Meet The Daisen! Tier 8 Japanese Battleship (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. This update is awesome. The new gamemode is so fun, new campaign ship, awesome, daisen, awesome. Everything else, awesome.

  2. Okay 53% torp reduction is absurd since it looks like the Kongo and leaner than Iowa even Yamato with all that amour and width has 55% maybe it’s like Iowa which has an inner amour belt for more protection but I digress since even Iowa herself doesn’t have that kind of torp reduction.

  3. Nice! This update looks sick!

  4. Are You Gonna Stream The New Game Mode? Also The New Campain Ship Looks Really Fun.

  5. Always love these.

    And yah, Minnesota, California, and Kansas don’t with the bloody cruisers strapped to each side but Daisen does? 🤔😒

  6. @launcesmechanist9578

    Well, you left the 3, 2, 1 in again 😂.

    But yeah, we got effectively Rickrolled with this ship.

    Since the CS is Karl XIV, I’m reconsidering my previous position on the Campaign.

  7. You: how does it have torp reduction?!

    wargaming: YES

  8. Y’all need to look at the EST consumable 😉

  9. Very nice spartan!

  10. @gabrielgaitan4856

    I am so going to get that ship, which means I need to acquire more steel to get it. Anyway, on to the history lesson:

    IJN Daisen was based on the Design III, one of four Imperial Japanese Navy battlecruiser designs forwarded by Yuzuru Hiraga in 1916. Hiraga was one of the chief naval architects who was responsible for leading the “Eight-Eight Fleet” program (Hachihachi Kantai), which authorized the construction of eight battleships and eight battlecruisers in response to the United States passing the Naval Act of 1916. The point of these studies was to determine the kind of hull that would be required to reach a top speed of 35 knots on a capital ship. The ships were originally armed with 356mm main battery guns, which is equal to its U.S. counterpart, the Lexington-class battlecruisers. However, when HMS Hood, the only Admiral-class battlecruiser was launched by the Royal Navy, she was armed 381mm (15 inch) guns, which caused the Lexington-class ships to be upgraded with 406mm (16 inch) main battery guns, the Japanese decided to do the same. As a result, all had a main battery of eight 410 mm guns (16.1 inches) in four twin turrets, completed by a large number of casemate-mounted 140 mm secondary batteries. In all cases, the high-top speed of 34.5 to 35 knots was achieved by powerful engines driving six shafts.

    Design I and II were the smallest with an overall length of 284 m and a 229 mm main belt. The design I could reach 35 knots with 205 000 HP and had a standard displacement of 40 850 tons. Design II could only reach 34.5 knots with 186 000 SHP (shaft horsepower) and had a standard displacement of 40,430 tons.
    As for Design III and IV, they were much bigger with an overall length of 294 m and a main armor belt of 305 mm. Design III could reach 35 knots with 215,000 SHP and had a standard displacement of 44,500 tons. Design IV could only reach 34.5 knots with 195,000 SHP and had a standard displacement of 43,950 tons.

    When it comes to Daisen, she would logically be based on the Design III as she has the same size, armor protection, and speed. In the Wargaming cinematic universe, the ship underwent an extensive rebuild in 1939, giving it a modern superstructure (including the iconic pagoda-style mast), stronger deck armor protection, but also stronger anti-air, and the addition of four quadruple torpedo launchers mounted above water. To maintain the speed of 35 knots, the engine power was greatly increased to reach a whooping 305,000 SHP (Shaft horsepower).

    Until the beginning of the 20th century, large Japanese warships—namely, battleships and cruisers—most often were named in honor of mountains. That’s not only because Japan is a mountainous country, but also because in traditional Japanese religion, mountains are considered the habitats of powerful deities. Since many of these mountains are volcanoes, the association with powerful ships spewing equally destructive fire is quite appropriate.

    According to the rules approved in 1905, the names of the mountains began being assigned to armored cruiser of the Japanese Navy, and then to the battlecruisers that eventually replaced them. However, in the case of ships being reclassified after refit—for example, Kongo-class battlecruisers which were converted into battleships in the 1930s—they were not renamed. In the case of Daisen, she is named after Mount Daisen, a dormant stratovolcano located in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, found in the southwest area. It has an elevation of 1,729 meters. This mountain is the highest in the Chūgoku region, and the most important volcano on the Daisen volcanic belt, which is a part of the Southwestern Honshu volcanic arc, where the Philippine Sea Plate is subducting under the Amurian Plate. As the most prominent mountain far and wide, Daisen has long been a spiritual icon and a center of mountain worship. Daisen-ji Temple, whose buildings are spread out along the wooded slope and are connected by mountain trails, was built near the base of the mountain and is an important Buddhist temple. Additionally, the Ōgamiyama Jinja (shrine of the mountain of the great god.) is found further up the trail above the temple.

  11. @animegamesmoviesandotherst3037

    Good video I well get this but after the Mighty Mo, also yeah this at Tier 8 for brawling not good as you said do you think this should be a tier 7 ship?

  12. 53% torp protection…yet my constellation with a Kansas style torp belt only is around 20%…justice for constellation

  13. Did you originally play this as a full secondaries build? I saw that you had the epic secondaries mod 3 there so I was just curious

  14. Great video spartan i was looking forward to the first look at the bagless Dyson 😂 but i enjoyed the ship video great job 😎👍

  15. It helps that you had a half decent team to the point you were able to focus a couple ships and not have to watch your back the whole game. GG

  16. Makes me want to see what your accuracy is in this ship on the ship stats page, gotta be the most accurate Japanese battleship

  17. When you dropped your remote you should had a glass breaking sound affect and a cat meowing aggressively

  18. Daisen is a fun ship, I got her in wows pc a while back and she is fantastic.

  19. It’s a vacuum alright, vacuum your steel from you 😂

  20. @douglasmodesto168

    First thing I did when I saw the ship was to check her turning radius and I was kinda expecting it.. that thing is MASSIVE.. she’s one of the longest ships in the game for sure

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