M.v. Richthofen FULL Secondary TEST & Fun || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. imagine this thing with 128 mm guns instead of the 105 mm dual mounts

  2. weird how they shoot at 1 point on the hull like on that mino and kremlin.
    they become useles then unless they set fire

    • That’s how secondary guns operate. They always aim at the center most point of the ship, regardless of what angle its at.

    • And its even enhanced with the manual firing. Without you would have some hits spread into the superstructure and it would do more dmg. Because the 105mm only pen 26mm armor and shatter on most tier10 cl and bb sidearmorbelt.

  3. I thought it was in random battles, right up until I saw it was training match

  4. да как так

    Хотел бы я увидеть дебила, который будет играть на авике в фул пмк

  5. this whole CV line seems to be designed to prey on CL in general

    • and the secondaries seem to be nowhere near GZ level

    • I Think the planes are good enough exept for dds maybe if he has secondarys like Gz it would be op for shure
      The secondarys are good for dds but only dds i Think
      In a real combat you wouldnt have the time to Kill cruisers or BBS with this secondarys

    • Considering jus how obnoxious the more recent CLs have made the game for all the other classes, I consider this a good thing

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      @Merlin Schüren yes then you have to kite and use the secondaries to set fires and DMG superstructures of ships and use the kind of good planes for dealing extra dmg

  6. Not enough pen to be meme worthy like Graf Zeppelin.

  7. My God! What has wargaming created?!

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      Something that actually leaves DDs alone while focusing on those pesky op cruisers which constantly melt bbs and nuke DDs to death
      I love this line tha WG made even though it’s not real and I am not a fan of CVs but this is a step in the right direction.

  8. Not as strong as GZ i think. That thing is so awesome when smoked up. There should be a german ship, maybe a BB with the GZ secondary power. The original Agir concept should be also good on something.

  9. love the new intro

  10. Panzerknacker, can you give me captain skill used in vids?

  11. How many long that seconderies??

  12. Such a missed opportunity with the 105s instead of 128s
    105mm = 26 mm pen
    128mm = 32 mm pen
    32mm opens up a whole new world of versatility. You could then engage heavier cruisers and most battleships effectively with ease. The MvR was on the verge of being a true “Battlecarrier” but it’s still quite a feisty CV regardless with those still excellent secondaries. DDs better think twice about rushing this thing.

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      Yeah but its planes can’t do shit against DDs except for the occasional torp hit
      Oh and did you notice what the secondaries were doing at the stern of Kremlin without seting fires
      They were doing dmg.
      This however is not possible without IFHE so yeah missed opportunity. But a pretty useful tool for defending yourself since you won’t be point blank but probably 9-11 km away so secs will hit superstructure so it’s a good tool besides the planes.

    • My dude, dont be fooled, a German CV with 128s is for sure coming into the game sometime in the future but off course is gonna be a premium…

  13. worse secondary than GrafzZ

    • Leonardo Arie wibowo

      105 mm is such a let down compare to 128s

    • Gz has 30 secondary guns in total
      18 150 mm gun that could do somthing
      12 105mm gun which is good againt dd and starting fire

      Manfred only has 24 guns all of them are 105 mm but has much better range than gz

    • Manfred also has better concealment that if you max it out, it would be equal to its max secondary range, even without it’s concealment is still far better than Graf. Plus Manfred unlike other CVs in the game has thicker armor plating everywhere on its hull which would resist quite a lot of HE damage.

  14. The guns need to be bigger

  15. This is only good if a DD decides it wants to take you on then it will be fun

  16. I’ll have to try it out on the PT server, not looking forward to the grind as I only got the tier 4 for free

  17. So they give us a carrier on an H-39 hull, but not an H-39 like Hutten or Berlichengen… 🙁

  18. At 10:32 you can hear the Mario chime

  19. What nobody shooting back from AA guns. A but failure testing if you ask me😁

  20. Are those the final models for the planes? They look kinda… boring? I was hoping the planes would look more interesting. Hakuryu has the twin engine planes and Midway has the cool boxy and armored looking BTD planes with the bent wings, and Audacious has the twin propeller planes. Manfred Von Richtofen planes look like Graf Zeppelins… I dunno. I was hoping Germany’s top tier planes would look cool and unique in their own way much like how the other nation’s planes do to their respective nation.

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