Mingles with Jingles Episode 388

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I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for the recent regrettable incident which was caused by a clear failure to communicate. Rest assured that Akizuki will take full responsibility for my error and once the fuss has settled down will be promoted as a thank you for her loyalty.

The LWM HMCS Yukon Review: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/240702-premium-ship-review-yukon/


  1. Hear hear! It’s a shame that Akizuki has to take the fall for this one though, but getting a pay raise outta it is always nice

  2. It should also be added that not only were Mouse and Chobi on the initial documents, they were repeatedly led to believe by the WG rep working with them that their proposals were indeed being sent up to the devs. They were literally led along by the nose only to find out at the end that NOTHING they did and worked on ended up in the game. I’m honestly not even shocked at the level of incompetence anymore. Yes, the apology made by Ev1n is a good one, but we need ACTION not WORDS. Enough with the WORDS.

    • Gareth Fairclough

      Chob bragged like fuck about it, acted like the big “I am” in other games and treated people like shit because “they didn’t have pull with WG”.

    • yea, they lost me at the Carrier F* up and the Puerto Rico

    • Thoughts and prayers?

    • Sapper Effected Videos

      But the thing is iChase, if this was an actual design job, there should be a contract (or design brief at minimum)… If for nothing more than so they know; what is expected, how it should be delivered, for how much and by when… Maybe because it was a community project there wasn’t one?
      But that’s thing, even on love jobs, it’s always a good idea to get one just so everyone is working off the same script. I strongly suspect there wasn’t one, I understand why that would be the case but well… This is one of the possible results.
      I feel for LWM and Chobby, I really do but sadly in design circles this sort of thing is common enough.

    • iChase, that is possibly the first thing I have seen from you in the last two years I can agree with.

  3. Fog_Repair_Ship_Akashi

    What happened to LWM and Chobittsu was just sad. The two of them are such great people in the community and Wargaming just screwed them over.

    • For real LWM shipreviews are straight up professional projects breaking down every scrap of information regarding the ship.

  4. I think we should extend “the Jingles moment” to every brainfart, not only “excellent” landings in War Thunder.

    • The Jingles maneuver

    • Isn’t the jingles moment a general brainfart while the “excellent” landing is a jingles landing?
      Or have I gotten this wrong?

    • @DearXZX You may actually be right. Seems like Jingles landing is a small subset of Jingles moment. In any case, as long as that pre-ancient seadog can get out of bed without accidentally triggering some nuclear disaster, we should be grateful.

  5. Are we sure they even have a PR department and its not just an empty room with phones ringing to cover some kind of business or labor law and to slap a label on a response to problems they clearly don’t care about

  6. Same old, same old Wargaming. You don’t matter, we consider you with contempt and disdain. Give us your money!

  7. Jäger der Große

    “Spreadsheet says this is fine.”
    – Wargaming as the community burns.

    • @Emil Kluczyński this is such an underrated comment 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Socially it can burn but if revenue is up to their standards, they can’t care less.

    • “There’s a sucker born every minute” – or “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

      There was an article posted on data mining that featured War Gaming and how they used the real-time data to tune their games. Honestly, I think the top level people at WG have dashboards on their monitors that aggregate the data into things that interest them. One item would be gold tank purchases, credits burn, premium ammo used (Jingles did a great review of this), etc. Player base complaints – not so much.

      Fair disclosure: I refuse to play WoT, and I semi-frequently think about installing WoWs from time to time. Then I see posts like this and remind myself it isn’t worth the heartburn or the download.

      Here’s the thing – it’s not that WG doesn’t care, they just aren’t listening. It takes a lot to get their attention – Sir Foch for example. Note that the only thing that WG was upset about was that Sir Foch was correct – he called them out on their BS. It got traction, and I suspect someone saw a dip on their dashboard they did not like. It was around this time I vowed not to give them another nickel. Claus Kellerman has been posting some excellent constructive feedback – again, unlikely they are listening.

      So the latest update to WoT – complete nerf of arty. WG says adjustments to HE? Right. Recall that last Christmas they made the 105 leFH18B2 available for purchase. Wonder how those customers feel? Again, WG mgt is looking at the dashboard. Side note: the WG forums are populated with fanboys to shame new players.

