Minnesota / “The Long Slow Hello”

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Just think, I could have made you watch the whole thing, unedited.


World of is a multiplayer warship battle game R; you can sign up through: https://warships.net/PointyHairedJedi


  1. Did you know that the Minnesota study was one of the best bits of nutritional research ever done ?……super relevant eh !

  2. x2 speed makes this ship look decent.

  3. So… what exactly are these ships supposed to be good at? Or just do? I don’t think I get it tbh

  4. Thanks for halving the pain Jedi. To help some more, I also played it back at 2x speed.

  5. The whole point of American standard battleships was for them to have excellent firepower and resilience, with speed being the necessary trade-off to make that happen. The Tillman concept ships followed the same idea but much bigger. Having shitty guns and being alarmingly squishy totally betrays the entire point of ships built under this concept.

  6. Well actually Jedi the game was only 19m59s….enemy hit 1000pts with 1s left….more accuracy please 😛

  7. This is really baffling.

    Where are the balance tradeoffs? Simply releasing bad things makes no sense. OH YEAH. WALLET TIME. WG’s intentions aren’t even veiled.

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