Middle-Push | Two Brothers | World of Warships

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Player: ThePaleKing
Ship: Kurfürst
Map: Two Brothers

-Push | Two Brothers | 2x Kurfürst, Mino some more…

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  1. balls of steel and shit DD’s on their team ahah nice one

  2. What sorcery is this? Going up the middle AND winning the game? Whatever next?

  3. aiming so bad i got sad.

  4. The reason it worked was the lack of DDs and no full teams. Try that on a normal 12vs12 with 4 or 5 DDs on both teams.

  5. Nicely named title XD

  6. I believe Heratio Nelson got away with this often!
    Feasting on NCs

  7. 6:31 that impact and the fire alarm after 10 secconds.. Epic round.

  8. Loop-Infinito da preguiça

    luck, luck and luck. thats all

  9. Someone who aims this badly.. should not have such a nice ship…

    You got lucky, plain and simple.

  10. All kinds of wrong happen in “middle of the night” battles… too much vodka and beer can lead to this. 😛

  11. if it’s stupid, but it works…. it’s not stupid.

  12. those who complaining are idiots… they did that for fun yes thats not full match 15v15 … and thats the reason they done that in the first place … if they failed they wouldnt send this vid … just enjoy the vid if not leave it *lel*

  13. Yesterday a team tried middle push on my team and we were on full defense they got REKT.

  14. Proof that even the blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time.

  15. Nice play

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