Mingles with Jingles Episode 337

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742 indie PC games for $5? Here’s how: https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality?ac=WrvpyZ9Ech

Beer of the week, t-shirt of the week, games publishers being evil, whatever happened all those people who became internet memes and the true story of where Rick Astley disappeared to. This week’s got it all. Just without the timestamps you keep asking for.


  1. Poor Jingles and Rita, never change.

  2. Herlief Swenhaugen

    To whoever reads this, have a nice day 🙂

  3. Jingles, drinking Weißbier from a bottle is very close to a crime. Use a proper Weißbier-glass next time please. I implore you.
    As for scambaiting: Jim Browning is fantastic at that, getting access to scammers’ computers, copying their data and giving them over to the police.

    • Tastes way worse straight out of the bottle too.

    • Christian Schinner

      My god, Weizen from the bottle 😀

    • +1 Don’t forget to leave a bit in the bottle, give it a good whiz to suspend the yeast and then pour it into the glass.

    • @GunWard well done, I was just about to mention this. As with any criticism, it’s only constructive (therefore useful) if it provides further information, and the trouble is Dave doesn’t know about it. I’m PT, but I think our mass produced beer is deeply uninteresting, the only use for it is to cool you down in the hot summer…bring out the bottle openers :@

  4. Jingles destroys the german beer culture by drinking “Weißbier” straight out of the bottle… You absolutely NEED the special glass for Weißbier to enjoy the sparkling of this delicious beer.

    • Johannes G. F. Bruhn

      @Dilli Gaf Nah, just means it’s a special beer. Which Bavarian wheat bear is. Doesn’t say anything about the quality. There are good ones, there are bad ones. Erdinger in particular is okay, but certainly not the best of its kind. Personally, I like Schöfferhofer better. Additionally, I’d be curious to listen to Jingles trying to pronounce that name. However, I rarely drink wheat bear in general. There are way better types of beer available in Germany, at least in my opinion.

    • Gareth Fairclough

      If the bottle is glass, then it counts as a glass.

    • A brit destroying something german? Well that never happened before.

    • Panzermeister36

      no you don’t NEED it

    • Maarten Stengele

      I’m looking forward to see him drinking the Belgian Trappist beers from the bottle… 🙂
      Seriously, please don’t do that, Jingles!

  5. My mum rang me the other night asking about the same email about the testing kit, she is classed as vulnerable and was very rattled by it, shame on these people.

  6. For the first 22 seconds I felt betrayed and disappointed….. and then it happened “We’ll edit that out” *Still think that needs to be on the new shirts*

  7. High Priest of Keebler

    “Thick as a whale sandwich.” ~Jingles, 2020

  8. Jingles, did you preform the required rites and use ample incense before using the printer?
    Printers have machine spirits, hateful machine spirits that require constant appeasement. If not, they will just refuse working or state that they are out of ink, again.

    • Ghost in the Machine ?

    • The Hippy Griff

      DaniëlWW2 I can confirm from personal experience that this is true. You’re doubly screwed if the printer spirit gets sufficiently angry to start telling all its friends about you. Those little things are vindictive as hell, and you’ll end up having all printers hate you, forever. ‘Tis a hard thing to live with.


    • I’d heard that they have a special ‘sixth sense’ that knows when your print-job is urgent … this triggers those hateful machine spirits into ‘inaction’, be it paper jam, ink shortage, buffer overrun or whatever means possible to avoid printing accurately, cleanly and on time. Barstewards!

  9. Merch idea, “we’ll edit that out”

  10. 32:50 Jingles actually edited something out.

  11. Мартин Николов

    Rita looks like a Portuguese version of Agent Tanya from C&C Red Alert! 👍🏻

  12. i have never heard that expression! “thick as a whale sandwhich” HAHAHA coffee everywhere!

  13. Jingles, look up James Veitch’s acts on scams. They’re hilarious

  14. Andys model & suff

    I am starting to realize I have to do this myself…
    0:00 Welcome and sorry for no audio and badly printet script
    1:50 Beer of the week
    5:43 Email scam and trying to fool the rear-admiral
    11:44 Covid 19 phone scam
    16:07 742 games for 5 dollar!
    16:29 Distraction: Printers are a scam!
    19:11 Back on topic, cheap games!
    20:32 Gaming events delayed
    22:23 Take 2 interactive are a**holes
    24:28 Ubisoft are a**holes
    32:52 Ancient memes today
    39:10 The story of Rick Astley
    42:19 Stock Aitken Waterman
    43:58 Kylie Minouge
    44:50 Alexandra Daddario and GIF potential
    45:44 End of script
    45:48 Akizuki <3

    Jingles, this is taking time out of my work! I am going to have to work late tonight because of this!

  15. 15:25 Sounds like Kitboga, nice choice Rita.

    • Kitboga is amazing on Twitch. He does an amazing public service informing people about scammer tactics and his shows are very entertaining!

    • Kitboga is fantastic! My husband and I watch his content regularly, he’s very entertaining! Jim Browning is also great, though the tone of his content is quite different.

  16. The streamer that “scams” the scammers in Twitch is Kitboga 🙂

    • Jim Browning takes it a step further, hacks the scammers, collects as much information on them, sometimes even gets the money back for the people who got scammed. He just completely shuts them down.

  17. “i’m going to scratch my cat.” Is Jingles trying to be the next internet meme?

  18. actually jingles, Rick astley is singing again, embracing the meme, doing concerts and duets with never gonna give you up and has a youtube channel with songs including new ones.

  19. “Kitboga” on twitch scams scammers.

  20. “It’s not a subscription, it’s owning the game for a limited time!”
    “It’s not a lootbox, it’s a surprise mechanic!”

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