Mingles with Jingles Episode 380

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In which I have a plan for dealing with terrible electricians, bemoan the lack of common decency in online games, YouTube tries to kill an old man and we begin a new segment in Mingles entitled “Bullshit or not?”



  1. Good morning Jingles!

  2. Could you post pics of the the electricians?

    I am mildly curious how bad they did.

  3. Fua Consternation

    “you can judge a person by what he does for others who cannot help him” ~old proverb

  4. andreas kallesøe

    jingels: i think you need to run that idea past a solisitor before you put it into action, or you might get stuck with the bill.

  5. Jingles : “It was just Youtube screwing around with me.”
    Everyone else in the world that’s ever dealt with Youtube – “First time?”

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Damn , YT algoryth have weard sence of humor , one time I for accidentally play some random video , and suddenly that is main theme of my YT sherch …
      (BTW do anyone know if there is option to reset YT algoryth , because there are billions videos out there , and I get like 300 of them all the time -_-)

  6. Being 62 years of age, born and raised in the US, plus spending 20 years dealing with the government via being in the USN, about 15 seconds into that case description, I’m going “Yeah, that sounds about par for the course for our legal system”.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Dude , you clerly have never been in Sweden , because in Sweden someone can go and lie about to police,or other gov institution , and they will start investigation against you , and best thig is … they will NEVER tell you who said what against you , so you will be called all the time to institutions , and you cant even sue person that saied that , because in Sweden that is illegal… I know that sound like absurd , but is a fact.

    • Yeah, I’m not american and as soon as heard the story is from the US, I immediately thought that can only be true XD

    • Damn, you old sir.

  7. Alexander Guttman

    This is true across society right now. Either you figured it out when everyone else did or screw you figure it out for yourself.

  8. “It doesn’t bother me so I started taking notes”. Are you really sure Mr Jingles? :o)

  9. I’m an ex contract/civil litigation lawyer/CAB advisor, happy to offer some free advice. One thing you do need to consider is that you are required to give the other party an opportunity to rectify their issue and to mitigate your loss. Given the urgency you can do this on very short notice, but you should offer them that opportunity and advise that if not resolved with a couple of days then you’ll take the action you suggest. The lack of electrical certificate is a matter of proof, I’m sure they’ll produce one and say they gave it to you, so bear in mind that it matters what can be proved.

    • Yep, get the certified electrician to write a report or explanation of the work done and the difference of what they would have done along with a parts list and work estimate to repair the electric to safe condition. As well as any penalties, issues, dangers or liabilities for not using a certified electrician. That will almost force their hand to pay for repairs. Note they may require 3 separate estimates. Good luck with this endeavor.

    • @Adam Marcinkowski I did say ex! I got better!

    • Just let me add one detail: give notice in writing, I. E Hard copy with ink on it, delivered by registered mail, so no one can claim it never arrived.

    • Scott Drone-Silvers

      @tom may Excellent advice, Tom

    • @tom may Before giving notice, check with the relevant governmental bureau to see if a certificate was registered there (in case one gets faked later on). In the US, there are several inspections required and those inspections are (supposed to be) logged at the office and the electrical work gets tagged by the inspector. I’m not sure how it works in UK, so ymmv.

  10. Sapper Effected Videos

    Make sure you Lawyer up early Jingles!!!!

  11. Yay, I’m a YouTube star now my replay got featured by Jingles!

  12. TLDR : If someone helps you on WoW, it is likely to be Jingles

  13. Jingles now has a book of grudges… is he a gnome or is he a actually a dwarf?

  14. Jingles, if you need to sue those electricians you can always use a go fund me, I’m sure your audience will be happy to support you.

  15. I found that when I help people, if I emote “cheer” afterwards to celebrate our success – that’s often when I get a “ty” emote back or a “cheer” or just, you know, something that shows we had a connection for a second. I definitely can’t help myself either, Jingles!

  16. The Amazing Goldfish

    It’s just Youtube’s way of saying they love you Jingles.

  17. Aren’t they releasing A:I for free right now?

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