World of Warships- The Most Hated Ship In The Game

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Hey guys! Today we are talking about the Tier X Soviet Cruiser Petropavlovsk, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Always remember boys and girls in World of Naval Snipers balance requires vodka.

  2. Tawelwch Gaming

    By this time next year I bet the most hated ship will be the new dutch ship the Golden Leew

    • Can’t wait to see KoTS teams trying to pick a ban on Golden Lewd or Petro kekw

    • I don’t get how people butcher the name so badly, I get it’s not easy to pronounce but at least try.
      G pronounced like the G in gold
      OU pronounced like OW in how
      DEN pronounced like DEN in Biden

      L pronounced like L in lord
      EEU pronounced like A in babe
      W pronounced like W in water

    • @taserrr Except that the G is a guttural sound like you are clearing your throat. that’s the difference and challenge in pronouncing these words in comparison to German pronunciation.

    • @Richard Dyson Yes it’s true that’s the one I couldn’t figure out how it compares to an english word but still way better than golden leew 🙂

    • Yes this is wg but they are defenetyl are gonna nerf Dat ship

  3. I thought this one would be about F.D.Roosevelt 😀

  4. Imagine if Cunningham was alive to play WoWs… he’d be so confused as basically half of the Russian tech tree didn’t exist.

    • @Wannysek The Americans have the “Disney bomb” made up from a cartoon. A bomb with rocket (or just a rocket) on the back dropped by the hightest point possible (in 1944/45) with a steel core in the front and HE charge in the middle. Able to punch through German bunkers and detonate inside.

    • @Lyptyx x Gangut (T4) was the last battleship in the BB line that actually existed… Only about half of the cruisers actually existed and whilst I’m not sure about the exact number they have far fewer real ships than any other line. I know the T8 Chapayev was finished several years after the war but the next real cruiser I can think of is the Svietlana

    • @FederalDechart I mean, Soyuz was laid down, Kronstadt was laid down and Stalingrad’s hull was 70% completed

    • @Danhvn A couple Borodines (Izmail) were laid down too.

    • @Danhvn laid down is still completely different to actually being completed. in addition, actually seeing service would reveal a lot of flaws with the designs

  5. I thought it was either going to be the Thunderer or FDR

  6. Drossel Von Flugel

    I thought Smolensk was the most hated ship.

  7. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Most hated ship in the game is the potato ship. Doesn’t like to do teamwork, dies early, salty in chat, and worst when you’re paired again.

  8. Imagine sailing Petro to rough sea, it will turn into submarine XD

    • Vostroyan Admiral

      @Razvan Anghel Someone calculated and they’d both definitely float, probably even with ease. Still will have a wet deck, in the Atlantic, where’d they wouldn’t go.

    • @Noble6 lll B312 she is, Petro is a Project 82 variant, version 1949-III, the Stalingrad is the finalized version of the project

    • @Razvan Anghel they will float

    • @Razvan Anghel Petro and Kremlin would float just fine…. in calm waters. The moment said water turned rough, they would be taking on water like crazy and need to be sealed up real tight.

    • @Danhvn youre wrong, atago has a higher percentage of freeboard compared to her dimensions, also the central part between the fore and aft turrets is way higher, please stop advocating for fake russian ships on every comment section for all such videos.

  9. 6:25 surviving when sailing in the open with 2 yamato and kremlin looking at you, tell you how OP this ship is.

    • @Danhvn the single biggest advantage a ship can get Vs another is better survivability, the petro is more survivable than every other ship so it lives longer, does more damage and overall contributes more to wins, that’s why it’s OP

    • @Adplosive Looking at the Georgia, Des Moines, Baltimore, Thunderer, Bourgogne, etc
      Big doubt

    • @Danhvn lol none of ships you mention above is tanky XD

    • @Adplosive The Petro is not OP. That’s a bullshit lie. If an enemy Petro shows you it’s broadside, it’s very easy to citadel, and sink. Plus the Petro has lousy long range dispersion, slow main gun reload, is one of the slowest T10 cruisers in the game, has barely average turning speed, and is very easy to set on fire by enemy HE spammers.

      The reason the Petro is so survivable, primarily it’s bow armor, it’s side armor isn’t so great, is because it’s to be played at closer ranges than most other T10 cruisers, as the closer ranges is where the main guns, and AP shine the most. To get in those closer ranges, and survive the pounding it’ll receive from enemy cruisers, and battleships the Petro has to be extra tanky compared to other cruisers.

      The Petro isn’t a long range sniper, or an island humping, hide in smoke, fast shooting HE spammer. This ship has a unique brawler style of play, which I like. Humping islands, or hiding in smoke, and spamming HE all the time, or trying to snipe at max range in the back of the map is boring for me. I have most fun brawling, and close range melee style combat.

      I have the Petro, love it, and am totally against any nerfs to it the way it is. Those who bitch about this ship are nothing but cry babies, and pussy boys, who are too damn lazy to find out what this ships weaknesses are, and exploit them. At least the Petro doesn’t get to hide in smoke, or hide behind islands, and spam endless continuous streams of HE like most of the new cruisers coming out get to do.

      To play the Petro the way it’s meant to be played, you have to fight out in the open, and you have to get close to your enemies for the main guns, and AP to be effective.

    • @Chan Lam the guy said “the biggest advantage a ship can get vs another is better survivability”
      So I list out the overpowered af ships that’s not very tanky

  10. You need to shoot way more AP in Petro. The AP is so good no reason not to use it on broadside or only slightly angled ships.

    • If he used AP primarily, he would have had about 135k damage

    • It’s so frustrating to see he keep shooting HE on broadside BBs where he can probably citadel if not full pen with AP.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      This was a match that occurred during last nights stream. Yes I should have shot way more AP. But I was chilling and taking with chat during this match, so I was a bit distracted

    • @evilhunter32 petro doesn’t have Stalin accuracy dude it has kinda shit accuracy at more than 13km also the angles are what? 50-65?

    • @evilhunter32 WG did butchered Petro’s accuracy, before the nerf you can clap everyone at max range, now your accuracy is potato pass 12km
      And Petro’s auto bounce angle is not even Stalingrad level

  11. If I’m in my Mainz in Random games, I feel like I’m in the most hated ship in the game

  12. FDR easily beats the petro in most hated ship. Petro can get fucked up vs people with accurate guns and good aim. Not to mention it’s pretty sluggish to maneuver.

  13. Nah…. FDR is the most hated “ship”. Well, for me anyway and everyone in the game chat. Lol

  14. WG released so many OP ships these days it hard to pic just one

  15. I thought FDR was the most hated ship lol.

  16. “unfortunately you can’t have spotter plane”
    “because 1950s ships have helipads and helicopters aren’t in the game yet :]]]”

  17. Gouden Leeuw: “Most Hated Ship? *It’s free real estate.* “

  18. It’s just a matter of time before Wargaming introduces the Kirov and her sister ship Pyotr Velikiy in the game. *Uses hands to cover face*

    • Vostroyan Admiral

      We’re going to need you to elaborate, because both ships are in-game.

    • @Vostroyan Admiral I meant the current battle cruiser variant serving in the Russian navy, complete with nuclear tipped cruise missiles and a myraid of “fire-and-forget” weapon systems.

  19. Petro most hated? I think Thunderer, Smolenks and FDR would like to have a word.

  20. Most hated ship in the game eh??
    “HE main Thunderer: Am I a joke to you?”

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