Manfred von Richthofen World of Warships German Aircraft Carrier Wows

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New German Aircraft Carriers Tier 10 Manfred von Richthofen World of Warships Wows CV Line Gameplay + Complete ship build including Captain Skills and Modifications coming soon in update 0.9.7 2020 release date.

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Manfred von Richthofen is the brand new German tech tree Tier 10 aircraft сarrier coming to the game with update 0.9.7. Manfred von Richthofen is based on a design for completing an H-class battleship as a heavy aircraft carrier. She is a large-sized ship with armor protection that is quite good for her ship type, coupled with a very powerful AA complement. These new German aircraft offer some variations on typical cv gameplay including Airplanes have comparatively high cruise speed, but their HP pool is below average. Attack aircraft use armor-piercing rockets. These rockets can deal high damage by hitting an enemy ship’s citadel, but they allow a familiar counterplay: when they hit at an acute angle, they can ricochet or simply not penetrate the armor. new german aircraft carriers,german cv,german cv line,german aircraft carriers,german aircraft carriers world of warships,new german aircraft carrier,german aircraft carriers gameplay,wow german cv,german aircraft carriers manfred von richthofen,german cv line wows,manfred von richthofen wows,wows manfred von richthofen,manfred von richthofen world of warships,german aircraft carriers games,german cv world of warships,german cv wows,german cv gameplay,wows. Rockets fired at broadsided destroyers –with their thin armor– will result in overpenetrations that deal 10% of the maximum damage. Armor-piercing rockets can also ricochet against destroyers’ end armor when the ship is bow-in to the planes. Therefore, a player’s reaction against such rockets should be similar to the actions one would take against armor-piercing shells. Bombers use armor-piercing bombs. Unlike the Japanese bombers, German ones dive immediately, without the prior altitude gain. Their drop zone is shaped like an elongated ellipse, and aiming it during an attack may be difficult. These bombs will be most effective against slower opponents.



  1. Opa, first! thnx for upload CC!

  2. Hey I am really excited for the new German CVS. The AP bombs look harder to hit but hit very hard. Also the planes and ship look sick. I honestly think this line will be excellent but will take a ton of skill to play.

  3. Hello and welcome once again everyone, today’s video features some gameplay from the upcoming tier 10 German aircraft carrier Manfred Von Richthofen. I’m a self confessed cv potato at the best of times but I hope the video gives you some insight into the new German cv coming to the game in update 0.9.7. I’ve included the full ship build including captain skills I’ve been using as usual. I hope you all enjoy the video, let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  4. Awh man that was painful to watch. I appreciate you playing these CVs even though you’re not a CV main.

    • Sorry to inflict such punishment on you lol. The truth is I rarely ever play carriers and am a self confessed potato in them. This is just a look at some gameplay😉

  5. I have been able to play them yet. Dont have luck in the drops.
    T8 looks like it could be fun but the rest seem painful to play.
    I love my Graff bur dont know if I want to bother with the rest.
    Am I missing somthing?

  6. Nice game in the Richtofen even if you’re not a CV player ^^ & Gratz to the Z-35 winner

  7. Hey Carbine, I’ve recently gotten the Georgia! She’s an extremely fun ship and I’d love to see a guide on her if that is possible. o7

  8. Very interesting and what a learning experience to watch you play, CC!
    Also, if you don’t mind me asking, why do you drop all the payload but one and only then goes for the target? I’m asking you that because I haven’t played CVs since the rework and I was wondering about it. Do you do it to save planes? Is that it?
    Thanks for the upload! 😀

    • To save planes; at tier X, most AA is pretty good, specially at the start of the match. If you go full squadron, you will be able to do one attack, but at the time you turn your planes to do a second attack, specially in fragile ones, they are gone. So it’s better to go with 2 squads (1 for the attack and the other to tank) to only lose 3~4 planes instead of 6~8. At tier IV and VI that’s not really useful because AA is almost useless

    • Yes to save planes which have very low hp, if you take full squadron in for an attack it’s easy lose all of them whereas if you only take in the last group you can still strike and only lose bare minimum

    • @Carbine Carlito Thanks for the reply! 😀

  9. Always a good day when I get off of work and I see a new video from my friend Carlito, the golden voice of Twitch and YouTube fame!! I’m telling you, Carlito, these German CVs are starting to make me think they’re kind of stinky. I got the T4 out of a container and ummmmmmm, played it once. I know it’s T4 but I can do God’s work even in a Langley push come to shove. Dunno. Maybe sometime in the future the planes may get some HP love?? Who knows.

  10. Secondary build? You have great taste! Great video!

  11. That was a very difficult game for you and they definitely didn’t make it easy bunching up in the beginning. It certainly shows the strength weaknesses of the Richthofen. Thanks again for the great content.

  12. I was going to say most planes get shredded instantly when caught in AA at T10… but this seems weaker than usual, which is disappointing considering the Parseval is really good. Yeah, you’re not a CV main, but still…

  13. Would’ve liked an example where you use those secondaries to bully a destroyer trying to kill u

  14. Good game captain

  15. Carbine I am confused you weren’t flying REAL planes, I think WG gave you paper planes equipped with bombs as a prank

  16. Wait, Schnitzeldiaet did NOT win? This must be RIGGED!!! 🙂
    Congratulation to the winner! I have a lot of fun with the Z-35. Hope you will have it too.

    “A Potato`s Guide to German CVs” Great name for a YouTube video CC ….
    After the rework a lot of player also try the CV lines. Some to improve the CVs gameplay some to understand how to engage them.
    I think this YouTube video is showing that it is possible to play an okay round, not being a CV main. Training with high tier CVs in the
    co-op game mode is bad because the CV player is losing a lot of credits due to the duration of the games and due to the HP pool of
    the enemy fleet. There are only 9 BOTS. You played well and supported the team very good. I like CV player helping the team to win
    and not going for damage. Damage is great for their statistics but normally not very good for the team. I have seen a lot of games the
    CV player was top of the scoreboard with more than 150k damage but the lost the game. The CV did not spot or fight the destroyers
    and these DDs knocked out one after the other ship and the team was done. Thank you for the YouTube video Sir.
    All the best!

  17. One of the key things to keep in mind when playing CV’s is what you said – conserve your planes at the start and be patient. In uptiered games especially I rack up nearly 3/4 of my damage in the last half of the game when the enemy has been slimmed down a bit and aren’t all clumped together. In the Richthofen’s case it looks like you have high damage output but have to be uber conservative with your planes. Seems like it’ll be a little bit challenging but also fun to play.

  18. ProudPagan ProudPast

    pls do a video on shikishima . And that full secondary is better than tank build or not 😀

  19. I hate CV’s in the game & sometimes there are two of them per side. To me they are the scourge of the sea. They are Especially hard on DD’s because they know DD’s have low armor and most have poor AA. They are one of the reasons I went from playing WoW’s once or twice a week to perhaps once or twice a month. I got tired of being blown out of the water before I even got where I was going in my DD. They would get on you at the start of the game and just keep hammering you until you were dead. To me, it’s not fair game play, and now here is WOW’s promoting more CV’s. This is no reflection on you Carbine, and I gave you a thumbs up on your video. It is my opinion Wargaming needs to redesign their game……….

  20. crap for 100 eur, if this ship was russian it would be twice as good

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