Sometimes you die and sometimes…..World of Warships

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On another episode of I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD we feature yet again Cherbourg which is not as effective as you would hope but sometimes it does pull through and surprises you.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. @robertsteinbeiss8478

    Sometimes you die alone, sometimes they sink you in the first 5 minutes. In the end you loose 😂

  2. World of Warships, “The thinking mans action game”, where players find out not who is playing better, but whom is throwing harder. 😂😂😂

  3. Lol that lightning with his hydro on and smoke afraid of the akizuki having you next to him is peak WoWs gaming 😂

    Edit: omg that atago… and he called someone a noob in chat

  4. Important to remember that you are not the only player receiving bad RNG. =^[.]^=

  5. I love those “Hail Mary” shots that takes them out, well played dude.

  6. That childish Sherman in chat, ofc he is a 48%er….

  7. Always remember that as long as you don’t die you will survive.

  8. @alexanderlindner8296

    RNG takes it
    RNG gives it

  9. @RasmusDyhrFrederiksen

    Enjoying watching your free play through 😉 The french battle cruisers are one of my absolute favorite lines in the game.

  10. That was a close shave. One more round woth Atago and you’d be a goner.

  11. The same map in Richeliu and one guy in a dd took c fast..i told him stay next to me help me i help you..the guy playied text book radar when we both needed, smoke me when i needed..we both smashed the entire flank i killed 2 cruisers and theyr top ship as a bb the bismarck ..he killed one sub and one of theyr dds with my help..then on the top right corner spotted theyr cv..i smashed him with 22k citadel and told my teamate in the dd go and kill him and join me after..i will go take B..join me after the kill..always he communicated with me,allways told me when he is radaring or when he will smoke in (20 sec as an example)..i never took my eyes from the minimap me in the Richelieu and one mate in a dd smashed the hole flank and my Team!! Fluf….the others start dropping like dd team mate killed the cv he was turning to my spot going b and then he said..look at the minimap..all we had left from the other corner was our cv and one sub..then..suddenly Defeat comes on the screen….i was swearing and cursing like a mother flufer..the reward i gained a virtual friend the guy playing in the dd..wich i added him after both of us compliment each other for a game well played..

  12. Bok, Flambass!
    One question, should I take Moskva or Salem for coal?

  13. the last 536 most essential VIP nails holding the shipt together. 🤣

  14. When the Not my problem buff works as WG intended. LUL FR good throttle work Flambino.

  15. it is truly a thinking mans action game ^^

  16. @hashimotokingoro9141

    Inconsistent guns are the worst sin a ship can have in this game. If your guns are inconsistent, you simply can’t make a good move pay off or exploit a dumb move by the enemy, because your confidence in your guns not d*cking you over is lower than a random coin toss, which essentially makes smart or risky play _in general_ impossible. And if you can’t do those things, there’s no point playing the game.

  17. Flambass about to die, Flambass presses MAGIC BUTTON, Flambass lives. Thats my theory and im sticking to it!

  18. @Biscuitchris7again

    And the Cherbourg limps home.

  19. I feel like Cherbourg has one of the peak RNG guns.

  20. Citadelling a carrier. Don’t tell WG or it’ll become another thing that canMt be done

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