World of Warships- This Is Actually Insane…

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So apparently you guys REALLY wanted the Maine….

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  1. Morning from the Uk. Sorry to hear what happened in Baltimore.

  2. This gives a whole new meaning to: “Remember the Maine”…

  3. Why bother bidding for the Maine, when you can get the Maine, when it is realeased in the tech tree

  4. I think the other lots were also insanely high. 10.200 steel for a flag and 60mil. credits for 50.000 coal!

  5. I have two superships. I played them a couple of time when I first got them, but now I almost never take them out of port. I don’t think they are any more fun to play than other ships. It’s a mistake to think that fun increases at higher tiers.

    • @tatsuhirosatou5513

      I have the most fun at tier 3 and 4

    • Yeah I really enjoy tier 6, 7 and 9.

      Tier 8 gets torture uptiered to 10 too often. 9 is okay, I don’t mind competing with tier 10’s with my 9. They are so close. And as a tier 7 the uptiering also doesn’t feel too horrible usually.

    • I don’t like superships but I do get tired of low tiers when being used to tierX, when you have such low DPM you’ve got trouble carrying games, also sucks when ships are slow and not maneuverable.
      Anything below tier 8 I find to get so frustrating after a couple of games.

    • Stupid prices paid by stupid people for stupid ships!

    • it doesn’t.

  6. I see less issue with people using an in-game currency on the Maine, that you collect passively and really don’t have much else to do with these days. This is better than paying real currency resources for advance access to a ship; this seems much better overall in fact. Personally I probably made 150-200 million in-game credits in the last six months, have most of the ships I want already, and been playing eight years (also no, dd not win btw). Finally, it seems to be a bit of a ‘kettle calling the pot black” for anyone that used paid resources for a Kitamami just saying…

    • @sealordmountbatten

      I’m definitely not saying it’s bad, it’s just a bit mental to throw that many credits at a ship that will be a literal 1/7th of that price here in 6ish weeks.

  7. To get a ship, that you will eventually get for free for 350M credits is insane

    • @angel_of_death_666_

      Actually it will be 50 million credits apprx.

    • @@angel_of_death_666_ That’s still 7 times the price

    • @angel_of_death_666_

      @@Boatswain_Tam My point was that both prices are still free if you are prepared to grind through as much. 😊

    • Yeah, thats why auction is not for everyone. The participants mostly old player that sit on mountain of resource that they dont know what to do with it even someone put 1 bil for dalarna or clausewitz back then and still have around 2-3 bil credits reason just for fun kekw

  8. Ya I learned that (big operating cost) when I got my first one after grinding it, now it sits with no commander.

    • You pretty much have to play them with economic bonuses added on, or have a really, really good game. Yeah, that’s the downside of the superships.

    • @@Norbrookc Thats really to bad as they won’t get used much by me anyways, the rich folk can use them. I’ll start using mine when I have a billion..

    • @@ottertokI have some in my port, but honestly, I only use them very occasionally, and even that is because thanks to the Xmas containers, I have a ton of economic bonuses to use.

    • @@Norbrookc Right on, I’m still what you call a newbie, got shit for money no bonuses and a lot to learn but it’s fun. At 70 and retired not much to do but play games.

    • @@ottertokI’m semi-retired, so I do have some spending money. But yeah, I’m still fairly new as well. I still think the tier 1-4 ships were the most fun.

  9. What’s the best way to grind credits? T9 premium with boosters? Or t10 special ship with boosters?

  10. Did Sealord say in a earlier vid or this one if he bid and how much on the Maine?

  11. I looked at that auction when it started, the stats of the ship, the starting bid, and later saw some of the reviews. My reaction was “I’ll wait.” It seems to be a pretty good ship, but not at that price, and to be honest, I’m still grinding through enough tech trees that the credits are better used for that. I have in the past shelled out doubloons for various premium ships, but those were actual historically important ones, like Warspite and Texas for example.

  12. Maine at least seems to be a solid supership.
    Can’t say that about all the others introduced recently.

  13. Are payouts in Ranked/Brawl/Clan games better than in Random matches?

  14. “You won the auction by not winning the auction”. Only SLM could come up with something like that.😗

  15. @ellnoskitties3908

    OK, that was MY Jingles moment, as I didn’t see that Maine had QUAD turrets. My apologies to Mountbatten for MY mistake; he was right and I was wrong. It’s time for me to check my facts while I get coffee and eat crow!

    • Most would quietly eat crow. I applaud your open declaration of it.

    • @ellnoskitties3908

      @@grayboats7741 Someone once told me that a responsible adult should admit his mistakes, and I do like to consider myself both adult and responsible. Besides, I was loud enough when I thought Mountbatten had screwed up, shouldn’t I be equally loud when I do?

  16. I have never spent a dime in my almost 7 years of WOWS. I am purely free-to-play, that is why I am only at tier 8 ships, but I grind on the widest spectrum, I dont grind one nation at a time, I grind all nations at the same time. All nations I have at least one tier 8 ship except Spain, Holland and European ships I am at tier 6. But I got few Premium ships: British battleship tier 7 Duke of York, German battleship tier 7 Scharnhorst, German cruiser tier 9 Agir, German battleship tier 10 G. Kurfurst and one I got by chance Italian cruiser tier 5 Genova, this last one I didnt even expected it just showed up in one of the christmas boxes. I would give anything for Macklenberg, but the ship is available only in steel, which is a shame, if only we have it under the coal.

  17. Do you think that i should get the XWAMI, BLACK or the SALEM

  18. I did some calculations, 350M credits is roughly 930.00 USD. Was around 233,333 dubs to equal 350M Credit.

  19. @danielfisher9344

    I played against one the other night. I didn’t think it was that tough of a ship. Shooting it with the Lion, it was giving up around 10,000 or so HP every salvo. Just seems to have a lot of HP.

  20. I bid 76.whatever million credits on the coal, it’s the second time I ever won something in an auction. The other was the Smolenek flag back during Black Friday?

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