why would Weegee care, if you buy their shit anyway? they can be this scummy because it makes no difference

  12. what was up with that marseille and thunderer at the start of the match? they know they have no dd screening; they know there is only a puerto rico behind them who is wisely preparing to kite. the rest of the team is headed east. they see a kremlin, stalin, and hagumaru in front of them and they decide to push.
    in the thunderer’s defense, he knew that a gamer turn in front of kremlin and stalin was suicide, so maybe the thought he’d at least try to get some damage before he inevitably went down. once he decided to follow Marseille, he probably realized he was dead. shitty situation.

  13. 3:12 “Yours just might not be as pretty as theirs”
    The coolest guys were always the ones kicking ass with the most basic avatars/skins.

  14. And how much money would I spend on this game if I wasn’t going to get trashed by a CV (or two)? I guess, we will never know, but I can think of 3 premiums I passed on because their AA was bad. Well done WG.

  15. That Stalingrad comment about him at the end made me laugh soooo hard xD

  16. The Prince Of All Saiyans

    Welp considering they put out ships that are super OP just to sell it and then nerf it later.

  17. The Prince Of All Saiyans

    How many ships are there that are still really really strong over all but have been taken away and are only found in loot boxes?
    IMO its to provide that golden goose to help sell loot boxes. Chances at a beast ship that has the potential at mass domination.

  18. Well this will not happen in every Kremlin game though.

  19. Dmitrij Olejnitsch

    If you want the real feeling of what is to command a battleship at the sea battle – try then: Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts!

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