Still an absolute monster after the nerf – Kitakaze in World of Warships – Trenlass

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Hello boys and girls. Today I present you a game with the nerfed kitakaze. It is still a monster. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy

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  1. Hi trenlass. Can you make a video about the Lexington?? Please

  2. Can you do a nicholas gameplay, I got three kills but I still lost.

  3. Trenlass, QWACK?


    Kita still excellent IMO …. Nice content man! Loving it!

  5. Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

    should we contest cap first or staying a little bit back?? especially in TT games?!? (Asking as new Kitekaze player?)
    And also IFHE is required??

  6. BENHAM is the Best DD but only a few hardcore PTW players have it and you can not get it any more

  7. So what exactly did they say they nerfed

  8. What nerfs did the Kitakaze get?!

  9. Florida’s dispersion is significantly worse after being sunk!

  10. Trenlass, was ist da los!? Zeig uns mal bitte wie man nicht mit der Petro spielt. Ich habe sie seit einiger Zeit und schaffe es einfach nicht eine schlechte Runde mit ihr zu haben, egal wie sehr ich mich anstrenge!

  11. Michael Søndergaard

    where have Roguemonkey gone? its been ages since ive seen him? do you know?
    anyhow. great game.

  12. I was wondering in kitakaze, why am i getting spotted above 6km without checking detectability, now I hate those pesky better concealed dds more.

  13. love the Kitikaze but i suck in it…. maybe the nerf will help

  14. Wg are morons… to nerf this ships they need to lower its dpm or/and the pen on its HE

  15. I mean a few hundred meter concealment is nothing

  16. how was it nerfed?

  17. Michael Søndergaard

    Watch yoru last video in yt. Its about radar mino. Funny

  18. Michael Søndergaard

    Sorry yuro*

  19. Darkness Nighthingale

    Huh. So Kitakaze reload is 2,5 seconds and deals 1.6k for all hits and pens.
    And Shimakaze reload is 4.2 seconds and deals 2.8k for all hits and pens.
    There not equals, but Shima is no poussover at all.

  20. Half tempted to turn my kita into a full fire / range build and make a mini smolensk, IFHE is the only thing stopping me and keeping my only 19 point IJN cap on a normal kita build

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