Massachusetts Berserker – Kraken 4 Close Quaters – 230k DMG || World of Warships

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  1. 100k Damage caused by secondaries and the fires caused by them.
    This shows you the true power of the Mass-secondaries.

  2. I love USN BBs and I am a brawler so I am gonna love this ship.

  3. Thanks to ships like this, along with the French BB’s, I am of the impression that the German secondaries need changed. As it stands they seem obsolete. Mostly for range. It would make a world of difference for the German BB’s if for example, Bismarck secondaries could reach 13km, FDG reach 14km, and Kurfurst reach 15km. Because of the main gun dispersion of those ships, they are very heavily dependent on their secondaries but they just don’t do enough to make them competitive enough ships. All the top clans heavily frown upon the prospect of using German BB’s in any sort of competitive manner. Either increase secondary range, or decrease main gun dispersion (decreasing secondary dispersion would also be nice). Either way, they need something.

    • German bb’s need a dispersion buff that’s it.

    • Steve Hemmings nah man all german BBs need is decondary range buff

    • German BB are still incredibly powerful because they can bow-tank and impossible to citadel. American BB have great guns & AA but too much broadside = dead. Also on the Massachusetts has insane secondaries. Sure Republique has great secondary range, but they don’t have the penetration buff Germans do – a Kurfurst secondaries does significantly more alpha damage than the French.

    • More like buff its bias armor(for me, but I don’t know), increase its 420mm gun’s damage, and its torpedo protection. Do you guys realize that the GK now has the worse torp protection? It only has like 25% and conqueror actually beats it :/

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Cough Cough 1/4th HE secondary Pen.
      FYI most French secondaries are 100mm (with pitiful pen) and the 152mm triple guns – are placed at the back of the ship with terrible firing angles. No-one specs into IFHE for most of the French – because of this. French secondaries are more for fire chance.

      Plus why should the Germans get a buff? Perhaps raise Sigma values from 1.8 to 1.9 to make them more reliable.
      But they are the only BB line that are citadel proof! Isn’t that enough for them?

  4. Ein weiters Schriff, dass die einzige stärke der Deutschen Schlachtschiffe aussticht. Bei den deutschen muss unbedingt die Genauigkeit der Hauptbatterie stark verbessert werden. Da kleineres Kaliber oder weniger Geschütze oder sogar beides wie bei Bismarck, Gneisenau und FDG.

    • Bismarck 90 die deutschen BB haben im Nahkampf immernoch die Vorteile des größeren Kalibers der sek und die Panzerung (Turtleback) die SoDa Klasse ist definitiv anfälliger gegen schwere Treffer im Nahkampf als die Bismark Klasse

    • CCfiftyeight
      Das ist doch nur die halbe Wahrheit. Wenn ich bei zB der Bismarck auf die Relling ziele. Dann frisst man auch 15-20k also Zita Schaden. Ausserdem trifft die deutsch sek genau so schlecht wie die Hauptbatterie und macht weniger Feuer.

  5. Do you use IFHE ?

    • BB_ Yotaroh IFHE is mandatory, 127s don’t have enough pen to go even through 25mm of armor plating stock.

  6. He came in like a wrecking baallllll🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎙🎤

  7. So now american BB can brawling ?

  8. Ja ja im achter Gefecht wenn man das Schiff dann für den kranken preis kauft wird man dann wie mit Tirpitz im 10ne Gefecht als Kanonenfutter verarscht. Ich kann nur sagen nicht kaufen aufgrund von diesem Motivation Videos weil die Wirklichkeit ist eine andere. Wg hat komplette Wucherpreise kein Fairplay und Spieler Mangel deshalb ist der Match Maker so ein Dreck

  9. appropriate title – gg

  10. If you think this is wild, imagine if they pulled out all the stops and gave the US Battleships their full 16km secondary range and 2.7 sec reload times that they had in real life. But then they would have to increase battleship main armament range too, and that would take the Iowas to 38km and the Yamato to something like 41km. Then the maps would start to get real small.

  11. Hadrian Bentley

    How do I get this ship

  12. Shane Singleton

    Easy to rack up the kills when the enemy team is utter shit. Man that Nurn missed almost every single salvo at an almost stationary target.. for like 2 minutes…

  13. Such an awesome ship

  14. With secondaries like this, you almost ask if it was German.

  15. Those secondary fire…61 shots to Tirpitz LOL

  16. USS Bismark

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