World Of Warships Gameplay- 150,000 Damage Battleships IZUMO Gameplay!

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- 150,000 Damage Battleships !

Captains in the video!
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  1. woow, this ship is amazing

  2. Hey what computer do you have that allows you to play these games mine
    can’t play them so I need a new one

  3. phly you ever heard of the kancolle collection o: its a anime about girls
    that represent these ships :D

  4. i just had a 154k game..

    ps – is it grainy @1080 or just me?

  5. jason mccallum (extremgunna)

    he is off his head what is he drinking?

  6. Well, play drunk more often.

  7. Phly are you using xvm on wows or what other mod do you use??
    plz respond

  8. FrustratedNameSearch

    What the hell is a yellow ship? I know about Pink, but yellow? Did the
    captain pee himself?

  9. Still sold my Izumo the other day when I got the Yammy, no ragrets

  10. What mods Are you using?

  11. potato master 2000

    PHlYS drunk as fuck

  12. Hey fry imagine their were mines for German ships :0

  13. 150 dmg with tioer 9 no problem do it with tier 5 ^^ 7 kills 🙂
    but not with a destroyer …with New York :)

  14. Hey Phly!!! Can you take out some Russian Combined Arms? The SU-122 and the
    I-158 w/ bombs/rockets?

  15. You drank from a bottle AND a stein.
    How much beer did you need there?

  16. Who else hears the music

  17. I had a fantastic game with the izumo where i made by best game yet.
    Scoring 180 k damage and 4,5 k experience yielded. 12 k bonus exp in total.
    I wish i had the replay. But in general i dont like it due to to its slower
    rudder shift time opposed to the amagi. But it is not as bad as people call
    i out to be.

  18. How did you get the damage counter and time in top left corner?

  19. Phly i challenge you to get 400k/lower dmg in a carrier ship 😀 do it!!

  20. Any ships capable of replacing the Izumo in it’s tier?

  21. anyone else hope when german battleships are eventually added to the game..
    sometime later on.. that they add in the planned versions one of which I
    think was supposed to have… I think it might have been 20 inch guns.. but
    I don’t really remember

  22. Fires 9 shells into an iceberg….. shaved ice for everyone!!!! Phly takes
    a sip.

  23. Why does every video has to have a facecam now on? It ads nothing to the
    video and is just a stupid distraction.

  24. What’s the matter with the defective armour past tierVII? Ships you easily
    dealt with in your tierV or VI ship, now pose a way more dangerous thread
    to you. It’s like Bismarck and Hood exchanging roles. Imagine that.

  25. What an ugly ship

  26. DatGuy Gaming Productions

    Who else can hear “The Motto- Lil Wayne ft Drake” in the background?

  27. i really like your videos but your bit rate is terrible, im watching it at
    1080p60fps and it feels like 240p :-(

  28. I must be bad with songs or something, anyone got any idea what songs phlys
    playin in the background?

  29. Hey Phly, u should do some more stuff with The Mighty Jingles.

  30. somewhere on the internet, this is categorised as abuse…

  31. ” Bully – Bot ”

  32. 150k thats it? need try harder bro!!! 😉 😉 ;)

  33. it was actually 149k damage, get your shit together phly

  34. can somebody help i log on to the game and then 5 minutes later i get
    logged out what can i do? thanks for answers inbefore

  35. Hey Phly, cool Video dude! But one question: How you changed you GUI? You
    have a damage-Display, machine-time-Display and on the left and right the
    ships of your and the Enemy Team in a List.

  36. this ship you need to pass for yamatho what a shit ship is this !

  37. Jack's bottle of rum

    Actually the izumo got 350mm armor and the iowa 305mm armor the thickest of
    it(in the game)

  38. phly what mod is that that shows the dmg you did ?

  39. Wow
    Beer? Again?

  40. Yes how about we phly out the Swordfish with torpedoes and try to make it
    back to England in time for tea, yes?

  41. I was in this stream!

  42. That thing looks like a Nelson

  43. izumo is a bit op tho…

  44. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    when StarWars Battlefront

  45. what is that in the top left corner?

  46. 1:38 Phly you look like Blake Griffin bro :D

  47. call me when you get 220k dmg pleb

  48. I think that Izumo looks like AA fortress.

  49. Phly the Sbc2 helldiver

  50. Dood you are awesome keep up the good work

  51. Hi im the first first comment

  52. Phly I vote for the YAMATO!!!

  53. I’m a normal person, I see phly’s video – I press like

  54. nice play

  55. Thx for the great vid phly!!!

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