World of Warships- Not Everything Has To Be Super Competitive

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Hey guys, today I wanted to discuss the attitude that seems to surround just about every new ship announced, enjoy!

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  1. typical WoW minority loud mouths overreacting trying to set a trend before a ship/event/change is even released if you ask me, best advice ignore it and try it for yourself and come to your own opinion 🙂

  2. People forget that games are suppose to be fun. We get sucked into the rating aspect of online games and can’t get passed it for some reason. Just look at what has happened to world of tanks over the years. Now there is a mod that assigns color codes to players based stats while in games. People have become so preoccupied with these ratings that if they spawn into a game where there teammates are the wrong color they drive into the nearest body of water and drown themselves. People tell their teammates GLHF all the time but rarely actually mean the Have Fun part of it.

  3. Not everything has to be competitive? Philip Molodkovets vehemently disagrees.

  4. In order to reinforce the non competitive narrative, why don’t youtubers post videos of fun games even if they blow up in the opening few minutes. The answer lies somewhere betwixt monetary gains on video watching numbers and ship sails. Why would you watch a video of a crap ship having a crap performance. The other option is definition of fun. One person fun could be utter devastation of opponents, another could be win or lose spending time with my mates in a division. The most vocal people are often the most competitive, understanding where the comments come from, often shines a light on the context.

  5. I had a 70% WR in the Kansas, it is a solid ship, sold it though because it was just too slow and boring to play, not really my play style. 😉

  6. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    I feel like wg’s lack of ability to properly balance ships has something to do with this, especially if it is German or Russian as they have proven to be trashing on the former specialising the latter (but luckily they toned it down by a lot on the latter but are now doing it on the CVs)

  7. “lower tier italian battleships aren’t that great” I swear to GOD that Andrea Doria is the best tier 6 ship I have ever played in this game. It is tanky, has good guns, stealthy, quick, has insane shell velocity, OK accuracy, I just love it.

    • ​@Stefano Crosazzo I just really like how quick and agile she is. I mean most of the other tier 6 BBs are quite slow especially compared to her. Also, I relly like her guns, the feel accurate and I am in deep love with her shell velocity. Only thing that I don’t enjoy about her is her low hp pool, but you can make it work if you just dodge:)

    • That thing scares me. Mid-tier Italian bb is a pain to deal with.

    • T5 and t6 are very good. T7 is very hit or miss.

    • @Jerry Glaze Wtf
      T5 & T6 hit nothing at all, T7 is the first ita BB that’s not complete shit haha

    • @halo werder I did fine with them. Cannot wait for t8

  8. I like to play ships that are considered not particularly good because they are a great trainer for your own skills, they don’t give you anything more than what you can get from them

  9. I love it when you talk all over the place hehe, Mingles with Sealord style

  10. Frédéric Laliberté

    And this video is why Mountbatten is the only World of Warships content creator that I watch now.

  11. Honestly, this is why I ignore most of the community, the utter toxicity that permeates it. The only thing worse than new ship toxicity is the win rate toxicity. (1)

    I actually love the _Anchorage_
    She’s a fun ship. Great AP shells with a fairly flat trajectory and US long lasting smoke. When I get a team that’s actually willing to work together, I can print citadels and even punish BBs that get in too close. And those torpedoes are _super_ hard hitting. But my play style also probably fits her better. Staying stealthy until just the right moment then going super aggressive.

    I’ve also been seeing a lot more crap _Thunderer_ players recently. I think some people heard that the ship was OP as hell, grabbed her before she left port, but didn’t actually look into how you’re supposed to play them. I’ve ended up eating a few of them that go off on their own with *Minotaur*’s rapid fire short fuse AP.

    (1)It doesn’t matter people. Win Rate is a measure of how well the teams you’re on work together mixed with good ol’ Random Chance. That’s the main reason why the easiest way to pad your stats is to only play in divisions with people on voice chat. Coordination beats individual skill and ship stats every time.

  12. hehe you may be too positive for where the WoWS community is at, after the last nearly two years – please keep it up !

  13. The thing about the new German DDs that turns me off the most, is the fact that the last time i heard anything from them, they had def aa, but no flak because why not.
    The concealment is super bad, you can’t fight other dds with them, and cvs will eat them for breakfast.
    The guns dont matter, if you cant use them, because you’re dead.

  14. Pre release is irrelevant and they basically should not give any stats before release.

    Good thing is that they smashed this game with so much hammer that I just make some popcorn now and watch how fast they sink. Maybe 2 games after commander rework

  15. Not every player is fast in skilling a ship line. If i start one for a specific T9 – T10 ship and after weeks or months skilling i see they will be nerfed – sure i’m pissed. About the time i lost for something no longer what i intended. Could invest my time in another line. Announced ships…. i give a look on youtube and listen to their evaluation: i did not take the Hizen.

  16. Iowa is growing on me. Its slowly becoming my favorite ship in the game.

  17. I love the Graf Spee. It’s like a roulette, sometimes it sucks , sometimes it kick ass & satisfying especially against bb. Just playing coz I love ships…

  18. Do NOT spend 1 cent on this Outrageous Greedy Company Wargaming they Rig Random battles to make sure you have a winrate of 40% you Will spend more times losing than Winning and your Selected Wargaming bots will all die within the first 5 minutes! a Trash Company indeed.

  19. People like the crap on anything (not just things for wargaming) they especially when they havnt even tried it. I have seen it more while people are in covid 19 lockdown restrictions, its almost like they have nothing better to do.

  20. Interesting. I haven’t seen anyone complaining about the lack of hydro on those new dad’s. I’ve been seeing people complain about the complete lack of damage output from them. Their AP is good, but is fired so infrequently that it’s almost laughable. Oh well, will wait and see.

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