Mingles with Jingles Episode 392

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I’m back! And I still suck! What do you mean “We hadn’t realised you were gone”?

All music licensed from www.epidemicsound.com and www.machinimasound.com



  1. How’s the kitty wheel getting on Jingles?

  2. alot of games think PVP is the thing everybody wants. i just wish for more option towards PVE and PVP in games. i`m a casual player. i dont want to be bitch slapped by a dude that spends 16 hours a day playing that game

    • @Qwarzz Plus, I just do better on my own in most games. I know how the AI will react and what it will do. Adding a bunch of players into the mix will just add in extra factors that I cant account for.

    • @Nazamroth I might feel somewhat like that as well. And then there’s the thing that I’d rather not socialize with unknown people too much.

    • Judging from I witness, those dudes spending 16 hours a day playing that wreck of a game are the ones getting bitch slapped most of the times. And I prefer PVE, too, because it’s just more enjoyable if the incompetence of your team does not matter and the enemy team is full of semi-competent bots instead of hopeless tools.

    • @ImTheStigHonest That’s why I wrote “apparently” (misspelled though). I agree with you.

    • That’s one of the reasons Fallout 76 sucks so damn bad.

  3. I fully agree with you about operations and WG.

  4. I want Operation Cherry Blossoms back… best ive ever played

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Honestly I have played operations for rewords and for exploit and best was Dynamo I earned like 20 mil credits in a day ! , but there was also some fuck up’s in that mode why the fuck there where soviet ship avelible for this operation ? , at that time soviet where allies with nazis and they occupied Poland … I do understand US ships as US supported UK , Commonwelth and Polish who in reality have taken part in Operation Dynamo , but soviets :/

    • I bought some ships specifically to play in OCB… and they removed it. FU WG

    • @Adam Marcinkowski Why not? It’s a video game, not a simulator.

  5. What? Mingles with Jingles has the lower of the viewcount? I do not understand how other people start their Mondays…. I’ve been watching Mingles since the first episode, my absolute favourite thing on this channel. Because of this I like Mondays.

  6. Incredibly unlucky with your dungeon experience Jingles. I’ve been taking for close to a year now and only come across one impatient player. I typed out in chat that this was my first clear and that I would be pulling two mobs at a time max, our healer was also on her first clear. They didn’t heed my comments so I Inacted the age old “You pull it you tank it” rule. That dps left pretty quickly after and because dps are a dime a dozen in FFXIV we quickly got another one and continued.

    • I think this seems to be whats happening on the NA servers. Alot of players are new so the vets are being reminded that not everyone knows how to run the dungeon, and then are reminded again by the more caring group by going “Let the sprouts watch the cutscene, they are new they want to watch the cutscene, and its not that long”

  7. It’s no mistake. It’s all about the money.

  8. I came back to Elder Scrolls Online last year and it’s changed so much. It’s perfect for a solo, casual player.

  9. WG/ WoTc did exactly the same with their PvE “Proving Grounds”. They kept nerfing the silver you could get, which in turn reduced the amount of people playing it, which gave them the excuse to remove it from the game. Same with “War Stories”

  10. I loved operations, but I’ve given up on wargaming, personally I quit the games already, i still watch your videos but I’m done with them, anyway ‘not enough people play it to justify working on it’ – sounds like what they should have done to carriers to me

    • same here!! Im over the CV crap and not wanting to bother with subs

    • Agreed, WarGaming has decided that they know what I want more than I do, so I just don’t play, period. Uninstalled & ignored.

    • yup, already quit the game as soon as the skill point rework came in. Curiously, a month just before that update, the game actually felt really fun and balanced, I was eviscerating planes in my Hood and Atlanta. But that was probably the problem, we were having too much fun!

  11. Still waiting for refreshing my rewards for gaining all the stars for all the missions, but I guess getting all of them in 2017 would be too early for WG to refresh them -_-

  12. You’d think that the effort and work put into creating these operations would actually be an incentive for wargaming to keep them in, so as not to have them show up as a failure. Yet they’re determined to scupper their own idea because it’s made too much work for themselves. 🤦 Bullet, meet foot.

  13. i liked historical battles in WoT pity they were dropped

  14. yo jingles, have ya seen/played a game called ‘Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts’ ?

  15. I use to play Operations on WoW. They were adding more operations and I was enjoying them then they took half of them away and those that remained, I got bored doing them so I don’t play WoW anymore.

  16. Self-replicating whatnot

    Jingles, when are you going to put up today’s video?

  17. ah yes I remember how jingles used to praise how WoWs is doing better than WoT and how active they are in the community. Yes it seems so long ago….

  18. i’d wish they’d do a battle of Jutland operation, especially now they have the new German BB line

  19. WG being awful? Surely not.
    The worse enemy of WG is WG.

  20. ToughAncientSpark

    Wargaming: “We want your money”.
    Me: ” You only think that you do”.

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