World of Warships – Z-46 Impressions

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on Tears of the Desert moves out to try and maintain capture of the epicenter. The enemy destroyers try to hide but I move into a position to bully them off the point. We barely survive and try to limp home to a victory. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Z-46 Replay


  1. smokescreen gunboats, dd hunters and torpedo boats i played my z-23 on a tier 9 game 2.7k base xp

  2. I have great success with my Z-46. AP is your friend no need to get HE upgrades.

  3. IMO you should be using it as Soviet DD. Focusing on guns more than torps. This is because torps is just weak now. Too many things that can spot torps easily (this is why IJN kinda meh right now).

  4. Before Wargaming published the stats for the german DDs, I allways thoght they’d give the tier IX and X 150mm guns aswell, just to make them unique. But now only the tier VI and VIII get them. I also thought they’d give the Großer Kurfürst torpedoes like the H battleship plans had. I also once thought, before german cruisers were even in game, that german DDs might get guided torpedos; but we probably are never going to see that. I also once thought, we’d get less premiums of ship classes that are already in game (There are technically 4.5 Omahas in game (now very unique sister ships like the Perth or Scharnhorst are ok, in my opionion (I hope for USS Pringle))).
    Well… at least the german DDs aren’t terribly bad at one thing (but detection range when firing) unlike the old japanese with almost unusable guns.

  5. [laughs in Fletcher]

  6. I played up to z46 and I HATE it. I actually sold it because I couldn’t stomach grinding to z52. the IJN dds do torps better, USN has smoke and supporting power, Soviets have guns. Germans aren’t best at anything and their guns do no damage. the grind isn’t worth it I am going back to Russians and americans

  7. oh god that conceal…better than ijn dd xD hydro, quick reload torp/gun

  8. Wargaming should make german AP strong so that AP guns are “the flavor” of the german DDs

  9. 3:46 i guess he was targeting the battleship behind you. F5, turning north.

  10. All hail to the middle finger in chat haha 🙂

  11. the german DDs feel like a terrible frankensteinian monster created out of all the worst aspects of the other DD lines:
    US shell arcs
    Soviet detection (while firing)
    Japanese turning circles

  12. Love the irony!!!!! 🙂

  13. The German DDs are just badly designed. They get punished so hard for having Hydro (worse guns than soviets, lot less close range dpm compared to USN, worst HE of them all AND bad AP -> yes, good alpha dmg but horrible penetration), terrible smokes, still useless AA (no def AA + you are still not gonna shoot down any significant number), “best” armor of any DD -> which is just enough armor for it get a lot more penetrations from BBs, but not enough to actually block anything…

    Torpedos are decent… Quick and stealthy, but the damage even at highest tiers, is pretty much remains the sort of damage you’d expect on a T6-7 DD.

    The horrible concealment debuff when firing main guns, so that absolutely everybody will see you, without the soviet speed to avoid the massive incoming fire and without the soviet guns that would allow you to be effective at range while spotted by everyone.

    What possible playstyles do we have:

    1. Play them as stealthy torpedo boat and only use the guns for self defense / to support friendly dds in a knife fight -> IJN has better torps and stealth; result: play IJN

    2. long range gun boat, harrassing enemies, setting fires etc. -> soviets are better at that in every aspect -> play Soviet

    3. supporting the team with smokes + spotting -> German smokes are useless, stealth is equal or worse than USN, which incidentally also gets the best smokes -> play USN

    4. knife fightin other DDs on close range -> not as a agile as USN, similar stealth, worse gun traverse, less dpm -> play USN

    5. knife fighting with Hydro support (either smoking up + spot with Hydro, or spot smoked up enemies): super situational, because ->

    a) Smoking up yourself + using Hydro for spotting is easy to avoid for the enemy. A good players knows what you’re up to and all they have to do is sail away from you…

    b) The “smoke rushing” thing is rarely feasible, because you would have to fire your guns into the smoke -> Thanks to the way over the top concealment debuff some other enemy ship will likely spot you from half way across the map and you get exactly 1 (maybe 2) salvos on the smoked up target before they return fire; USN and soviets could still wreck you or at least do so much dmg that your game is basically over.

    So the Hydro, that they get so massively punished for in every other respect… Really useful for maybe 20 seconds every 5th or 6th game you play, but the punishments for it make the ships weaker for 100% of every game.

  14. How you play Kagero Yugumo?

  15. Z-46 is more effective then Z-52 imo, especially concealment factor.

  16. Well, yeah… I hear ya but you had a solid game, just not a spectacular one. I’m not a fan of the ship and it could use some VERY small adjustments (buff is too strong a word). A 1000hp extra + a 40M tighter turn + slightly faster shell, a tad better concealment would probably put it right there in the running without going overboard. In other words, a tiny improvement in several areas without power creeping everything else. I’d like each ship to have at least one major strength while having them all feel different.

  17. WG doesn’t want to reward spotting because it will make IJN DDs relevant.
    They want to keep IJN DDs the garbage that they are currently.

  18. no more Carrier game play notser?

  19. Request Can you do the Japanese Destroyer Akatsuki?

  20. With longer smoke German dds would be better.

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