Mingles with Jingles Episode 387

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Magical mystery Russian Aircraft Carriers that never existed? What next? Swiss Aircraft Carriers? Somali Battleships? Royal Thai Navy UFOs?

The Rank Amateur Podcast Interview: https://anchor.fm/rank-amateur



  1. Watching this in my daily 5 minute break in the salt mines

  2. Gday Jingles, whens the next Odyssey upload? Kind of enjoying it. Been here for a few years now. Lovin the WOT and WOW content too! Your a legend mate, from the Australian Salt mines

  3. Wargaming making up a line of aircraft carriers for a nation that couldn’t even build a decent battleship. Yep, this makes sense.

    • Aircraft carriers are much easier to build than battleships, so what’s your comment trying to say here?

    • @Shaw Fujikawa What makes you think that? BBs seem to have been more expensive but there’s also lots to figure out to build a (successful) CV.
      The Japanese realised some easy to make mistakes the hard way.

    • @Shaw Fujikawa but harder to operate.

    • And we don’t have any french CVs in the game when they were the first ones to make the concept.

  4. Arthur van Reijn

    Hope they model the Kuznetsov-class with a permanent fire or docked for repairs… but they won’t. 🙁

    • One of the other slots on the team should get used up with the tug to follow the Kuznetsov around as it belches black smoke and the rust falls off

  5. I want to know when WOWS is going to announce armored submarine zeppelins.

  6. “less aircraft overall” except for the fact of the 3 hybrids introduced or on its way.

  7. The star citizen joke is all something we can laugh at give the development process, but when you sit down and think about people have actually died waiting for that game

  8. I’m more surprised that he is arguing for the french

  9. This sort of featurecreep and adding a a ton of different moving parts in the form of ships that at some point just cannot be properly balanced against each other reminds me very much of what happened to Fractured Space. That game also ended up with ships that were incredibly imbalanced to a point where some became must-haves and others (which were good in the past) were basically relegated to the junkyard, not to mention there were quite a few situations were one ship became a hardcounter to another one. The design approach of eternal “let’s add things now and balance them out later” didn’t help either. Well, at least they were trying to nerf the utmost outrageously overpowered things, wargaming can’t even be bothered to do that.

  10. I’m trying to improve my PR rating in the light cruiser Irian. Not fun, really not fun. I remember CBT when a light cruiser with good AA would protect a BB or a CV. Happy days.

  11. Star Citizen is not the only one listing themselves as being in Alpha still – 7 Days to Die came out in Alpha in 2013 and Alpha version 19.5 just came out last month – 8 years is not an Alpha

  12. Hmm, which lines do have long range AA? O wait, the Russian ships…

  13. Well.. I’d say World Of Warships is slowly starting to spin towards its inevitable demise/massive rework.
    Why do I say it? Instead of getting the easy wins, since 2018 Lesta has consistently been adding paper lines and just… Making stuff up, really. Marco Polo is the true continuation of ITA BBs, but instead, for some weird reason WG decided to give the Italians quad turrets.

    Petropavlovsk, with its 360 turrets which were added after finishing the ship model.
    There are many other examples, but I feel like the game went corpo. And with this slowly, but surely you see concepts which do little for the game’s healt creep in. I’m not even necessarily talking about aircraft since Ise was surprisingly well balanced, but….

    Smolensk, Thunderer, Lenin, Småland. Commander rework. IFHE/HE pen rework. Global AP bomb nerf before German CVs were added. Removing achievement rewards while not baking the must-have flags in (Convenietly the solution sold empties your credits in-game)

    These are just some of the examples of “Toxicicity” of ships seeping in.

    Instead of taking the global wins, WG has decided to focus on paper ships, rather than throwing us the low tiers, even fully abandoning low-tiers recently (Italian BBs have no T3 despite a very well documented blueprint).

