Mahan Mayhem on Solomon Islands World of Warships

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The American making more mayhem on Solomon Islands map. Enjoy the destruction.

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Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. 1:11 Solomom islands, not Soloman Islands

  2. hey enjoy your videos. Which mod are you using for your map?

  3. Oohhh… that 4700+ HE shell … I guess the other guy achieved Detonation?
    😀 And afaik the detectability range when firing your guns is increased by
    4km on a DD, +6 for cruisers and +12 on BB’s.

    Later edit: Damnit Carl, I told you not to leave flammable stuff on the

  4. DMG mod? how to download and install pls

  5. I forget to mention, Dummy Trainer is also an Iraq Vet, so, you have
    something in common.

  6. Nice shooting and game! I am curious this UI overlay had a lot of extra
    lines of sight and range circles – more than usual.

  7. how old are you

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