      Anyway, I am convinced that WG has special features in WoT and WoWs depending on when you last bought something. You think KV2s from 500m sniping is random – not. EBRs at 100 km/hr hitting at 400m? Total malarchy. In WoWs I ground my way up to tier 8 USS North Carolina. Even with all the glowing comments from Jingles, and at point blank range – I cannot citadel anything. And, yes, I know where to aim. Yet I see premium BBs from 20kms citadel me all the time. I’ve played long enough to detect a stench.

      Nothing but Russian skanks ™. Apologies to NA employees.

      Link to info: https://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=wgiiDwAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PT18&dq=wargaming+data+mining+article&ots=pHo1HhRfv5&sig=tKtAqS1z_KpWV81HYDb7aJL8bVg#v=onepage&q&f=false

    • Acktually according to our calculations the community burning is good for lowering toxicity in the community

    • Exactly. Spreadhshit says money comes in, so everything is fine. Community on fire or not is important usually does not even budge numbers much. What matters is if ` bottom line of spreadshit is in black, not red. Community does no longer matter, actually never did. they only acted like it to get spreadshit working

  8. At this point the extremely angry mob will no longer want blood
    Only dead body

    • Good lord, do you people REALLY get so worked up over a frickin’ videogame?
      Kinda sad.

    • Not sure anyone cares about the game. Sure, they care that it’s well-made and cared for so they can enjoy it for a long time, but it’s not what’s riling them up. They are concerned about the company’s actions surrounding it, which are pretty much only describable as god-awful. This happens too frequently for it to be acceptable. The incompetence of WG is the cause of people’s anger over and over; I’m just surprised the company ISN’T a corpse yet

    • Put them on a pike and carry them through the town square

  9. It’s news like this that makes me glad I have no further interest in playing World of Warships.

  10. Cool, Jingles having a Rita moment!!

  11. Hello Jingles, in the off chance that you are actually reading this, i have a question.
    Are you the reason the Youtube recommended “The Critical Drinker” to me?
    I’m asking because sentences like “Fuck off game” “why are they doing this? Dont know” sounds just like him.
    No that i’m complaining he has a great channel IMO, it just feels like it.

    Have a great day.

    That’s all I have for you GO AWAY NOW!

  12. The more news I hear out of Wargaming and their games, the more glad I am that I quit ages ago and whenever I tried to get back into it, went “ah, so that was why” in a week and uninstalled it again.

  13. My money is on Naval Legends: HMS Belfast with Jingles narrating.

  14. Bogdan Toma-Silai

    Jingles: is it statement A? to the WoWs and Canadian comunity…
    B, it’s B!

  15. Don’t forget about the most recent one before the Yukon, the “Godzilla vs. King Kong” bundles.

  16. WG… Toxic, defensive, extortionate, greedy, self serving, nasty, reviled, grubby, hated. And that’s just scratching the surface of how most feel about them.

    Somehow this festering boil of a dumpster fire of a company has made my favourite game despite thier best efforts to ruin it at every turn.

  17. Ravendelve Tactica

    “Eddie says I’m an idiot”

    My first thought.. What else is new? 😜

  18. You only need to look at the way Belarus is run as a country to see the same attitudes and behaviour in WGing. To be clear I am talking about government and official bodies. Not the people of this country. Who I am sure are very nice. As the average person from most countries is.

    • Unfortunately we can’t say that about the standard population in RB WoWS games. I got extended family who still live in Belarus, and I can indeed attest to them being good people.

  19. Things like this are exactly why I stopped playing any of WG’s games.

    • I had a break for about a year after the Puerto Rico insident. And haven’t payed for anything but premium time since then. So WG is loosing money when they do stuff like this.

    • Ans also you realise that their gaming experience is very shallow and extremely repetitive after a while….

  20. Lesson of the day: Wargaming’s apologies aren’t worth a flying fuck, it’s just an admittance that they got caught being assholes that will happily fuck us over for money. Doesn’t mean they will change their behaviour at all, in fact it is pretty much a guarantee, that they will try again the first chance they get at this point.

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