World of Warships- This Is Such A Dumb Ship….Get It

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Hey guys! Today we have Artic_Frost in the Tier IX Premium American Battleship Illinois! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Illinois is such a fun ship

  2. I have a feeling that there will be a super Illinois with 4×5 guns in the distant future.

  3. Hi Bud , i am close to buying my first coal ship , which 2 or 3 would you suggest at tier 9 and 10 .
    I do like mu Battleships and Cruisers .

  4. I like how its more important for both DDs sitting on smoke doing nothing at b cap than spotting incoming enemies. Cap was ofc already taken. But thats how its usually going.

  5. A ship I do not regret adding to my port.👌

  6. It’s not Caracilio, it’s Caracciolo 😉 But for you it’s too late, you’ve mispronounced Italian names too many times so I’ve given your name to the spaghetti monster 😀

  7. Brisk isn’t it for BB & CA’s that give u a speed buff if unspotted.

    • yeah, and ships like illinois, iowa, conqueror, de lauria, and incomparable can actually use it since their concealment is pretty decent if spec’d for it.

  8. I got it and it got it (her).

    Being surrounded by enemy ships is the thing you don’t want to happen, but the guy made it with Arctic nerves.

  9. “How many achievements do you want?” “Yes!”

  10. Now they just need to make a Yamato with Harugamo guns.

  11. Weird to watch the Georgia just run through this, rather than try to get on the flank.

  12. Thank you for reacting to my replay!
    Apologies for not including commander or modules, I’ll list them now.

    PM, Brisk, AR, BoS, ERE, CE, FPE

    I like to take Brisk on what BBs I can as it helps with repositioning.
    I also find it kind of funny… I call my 30 knot Yamato “illegal” 🙂

  13. At 11:40 there was some miscommunication between me and my divmates, I thought I had asked them to focus the souyz down so I could focus in front of me but either I didn’t or they didn’t hear me, that’s partly why I kept looking back at him-also to stay angled.

  14. I don’t know how he dodged those plane torps. When they drop on me, they’re about 100 feet away. Or, if I’m next to an island, they drop right off my hull, about 30 feet away.

    • Graf zeppelin torps only go 35 knots stock. They’re very easy to dodge.

    • @@thefish53_68 Except when you are sitting close to an island. The torp planes come from the far side of the island so you can’t use AA and then they drop the torps between you and the island about 30 feet from your ship. Nothing you can do and it’s ridiculous.

    • tbh i get to play with this guy a lot hes unreal at evading torps i have no clue how he does it
      last night we came up vs 5 shimas 90 torps somehow he ate NONE!

    • @@Themilesrock Wow! I need his secret lol

  15. Well played, enjoyed this video.

  16. Love my Illinois. Problem is that it isn’t a big play maker. But fun as hell to play.

  17. I took out Illinois in asymmetric battles, those tier 6 and 7 cruisers exploded left and right everywhere ! so much fun!

  18. Absolutely unreal skill from this player.

  19. I remember when they first announced the Illianois, and everyone was like “What?!” I’m still surprised that it was a ACTUAL Design someone came up with. Makes ya wonder what the thought process was, Combining an Iowa Hull with the 8inch Auto Loaders of the Des Monies Class. It really is just one of those STRANGE designs.

    And yet, in World of Warships it certainly looks FUN to play. After all, it IS a Des Moines but with battleship armor and even more gun barrels.

  20. I think he was Shooting ABOVE the Cleavelands Citadel, those citadels are BURIED pretty low in the ship after all. Like he was hitting the upper Hull, still those SHOULD be pen hits at least, Cleaveland isn’t THAT thin.

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