Marco Polo’s 1st voyage – World of Warships

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I just got this ship and decided to take her out for a spin. Marco Polo is ITA tier 9 BB that has SAP. SAP has done some pretty nasty things to me in the past so I’m curious to see what it can do to my foes.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Dont let that shot on the schtchorsch blend you its a floating citadel made of paper xD

  2. Look at minsk he actually went and hide behind the island, wtf

    • Probably a kid or someone disabled

    • The first minute of the match where Flambass gets pissed the thr Minsk goes towards B was totally justified, that DD really needs to learn his role as a dd and get better. He’s probably a noob and new to the game but bottom line is he fucked that flank by not pushing up to spot and potentially cap the zone Flambass was pushing.

    • @miked815 He is not “just noob”. He has 2400 random games played and he almost exclusively playes PvP. In the Minsk he has 132 games (42%wr) with 15k dmg on average. He “advanced” to Ognevoi and ruined 44 games in it (32%wr) dealing below 11k dmg. In Gnevny he dealt below 8k dmg on average. In Shchors (his most played ship) he has 41%wr and 19k damage. This is almost AFK level, while 2400 games x 15 minutes gave him some SIX HUNDRED HOURS of practical learning what to do in this relatively very slow and simple first-person shooter game.
      Once again – I don’t intend to stat-shame the guy and I don’t even blame HIM too much. It is game progress design which is totally wrong. He should be both forced and encouraged to learn to advance, instead he is being pushed to tier 10 as fast as he can click “JOIN”.

    • @Edi J damn… he really isn’t learning much after 2500 games… I think I was close to 60% win rate after that many games. With average damages in the 60k to 100k range…

    • @Edi J hell, I set a world record in the Murmansk in my first year of play that still hasn’t been beaten. Some people are just naturally more adept at video games and critical thinking decisions than other people.

  3. Keep releasing OP ships, soon every thips will be OP
    “And when everyone’s super, no one will be” – Syndrome

  4. Well, I mean, it’s a Shchors. I citadelled one with my Gneisenau with my HE. From 17km away..

    • Gneisenau got German HE penetration and a fairly decent caliber for its tier. The actual surprise is shooting HE with those guns, not getting cits 😉 AP would have done same results, but with much more damage

    • Shochors has like 75mm citadel belt most things can CIT it with any ammo type

    • I 1 dev struck one of them with f caracciolo SAP from 12km and a Chappy from 16km, the BB SAP is very powerful against cruisers, i also slapped a Sinop bow tanking with 4 slavos and he was sunk

  5. Yup, even though I don’t play Random very much, I still get DD players who hang back until I get or someone else gets detected and then they go in. Why? DD are hard to see, usually have smoke, so they can hide if needed and are really fast. I’m not forgetting the downsides of DD (tinfoil hull etc) but a DD’s job is to scout.

    • Most dd player brains have been conditioned to be afraid and scared of everything. Get spotted once by planes or ship and all the new and shiny ships are gonna wreck your stern with funni yellow and white dots

    • @Macintoshiba don’t forget the radar meta we are in now. Smokes are useless on that thing.

    • In CV games staying back is the only way to survive. In non CV games you get radared and fucked, no matter the smoke.

      Also thanks to (at least on EU) heavy BB sniping meta you have basically no support until the first few ships are sunk, because no Cruiser enjoys getting blapped. Playing DD is pain. the fun kind tho.

  6. 5:59 – 3 out of 3 hits – “wtf is that accuracy”
    6:07 – 0 out of 6 – no comment.

    • Its called subliminal indoctrination.

    • This is the reason why he can stay in the CC program.

    • Did u not see the mouse shake in his hand from him laughing and not paying attention to the shot. throwing off the aim and making it miss.

    • well, watching some more of his videos “inconsistency” is the name of the game. Lucky accidents are turned into “WG selling OP ships” while regular and unlucky ones are ignored.
      Flambass has no merit in judging the “OPness of the ship”, everything is OP if you are lucky and ignore larger sample results (not time for that, need that hype).

    • Flam bass is becoming like flamu and it’s sad. Toxic and salty to the bone – if you doing but spout hate (which is different from constructive criticism) why are you still playing ?

  7. 6:00 ~10km target: Rear turret 3/3 hits, front turrets 8 seconds later 0/6 hit. WoWS BB dispersion in a nutshell.

    • Perfectly describes this ship and the italian line. It is either a murder or a useless scrap. There is no middle. Terrible gameplay and “fun”.

    • Gotta sell Deadeye somehow.

    • Missed on a broadside dd from 3 km on Caracciolo, now I know which ship line I can yolo and have a big chance of surviving, not losing that much hp or nearly die as always

  8. I like how secondary gunners in this game are always black out drunk. Like what is the point of them?

  9. Funny because lots of youtubers, including Flamu, are telling us this ship is crap… so, bassically nobody knows what to make of it

  10. I had a dd in ranked. He smoked up and stayed behind islands at the very start of the match. . I told him dude what are you doing blocking vision for us.
    His answer was. “Of what the sky the sea?

  11. friendly reminder, if you got friendlies with xxx_steel name, don’t even hope to get support (experience from SEA server)

  12. That Minsk first he hide behind an island at B then he goes into A starts capping leaves the cap before getting it and yolos two enemys and dies around 7 minutes LOL

    • very speshuuul player that one, but then you look at team results and see that another ship ended up with worse result – and I ask myself how bad must that one have played to end up there xD

  13. Let’s just sit broadside to an Alsace for a bit, no wonder that fight was weird as heck

  14. That DD player is THE average player that WG cares most about.

  15. djbjunior Barbosa

    I love how most of your team its jist hiding behind an island not doing anything, while you casually took a 1v4

  16. Re: the Minsk in the game. Seems to be a pattern based on what I have seen recently. I suspect it is some kind of bot. They find an island to hide behind for 5-8 minutes, sometimes launch torps in some random direction (often into said island) then eventually they move out and after take some damage, open water gunboat until they are dead. Have seen that same pattern several times over the last week or so. This is on NA.

    • Yeah, I have been noticing people using bot programs on NA as well. It is becoming a very interesting issue.

  17. Man, you shot one volley with this ship and thought it was OP. Perhaps a premature opinion? As far as I understand, it is a kinda meh ship.

  18. i swear to God your RNG on dispersion is different than everyone else’s in this ship., ill literally be 4km away and land shells all around a ship but not hit it.

    • I have a theory. Flambass on one of his videos (quite awhile ago) showed his in-game Karma, which at the time was right around 2500. Having watched Flambass for quite a while now, he gets a lot of these beautiful shots, like the rear turret at 6:00 and the 4 hits on a 90 degree Iowa at 13.5km at 12:00. Me on the other hand, I currently have 0 in-game karma and struggle with gun accuracy of 20-25% most matches. And of those that do hit, around 40-50% are ricochets, shatters and torpedo protection (which do 0 damage) or over-pen for minimal damage. I think the higher your in-game karma, the more likely you are to get good dispersion shots, kinda like how the captain skill Adrenaline Rush buffs your gun reload the less hp you have.

    • @Ryan Brochu I could see that being a thing. Might be onto something

  19. you should have stuck with SAP on the Alsace, your salvo’s would have averaged higher than the AP salvos with that angle he was at.

  20. Right when you said, “Let’s see what we can do to this guy” I said out loud what I know we were all thinking, “Surprise mothertrucker!” … then the sweet citadel.

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