Mingles with Jingles Episode 385

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I’m back! And I still suck.



  1. “AHEM…This announcement is to inform all you minions that our mighty Overlord has returned to his regularly scheduled Monday propaganda in good health! As a celebratory gift, you all get to take a break for as long as it takes to read this message…..Well what are you waiting for, get back to work already! That salt isn’t gonna mine itself!”

  2. *visbly sweating, hoping my 7-8 year old graphics card doesn’t die*

    • @TrueCanad1an Lol, come on 2Gb Radeon HD!!

    • i am SO glad i bought a extended warranty on my 1080 Ti, it decided to go a few month back and EVGA replaced my card with a 2080, so hopefully the referb 2080 last at least 2 years.

    • My GTX 1070ti is still tanking along.. only reason, is it has 16g to spread the stress around on .. anyways their main market is now bitcoin farmers.. they make bank off them, compared to a gamer that only buys a new card every couple years..

    • My 970 did last year. Replaced it with my old GTX 660 with the plan to replace it with a 3070 when it came out. Long story short, I still use the 660…

    • @Gonun Old Radeon HD with 2Gb of DDR3 Ram! Made in 2010

  3. Łukasz Grzesik

    Lucky me I have backlog of games spaning years, I am perfectly fine with my 1070. Playing through Dark Souls for the first time now. And none of other games I plan to play after that will demand stronger GPU. So I can happily wait a year or two more before upgrade.

  4. ToughAncientSpark

    @11:30 That is exactly why I am not an early adopter of any new product, technology or gadget until it’s been in the marketplace for a while and proven.

  5. best way to start off a monday. have a great day everyone!

  6. Here is a sugesstion for you mighty overlord:

    Can you visit a small local museum, and make a video of it?
    Could be fun, does not have to be a wwII themed, could be interesting.

  7. Odyssey is like a half baked cake that’s missing half the ingredients, also if I had a penny for every crash I’ve had I could buy 2 3090Ti’s

  8. “But i want my fn new game before others! ” Thats present day stupidity of people.

  9. actually, if that is legally possible, I’d love for Nvidia to announce their newest graphic cards on a 900$ pricepoint with a disclaimer that this price may change until release, betting on scalpers trying to set up their bots to buy as much as possible, then increase the price shortly before they go on sale to a ridiculous amount of 5000 bucks or so, just to fuck over scalpers.

    • Sadly, no, that’s illegal in most countries. It’s called “Bait and switch” or “Price Gouging”. And it’s a rather large legal penalty if you get caught doing it.
      Sadly, Scalpers don’t have this problem, because it mainly applies to large businesses. (Something to talk to your lawmakers about?)

    • @Jacob L At least in the US, a promoted price point estimate, pre-release, IS legal. They can’t print Ads actually offering the product at a lower price point and then increase the price. There is also the loophole of an “Introductory” price with a set quantity, but they have to state the actual MSRP along side the introductory price.

    • or make in-person store purchases priority and send them in batches and tailor it off to online stores. most scalpers wouldn’t dare show up to a limited release of anything and buy in bulk cause of fear of getting jumped. look at jordan releases. also stores can limit purchases per customer easier than than the anonymity of a website

    • Or could they not say set the price at release to something ridiculous like $5000 and then after idk like a week or two post release announce a “sale” length that drops the price down to a more sane number no returns allowed

    • László Németh

      @Jameson 123 this would work, and definitely fuck up scalpers if nvidia itself cuts below them.
      but also the few extremely devoted/hyped fans would be fucked over, buying on extreme price. although if they decided that it’s still worth them, then they must be fine.

  10. If you say “launched” instead of “went on sale” it would all fall into place: since nobody actually seen those cards in stores, they must’ve been launched, yes, but not by Nvidia, but by SpaceX – to Mars.

  11. Amd’s new ad be like “insane performance for sane prices” after seeying what nvidia is doing xD

    • Just buy a lot of patience pills for all the BSODs you will be having. Like I have with my Threadripper system. Yup. Last time I make that mistake. Their firmware is generally quite crap.

    • @Henry van Eyk I have a 3rd gen Threadripper, (3960x) and before that a 3900x. I’ve never had any stability issues whatsoever. I don’t think I can remember the last time my system hit a BSOD. If anything my Intel-powered laptop is the more unstable, and it was due to outdated drivers.

    • Doubtful, they’re a company and their prices will also reflect the market averages.

  12. I am just praying my current card doesn’t die until all these shortages have passed.

  13. As a long time Star Citizen backer,I apolegyse for the loud minorety of the Star Citizen community that are over protective.
    I did consider mentioning in the coments of that video, that the inventory works said way because of bugs from the early system that have a temporary fix untill they have the full system inn place.
    You used to be able to wear a tophats under your helmet, and the hat and helmet would be on at the same time,making the hat poke out of thetop of the helmet.
    Also that your coments about the lack of bulkheads is a ongoing debate on several other ship models as well.

    But I never did so I will now that I am already typing.

  14. FYI – Nvidia makes their money way before the cards are made. Nvidia actually makes nothing – They don’t make the chips, the ram or the boards. It is all outsourced.

  15. Elite – buggy, but feature-rich game, where you can pretty much do anything you want in a space game, now with on-foot sections.
    Elite community – will bitch and complain about literally anything, down to the color of the HUD.

    Star Citizen – a half-done tech demo, full of feature creep, where if you’re very lucky and pay your tithe, you may even get the opportunity to buy a concept; run by a design lead that cannot understand management, product freeze and publishing in the least.

    • I would not call Elite feature rich, it has a good core around the galaxy and flight model and the best VR (well until Odyssey at least)… but agree about the complaints, what would be nice is if FDev actually listened to them. Players have been begging for less copy and paste and on their knee’s for less grind forever and Odyssey triples down on it… people would probably still put in the same time if the grind was cut 75% because it can be enjoyable – it’s the forced grind that is insulting and turns love for the game into hate for the game, people love experiencing it, they just hate playing it after not to long.

  16. The RC Scotsman

    Seriously liking the look of Elite: Odyssey, despite the issues.

  17. I haven’t bought a triple-A game since fallout 4. I get plenty of entertainment out of smaller projects like FTL or Factorio. Seeing reports like this makes me glad I’m not spending more for inferior products

  18. I consider myself fairly impressed and invested (emotionally) into Star Citizen, but I found that your videos on the invictus fleet week was very positive and honest. I was personally very satisfied that there weren’t as many disconnects as last year..

  19. TheFireCommando

    “A 70% increase in cost for a not even 10% increase in performance”
    Well isn’t that just typical? For very high end computer parts you pay out the nose for minor increases in performance

  20. Elite might be a trainwreck, but Star Citizens fans are far far more broken.

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