Meet The Ochakov! Tier 7 Russian Cruiser (World of Warships Legends Xbox Series X) 4k

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  1. Hey I’m here pretty early today. So tired from work lol.

  2. West Rail 642 The Atomic Train

    Another great vid that can enjoy and realise that I suck at WOW Legends XD

  3. Russian cruisers are underrated, I love them

    • Xenon Tetrafluoride

      I haven’t played much with the Russian cruisers but they are pretty fun.

    • I have played with Russian cruiser more than every other cruiser o love them I had some crazy games with chapayev 18 fires 170k damage some torpedoes hits but If chapayev had 8 kilometers torps it would be easily one of the best among kutuzov and Wichita

    • @Kostas s0 I got 3 medals, 15 fires, and 140k damage in the shchors… Hope the chapiyev is just as good!

  4. I question this ships AA layout. 6 quad barrel 57mm guns and that’s it no short range what so ever. A salvo or two of HE and the ship has basically no AA at all. Other that that she seems alright.

  5. 13:38 I believe he fired he at you because he can’t overmatch your armor and he wants to citadel you with HE

  6. For the April Fool game mode, it is going to be a space theme, cause there are new medals added for the game mode. The description of the medals shows what ship we can play and the game mode name.

  7. Before the update I was shooting a yudachi for 5 minutes with my secondary’s and got 3 hits before I finished him(I was in the Bismarck)

  8. I like how we go from super heavy cruiser to super light cruiser in the last 2 campaigns

  9. Spartan… actually… having… fun… playing… Bismarck… in… the… next… episode? Ight guys the world is going to hell imma go right Spartan enjoying Bismarck on the wall 100 times till I go insane.

  10. Looks like a solid candidate for the mothball fleet ✌️

  11. So far no one has come close so I will post the link to the video if you are interested in trying to solve today’s trivia!

  12. Nicolas Sant'Iago

    Every time someone says “Not great, but not terrible” I remember the Chernobyl miniseries

  13. The Azuma can’t overmatch your bow, you could have stayed charging him.

  14. I’m skipping on this ship, I have no desire for a post war fire starter

  15. ༒Martinobardinobo༒

    The Ochakov’s gun sound is so loud for me.

  16. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    “Scorched Earth” Chapayev, Azur Lane

    “To arms, comrades!” Kirov, Azur Lane

  17. Video games and music.

  18. Hey, Spartan. Have you taken a look at the new medals you can earn? They’re very… Out of this world.

  19. Uncle Johnie plays

    Why do the guns sound like there being shot indoors

  20. I love how Spartan has 0 Elite XP on the Kutuzov, no Russian Fire Spamming for Spartan

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