    Why not add British BCs? Japanese CLs (There are ships you could pull in at least up to T8 from T5). A second US DD line (From T6 you can easily make more torpedo/gun-focused lines). Where are the promised alternative CV lines since what Jingles said holds true.

    Instead we’re getting what we are, which is a year back from when this all started with the ships. And now, seeing what horrible job they’ve done with Hannover and Satsuma (Former having the wrong caliber of guns and the latter having the most horrible AA and secondary layout imaginable based on Japanese design studies which were conveniently ignored), I wonder what happenned… Where did they go so wrong?

    • Well sir.. after reading this, I have one quote to answer your question. And said quote is from the famous weapon and ammo dealer of Borderlands.

      “A fantastic day for capitalism” – Marcus Kincaid

    • Richard Winstanley

      Its getting more like WoT with each major update.

  14. WG should make more game modes, not pack everything info randoms. More scenario battles, especially at tier 8.

  15. the carrier rework ended warships for me, i was a light cruiser player, i had my wooster and i was happy till my ability to shoot down aircraft was more or less removed, now i know many will argue the point but even a fresh wooster that hasn’t had any AA blown off will not shoot down everything the carrier throws at him, i doubt even 2 could and carriers never run out of aircraft while light cruisers can run out of AA weapons that still work

    • Not the Des Moines or Salem. dude I’ve beaten off attacks from the new FDR CV with my Salem, only talking about 3k to 6k damage. Also add the equipment (can’t remember what it’s called) that protects your aa positions

    • As another person who quit from the rework… and specifically, as a CV player: I didn’t mind the existance of AA cruisers. A single CV wasn’t supposed to win the entire game by itself, despite what the T10s and T7-premiums seemed to do in practice. Your service was appreciated in keeping the game fair for people playing (for AND against) ships not named Midway or Saipan.

    • Another person who left after the CV rework (Mainly Tier 6-8). The CV gameplay now is too basic, unrewarding and disconnected from the rest of the game.

      Controlling multiple squadrons to support your team especially with fighter squadrons, was part of the fun and kept me connected with the assault. When an AA cruiser was able to shoot down an squadron I didn’t feel angry, I felt like a the enemy carrier/team outplayed me as it generally was a result of poor management, rather than the current system of pure RNG and very little skill.

  16. We get a CV line each year since the rework, it was never a question of “if” we get a line, only “when”.
    In regards to the ships being made up, they have made so many ships up by now, i have stopped caring about it a long time ago and can, at this point, only laugh about anybody who gets offended by it.
    From a mechanics point of view, they look interesting on paper. Quite some strike power but AA is going to eat them faster than a fat kid at an all you can eat candy bar.
    Damage numbers are not nearly as meaningfull as many want them to be. Only thing truly counting is % based damage so doing 10k on a DD is always more worth than the same 10k on a BB. Yes you may get bigger numbers but it´s still worse for your end result.

  17. I can see it now. The Russian carriers will come with MIG Jets fitted with anti-ship missiles that have a range 200 nautical miles. WG will claim they are under powered and will fit the jets with a Romulan cloaking device

  18. Oh jingles…. This recent concept of banning certain ships from tournaments and clan battles.
    This is WG, basically saying yeah the ships are OP, while looking you in the eye and the telling you the game is balanced.
    Great Battles, this is WG getting the player base to test and get comfortable with what are effectively Tier 11 ships.
    Your BS defence of USSR CVs, they get to action an Alpha strike, at greater distance, so AA will have less effect. Remember, CVs last until the end of the game (Almost always the last ship to die, cowering in some corner), these Alpha strike machine will be game changers. Don’t ever defend WG dude.
    IMHO WG, gives lessons to EA and Bethesda on how to F’ over and lie to their player base. I’m just waiting for them to introduce premium ammo to WoWS and I will be done with the game.

  19. In the meantime the amount of salt generated by attack planes balancing is dwarfing the output of the Salt Mines™

  20. Introduce the surcouf: french hybrid cruiser/aircraft carrier/submarine.

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