Mingles with Jingles Episode 378

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It’s that time of the week again, back to work!



  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Deadeye has been removed!


  2. Mingles with Akizuki, featuring Rita ❤️❤️

  3. Akizuki, first amongst equals of the catmunist community for the Jingles House hold, has spoken!

  4. Jingles shut up let akitzuki do this episode 😂

  5. Story time with Uncle Jingles again featuring Akizuki

  6. Just what I need after an 18 hour nap

  7. So, Jingles took a nap and was surrounded by animals? Does that make him a Disney princess?

  8. the aerial photography story was both hilarious and amazing!

  9. Did the geniuses at Epic asked themselves the question : “will people still play Fortnite in 2 years ?” 🤔

  10. The guy from the book sure took operating the stick quite seriously.

  11. I occasionally fart about with different browsers, but it’s been a very long time since my ‘experience’ was in any way spoiled by the browser I used, so… I’ve been using Firefox as my main browser for like 15 years now.
    What I mostly use other browsers (especially, back in the day, IE) was sending screengrabs of things to people who would be offended by the browser I used while taking it. Because anyone that easily offended should be offended as frequently as possible.

  12. “Microsoft Edge is the fastest growing Browser” – Yes, as when I delete it via registry edits, it comes back in the next windows update. Therefore, I have personally provided 10 installations and thus the growth.

    • @Seeskabel45 you can change that. Press the windows key, then just type: “default apps” -> There you can change it

    • Benjamin Feinstein

      @Simon Finney Its already out.

    • @Simon Finney Edge Chromium has been around for a while now. I use it and I actually prefer it to Chrome. Though I use Firefox on Linux.

    • Another though similar reason of this “popularity” is that any copro-ration that use Micro$oft servers, Exchange or whatever, forces upon their employees as a part of “company policy”. Oh, corpo-stories! btw: You should see the face of a M$ executive I happen to know (a very nice person!) when they had to answer their compulsory Microsoft Phone in public, LOL

    • So all microsoft had to do to make edge more popular than firefox was to rewrite edge into a chromium clone and force install it with every windows installation and every windows update.

  13. I love it when you read, Jingles. No joke, you should get an audiobook deal or two.

  14. Nice history lesson Jingles, very interesting. Although I was initially kinda expecting a story about one Philip Mountbatten, but hey, this was good too.

  15. Wow. Looking at the footage, I see how far Elite Dangerous have become.

    Meanwhile in Star Citizen: *Still not release yet bro!* XD

    • You’d be amazed how reversed the community is. Every single improvement and feature ED adds gets ripped apart by the fanbase, all more negative than the Grinch and Scrooge’s lovechild. And Star Citizen gets praised for every bug, glitch and every crash to desktop by its cult. It’s insane!

  16. 20:21 “Sorry, I’m gonna need a minute”…. yeah, that’s what he said too…

  17. Jingles confirmed: it doesn’t send you blind.

    • BTW RITA’S WONDERFUL LAUGH MAKES ME FEEL HAPPY, WHAT A LOVELY LADY SHE IS AND WHAT A JOYFUL PERSONALITY TOO- As for your point I think the evidence from Jingles’s playing skills seems to point to the oposite conclusion. He’s as blind as a bat WITHOUT ‘echo location’!!!

  18. Thought he’d have gone into the navy throwing that many sea men around,
    My profile picture is my dog Fubuki aka Bu in honour of you and your pets for all the entertainment you’ve given me over the years thank you all hail the mighty overlord

  19. mingles w/ akasuki episode 1

  20. Hearing Akazuki I was hoping for a Mingles with Akazuki episode.

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