Mingles with Jingles Episode 363

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It seems Wargaming are up to their old tricks again…

All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com



  1. Pls do a Christmas edition called “Jingles with Mingles”

  2. Is there a way to get her on stream with flamu, flambass or you and have videos?

  3. I respect Jingles for putting a replay that is legit out of the blue for us to watch, so dear owner of the salt mine, we miners thank ye

  4. i’ll admit, the idea of playing warships like rebecca does sounds like a fun mode

    • I would like this. 3 ppl: captain with binoculars looking around, calling orders, and marking targets; helmsmen with a bigger minimap, limited field of view, and control of speed and rudder; and gunner who is stuck in gun zoom mode but gets to fire the boom sticks. Each gets any appropriate consumables. And ship based voip for 3 man crew with capt getting a fleet channel similar to what was in battlefield 2.

    • even better would like an admiral or something who commands all the boats and tells them where to go

    • Yeah, like single-ship co op! Ooh, imagine on BBs, you have one person maneuvering, one controlling main guns, and another able to fully aim the secondaries…

    • I would absolutely try this. I’d probably fail miserably, but it sounds like great fun and it’s a really clever idea.

    • Having a command crew for each ship would be really cool. Voice chat would be mandatory for a mode like that, but it would be so cool.

  5. Ffs that moment I realise even a blind lady is better than me!

    Ps: The Christmas idea sounds great, good on you Jingles.

  6. Helper 1 : Captain. we’re receiving flak
    Rebeca : from where?
    Helper : from the chat, sir.
    Rebeca : Continue firing and engage countermeasures

    ‘opens Allchat’- ‘Yea, well, I’m blind, what’s your excuse?’

  7. Rebecca. The only true WoW player.

    Does nothing apart from telling other people what to do.
    The perfect admiral!

  8. Jingles “Northern European winter”
    Actually Jingles… It’s still Autumn

    • @Matthew Martin There is no “official” about it, unless you live in some strange country that regulates the English language spoken there. Seasons are meteorological phenomena, not astronomical. Otherwise we couldn’t say things like “winter’s late this year”.

    • @Matthew10950 I’ve seen plenty of calendars that bizarrely have Sundays at the start of the week. Apparently their makers don’t know what a weekend is…

    • @Luke Ueda-Sarson bro, never in my life have I seen a calendar that doesn’t start with Sunday. Not once. Thats like seeing a world map with America on the right. Where do you live that calenders are so crazy??

    • @Matthew10950 Britain, New Zealand, and Japan are the countries i have lived most in. Sounds like you need to get around and see a bit of the world.

    • @Luke Ueda-Sarson can’t. Covid.

  9. Wow, this is remarkable. To be honest, i never even thought people with such handicaps would play games which rely on vision and only 2ndory on audio.
    o7 Rebecca.
    Thanks Jingles, for enlarging my limited horizont.

  10. Rebecca’s more like a captain than anyone else on world of warships, the captain is blind without observers, and powerless without gunners. What a great way to be included in warships, all respect to Rebecca and her helpers.

    • It certainly reminds me of “Mega Games” I have played. Players are the command, but they are in the bunker receiving info from field commanders and the crew, and can at best only see on the map what was known last turn about their forces and enemy forces they think they had spotted!
      it is an interesting eye opener to play one.

    • She basically made WoWs into a bridge simulator. And bridge simulators with friends are immense fun. I now kinda want to try to play WoWs like that too.

    • This 100% ^^. Brilliant thinking on how to play and mad respect to them for it.

  11. “Kudos” to Rebecca playing “World of Warships” despite her disability.

  12. “On that bombshell…” Well played, old man. Well played.

  13. Jingles: a blind person plays world of warships

    WG: let’s do a new Premium French battleship and call it ” Braille “

  14. Please Jingles, allow me to correct you, if I may.
    They did lie to us, because if you look the article on the official site, it says:
    “Here’s a list of ships that you can find in Gift containers:” – and there is the long list, and this is a lie. Because you can only get the ships from the shortlist out of the gift containers!! If you get anything else, it doesn’t comes from a gift container, it comes from a supercontainer!
    Now you may think Im heckling here, but trust me, Im not. They should have tell us about the shortlist at the first place, there would be no problem about it what so ever. But the most common reason to buy gift containers are to get the rare ships at the first place!
    Even the supercontainers has their priority to check before they drop a ship! Even from the supercontainer you will get random low tier ships or the less desireable tier 8 ships before anything else what you really want!
    Not saying the full truth, should be considered as a lie, when they say : buy a gift container, you might get a Missouri – well, they didn’t say that, but they tell us something that makes us think – we can get the Missouri from a gift container.
    They bait us to buy the containers but in reality, yes you can get the rare ships out from the containers but you will get all the others first! THere is no way you will get the Flint for example if you already have the Makarov at least. You will get the Yahagi, or the De Grasse, but the Kutuzov for example is far-faaar away from you still!

  15. I don’t know who’s down voting a blind player kicking ass at WoW, but man, coal in their stockings! Well done Rebecca! Grats Jingles for giving us this!

  16. WG are not only being misleading, they flat out lie when they say a “random” ship will drop. It’s not random if they have short listed ships that are the only ones you can get if you don’t already have them in port.

    • Also they state you can get all the ships from “gift” containers which is also technically a lie, as you only get the short listed ships from gift containers and the other ships are from (compensation) supercontainers after you got a duplicate short listed ship.

    • @Astral43 yup meant to say that.

  17. We accidentally made a Yorkshire pudding that grew to the size of the oven earlier this year… it was both majestic and also mildly alarming.

  18. Rebecca Claridge-Bowler

    Hi Jingles, Its Rebecca who sent in the replay and as well as one of my helpers, thank you so very much for showing this today.
    Also one note, you don’t need light, I’m in the dark all the time.
    And thank you all for your wonderful comments, it brought a smile to my face.

    • LibraeotequeVer3 PointOh

      [WPORT]Wolfswetpaws offers goodwill and appreciation to Team Rebecca. Thinking in three dimensions and taking command of your fleet like a “Boss”. Well done. Fair winds and following seas. (NA server).

    • wow thumbs up for that blind gameplay. sweet play for not seeing anything and playing with your home crew

    • throughout the replay i was thinking just how much you were putting alot of players to shame in the game. very nice work!

    • Bloody great play Rebecca !!! Nice play and good luck in future , Thx lady !!!!

  19. Brain > 20/20 Vision

  20. torpedobeats intensify!

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