Mingles with Jingles Episode 349

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Rita’s away playing with tanks again, where’s Eddie when I need him?




  2. Last time I was this early I was watching a KV-5 Review…..

  3. The incompetent camera minion has returned!

  4. looking at the belgian beer like: french or german accent? *cries in dutch *

    • @V Morc If Limburg, Brabant, Groningen, Drenthe, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Zeeland speak Dutch, the Flemish speak Dutch as well.

    • @Jonas Graumans to be fair
      We speak flemish because we live in flanders
      What you mentioned speaks dutch cause they live in the netherlands
      Differences are there
      It’s like what they speak in wallon ain’t really french

    • @stormwarrior007 Almost all of the accents and dialects I mentioned are harder to understand than Flemisch and if are considered Dutch, Flemisch should be too.

    • @Jonas Graumans its not bout the dialects
      Cause you haven’t heard proper flemish dialects then
      I mean we have dialects here in limburg (limburg) that if you hear it you think you are in germany
      I’m talking bout region
      You guys speak dutch cause where you live not cause how proper you speak it
      Big difference

    • He’s drinking a St Feuillien though, so definitely pronounced with a french accent :p Or tbh, a deep walloon accent haha (St Feuillien is brewed in Le Roeulx, near La Louvière)

  5. Hello Eddie. Welcome back.
    Cincinnati Reds is a Rounders team.

    • James T. Bigglesworth

      @Brian Ramos Baseball is a little kids’ game in Britain that America has turned into a professional sport where everybody spits (including the wives) and grabs their crotch.

    • @Scott Reser run a-ROUND the bases.

    • @monty a well ya dont call cricket run back and forth..lol why not call it baseball..lol

    • @James T. Bigglesworth Baseball was formed in this country by members of the Union Army during the American Civil War.Is Cricket a professional sport? How about Football? The expectorating is the by product of players chewing tobacco. Tobacco use was banned decades ago. Chewing bubble gum and consuming sunflower seeds has replaced it. So what you’re viewing are the shells being expelled. As for crouch grabbing. Have you played any organized sport(s)? If you had then you would be familiar with an athletic supporter and cup. It serves as a modern codpiece. When you see a “crotch grab” by a player it is done to shift the cup to a more comfortable position. They tend to bind up your Bits and Pieces. I think a spitting individual is harmless compared to a Mob of Football Hooligans. So Miss Monepenny do try to stay abreast of the task at hand. In case you haven’t noticed; the game of Cricket is filled with snobs and Euro Centrist Biggots.

  6. Jingles actually bought a good computer for a change. 2020 is getting crazier by the day.

    • Yeah…but he bought it in the shadow of the next Nvidia and AMD hardware launches. He could’ve gotten a price drop if he’d waited just another month. But it is still a bangin’ system that should be good for the next several years without much issue. If nothing else it should last him at least as long as his previous one did.

  7. My grandad took part in the invasion of Sicily, he was an infantry officer in the Green Howards, on the troop ship it was too hot to sleep below so he went up on deck and slept with his men. They had a bonfire on the deck of the ship…. yeah! He would tell everyone that the crews of the landing craft were the worst sailors in the Navy – afterall their job was to run their ships aground :-)!

  8. Armoured rugby! That was a very good description, just the right amount of disdain.

  9. Jingles: “we’re waiting for Microsoft and all their Xbox exclusives like uhhhhh…..”

    Eddie and Jingles: *look around* *dead silence* *start to drink*

    I chuckled heartily.

  10. Two bearded men, sitting together, talking rubbish over alcoholic beverages. Sounds like life is back to normal, 1950’s style. Interesting that Jingles loves Belgian Blondes AND Portuguese Brunettes 👍

  11. 37:10 — How to make people laugh out loud without saying a word.

  12. Seriously loved that, never have I laughed so hard at an episode, love Rita dearly and enjoy watching them all but can we have you of more of you and Eddie as well? Honestly its like having stories with my old man (still a stoker at heart)..keep the dits coming, loving it!

  13. The Real Killer B

    With that T-shirt, does anyone else think Jingles looks like Santa Claus on summer vacation? 😉

  14. Hey Jingles, you do realise that if you moved the camera back a bit, there would be room for a third chair…. #CameraMinionEddieFanClub

  15. Saw the thumbnail and thought “Bloody hell, Rita’s let herself go!”

  16. Brendan Richardson

    You guy’s have to start making this a regular thing, Jingles and Eddie tales of the good old days.

  17. We should make a T-Shirt for Eddie, scratching out the “in” and replace it with a red “with”, like on an exam where the teacher corrects your mistake.

  18. ”Armored Rugby” LOL
    ( Yeah… ”incompetent” needs to go. Ed’s a chad).

  19. In order to keep with tradition, let me just say: “Well ACTUALLY Jingles”. Your shirt IS from Cincinnati, but the Reds are a baseball team. There, I’ve kept tradition alive!

  20. Phone: *is ringing*
    Eddie: “and I’ll talk over it. I have no issue with this.”

    Truly an inspiration to us all

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