Live Play // Izumo / “The Awkwardest Ship in the Navy”

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“Let’s just stick everything on the front and see what happens, why not.”


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out more at

Want to see me playing live?

Mods (all from Aslain’s WoWS installer): Extended minimap with damage counter + clock, Aircraft carrier name target markers


  1. I find it kind of amusing that when I watch jingles or foch I see WoT ads
    on the screen, but when I watch PHJ, i see WoWS ads.

    Interesting to watch even if I’ve never played WoWS and probably won’t for
    quite a while at least.

  2. Yeap, dds arent op at all

  3. “Let’s just stick everything on the front and see what happens, why not”
    HMS Nelson

  4. I just noticed that angle u can fire backwards! u can do it almost
    completely straight! no other battle ship has that firing angle. that
    totally changes my view of the awkwardness of this ship.

  5. the nelson has almost the same arrangement. the idea was to group all the
    guns tightly together to shorten the citadel, making it harder to hit. this
    also reduced the amount of materials required making the ship lighter and
    cheaper. it also looks very cool. as far as the nelson goes however, i
    would have had the first and second turrets flush with the deck and the
    third turret superfiring, but thats just me.

  6. Some people it seems choose not to get the 3rd hull for the Izumo because
    it loses 2 of those 155mm gun turrets on her stern. The thing is though,
    they fire AP shells, not HE, thus, its far better to get the 3rd hull
    because you increase the seconadry HE spam. Not to mention it adds a big
    bonus to AA defences too.

  7. I realize it’s a video game, but having the Izumo at tier 9 and the Iowa at
    tier 9 is beyond silly. The Iowa class was far superior to this ‘fictional’
    pre-war design BB. Maybe at some point they will address this.

  8. Circon said he’s uninstalled this game :(

  9. 18:35 orgasmic jedi!

  10. motivational shia


  11. More World of Warships and more Izumo gameplay – strange or not – it is
    interesting to see that ship.

    I stopped grinding on tier 6 because i just … need time to learn using
    lower and medium tiers and i do not want to force higher tiers being not
    ready to that. I have around 900 000 free experience because of it. Soo
    that is why i want to see that interesting ship in channel !!

  12. im no expert, but it seems like the izumo would be many times better if
    that 3rd turret was superfiring…

  13. Jedi found the smallest crack in that wall of torps lol

  14. Caption guy failed, he said “panes” instead of “planes”.

  15. Dear Jedi, I’m happy to announce that Aslain’s modpack contains “Colored
    Kill Messages with ship name” again :)

  16. Why not launch your fighter when you were worried about the Shimakaze?
    Wouldn’t that help spot?

  17. it just wouldn’t be a PHJ live play without something going horribly wrong.

  18. ooooh I´ve just joined below 300 club!!! :D

  19. the izumo is indeed really weird, it kinda sucks too

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