Michelangelo and her Incredible Secondary DPM – World of Warships – Clyde Plays Hot Take – E019

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Is she worth it? Mike is a Tier 9 heavy cruiser with 320mm Semi-Armor Piercing shells and the highest secondary DPM in the entire game. No joke.

In the interest of full disclosure, Wargaming provided this ship for me at no cost in hope that I would choose to make this review.


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00:00 Intro
00:25 Ship Overview
01:19 How to get Michelangelo
02:08 Consumables
02:39 Camouflage
03:08 What’s a Hot Take?
03:30 Guns
06:33 The Holy Trinity of Secondary Combat
09:19 Torpedoes
19:32 Survivability & Concealment
10:51 How Angled Armor Works
15:38 Hydroacoustics
15:59 Anti-Aircraft Guns
17:06 Maneuverability
19:19 Easy to Play?
22:26 Fun to Play?
27:53 Commander Build
29:06 Upgrade Build
30:24 Outro & Final Thoughts
31:28 Outtakes & Bloopers

The Vendetta by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2018 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/JeffSpeed68/58628 Ft: Apoxode


  1. Great video and I like the break down. Great job, Clyde.

  2. From what I’ve seen, it looks like the kinda boat I’d play the hell out of!
    Your review was so good, Clyde, I have half a mind to get back to the game to grind the Michelangelo out!
    Thank you for the review, Clyde!

  3. Looks like a very good Ranked 9 ship. No so much in Randoms.

    • Honestly, that’s probably the best environment for her. Some randoms she’s very strong in and others she gets blasted. Fewer ships means fewer problems for ships like this one.

    • @smilingpolitely12345

      Nope , 100% you will be eaten in ranked , remember experience players play there , I think you will have better chance of fun in weekends in random.

    • There’s no requirement for skill to hit the battle button in ranked. Without a skill cop at the door turning away the less skilled, you wind up with all kinds of players at every level in ranked – even in gold and silver.

      I’m confident the lack of CVs and fewer players will make ranked a much more comfy environment for Mike – though from time to time you’ll definitely run into a talented player or two.

  4. Excellent job as always.

  5. Paying 24 bucks to get a soft-skinned turtle – Mikey is a very appropriate name for this one.

  6. My man Clyde with the reviews!

  7. Sure I’ll get it. After this most excellent review how could I not? If it makes me laugh half as much as this video it’s worth the dubs.

  8. your breakdowns are improving Clyde! Appreciate the TV memes. Suggestion for future reviews: since you are putting the effort in to explain the survivability with plate angles and penetration, could you also talk about rear shot traps, stern plating to citadel, and deck overmatch with plunging fire.. as in general with cruisers (IMO) these issue come into play with dodging and kiting more than worrying about nose overmatch or being broadsided by that 20km away.

    • Thanks Dareios! There’s a LOT to cover with armor for sure. I’m working on getting more and more knowledgeable myself on this topic – its one thing to know enough to be dangerous in a random battle and its another to attempt to break that down for others. I definitely want to make more of this kind of content for sure… Plunging fire and deck armor is another great topic for sure – and the rest get more complicated to identify…..(trap shots, stern plating, spaced armor etc). Thanks for watching!

    • @@ClydePlays Im still watching. I had to lol at what you said. Let me just say that my cat co-inhabits my office, and it has over the year heard quite a number of ship-related outbursts, and tends to give me the side-eye when I invent new gibberish to express my discontent.

    • Haha….yes. My wife often calls from down the hall:

      HER: “You okay in there?”
      ME: “Yeah, I’m fine. Its just … World of Warships.”
      HER: “Okay!”

  9. Michelangelo is an artist so this ship look like a fine art!

  10. It reminds me of Paolo Emilio 😀 Unique and very good at 1 thing and very tricky or Bad on everything else. If you make it work you will love it but as you said 8/10 you will probably fail. Those numbers are fine by me 😀 love your work Clyde

  11. @waynelawrence5220

    Well done. Great video, lots of relevant info.

  12. I’d really like to see a Michelangelo pulling a Yolo Emilio on someone 😀

  13. thanks for your video. Personally even if I like secondary build I feel there are too many now. Secondary should be fun BUT ther e should be a limit to the effectiveness, because they require NO SKILL !

    • @prisonerofthehighway1059

      Secondary ships require high skill and extreme levels of game knowledge to perform well. Anything less and you’re the first guy killed and you did nothing in the battle.

    • The skill for this ship will be higher – yes you don’t have to shoot yourself but managing your hit points and Knowing when to push in is going to be delicate.

      Pushing in Kurfutst or Napoli is easy compared to this ship because it is less durable…. I’ll be really interested to see the community reaction as she comes out.

  14. Thanks for the thorough review, Clyde! Thought I’m still hesitant; I like playing abominations but I’m not sure if it worths the grind for me.

    • Haha, abominations…. 🤣

      She’s a bit wacky for sure. Follow your heart on this one of course, but if you’re going to grind snowflakes you could see how it goes and then decide how close you got later.

  15. The main gun layout in this ship is similar to that of the great Italian ironclads of the 19th Century, except that they had their turrets displaced to the sides to allow for end-on fire in pursuit or ramming attacks.

    The lack of any HE shells might be a deal breaker for some. People who take this ship into specific directive missions will have to bear that in mind. Being able to start fires is probably going to contribute indirect secondary damage that lifts other ships.

    As for me, I only know one playstyle. AVANTI!!!! TUTTI ALLA BATTAGLIA!!

    • Good call on the total lack of HE. She does get more pens and good direct damage but it’s hard to say if it makes up for the lack of damage over time from fires.

      Floods remain an option, haha.

  16. She actually looks like she will be a blast in any mode other than randoms (unless you are blessed by matchmaker). With the recent ‘win’ on removing airship escort and having that as a seperate mode can see it working there, asymm battles, operations and maybe ranked. On balance might be one to grind for me. Good work Clyde me lad.

  17. Great review as always

    • Definitely gona grind it. We always hear complaints about WOWs going stale. Here is the chance 4 players to take on a big challenge. I can see memes of this in a us destroyer smoke just sailing about on just secondaries

    • Thanks! Good luck on your grind.

  18. I assume that most people don’t judge a ship’s value based on it’s performance in the 1 VS 1 brawls but❤ the t❤ier nine cruisers brawls is some of the most fun I had in WoWs . So to me this ship looks interesting just because it would be a potentially good ship for that type of event

  19. 2 on the torps is underselling the alpha damage and speed of them. 8k range is very usable in brawling!

    • Yeah, that’s fair. I know they’re limited to only three because they hit pretty hard, I just wanted four of them per launcher or 10km range and got neither.

  20. I usually get myself a new ship at Christmas as a ‘treat’. I think I’m going with this one. I like the aesthetic of it. It just looks fab. I also love unusual ship designs, and I really enjoy SAP and secondaries. Have some time over the break too so will grind for this as best I can. Thanks for another great video.

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