Musashi 4176 base xp 316k dmg || World of Warships

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  1. Hola :v

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    What is armor to 18’1 inch guns?

  3. The beast ??thx for video


    I think it’s Jean bart, not dunkerk

  5. That Zao was a fool. Went on a long circling pleasure cruise when the game hung in the balance. Had that Missouri finished the Alsace 1 salvo faster they would have lost. Had the Zao taken a direct route to supporting Alsace, the victory would not have had to come down to the wire. He gambled on victory for a single “assist in capture ribbon.”

  6. omg 7 sec from lost to win dang what a battle GG

  7. The Chad Yamamoto vs The Virgin Dunkirk

  8. Nice to see so many broadsides at tier 10. Also dont understand why they almost threw the game at the end just to give Mushashi an extra kill.

  9. Each shot is like a hit someone on the head with a warhammer, but how did you get 12 sec reload?

    • He had Yamamoto captain. So when he got a kraken, he unlocks a few bonuses, like lot faster reload, or reciving HP

  10. so many great shots, such crappy dispersion. does wow really think players enjoy excessive dispersion?

  11. I enjoyed the generosity shown by the Zao to give the Musashi a cherry on top, but I was on the edge of my seat, looking at the game clock and wondering who will end up winning this game.

  12. What is the name of the finally song, pleasse in 19:18???

  13. noob team GG

  14. Excellent job and awesome game but the ending was nearly sheer stupidity. Glad he was rewarded with the win! One of the most exciting games I’ve seen recently.

  15. that missouri, feel bad for him/her. been there many times myself

  16. Where are all the broadside sailing no situational awareness having baboons when I’m playing ships??… oh that’s rite. They all on my team.

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